About this Blog

Vélo Vogue - Fashion | Statement - a bicycle lifestyle blog inspiring freedom and individuality. The original Vélo Vogue, founded in 2008 by Kristin Tieche.

Vélo Vogue inspires cycling as a mode of transport as much as a way of life. We offer images of cyclists who have joined the worldwide movement in manifesting their freedom to move and their expressions of their unique individuality on a bicycle.

Inspired by the Cycle Chic movement inaugurated by Mikael Colville Anderson of Copenhagen, Vélo Vogue began in the same vein as a San Francisco based bicycle fashion blog. Due to the founder's travel addiction and the many bike connections made online, it was only natural that our focus went global. We seek to inspire and be inspired by cyclists worldwide, promoting a message of solidarity that we shall bike where we want, when we want, wearing what we want by expressing individuality and freedom on our bikes.