be a cyclist, wear a dress!
Kristin Tieche is essentially an SF chick who likes fashion, goes out a lot, takes a heck of a lot of pics and does it all on her Rouge et Noir vintage French mixte. Also known in the blogosphere as KT, Kristin founded Vélo Vogue to document and celebrate the diverse two-wheeled street fashion that abounds along the SF roadways. When not rolling along the bike lane with her point and shoot or video camera snapping candid shots of cyclists’ behinds, calf muscles and footwear, Kristin can often be found at the Giants’ ballpark drinking a beer with her friends.

Green Light (281/365)
Adrienne Johnson is an (almost) native San Franciscan who learned how to ride her bicycle at the bottom of Judah Street and took her first bicycle commute in the Mission (back when 1985 was just a year and not so ironic). Adrienne can be found riding her Dutch bicycle (read "land yacht") and shooting pictures of the City's wonderful bicycle riders just about any day of the year. As a side job to blogging at Vélo Vogue and Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!, Adrienne raises three bicycle riding children and is married to "Hubby the Bikeman."

ms. ramona wheelright
Ramona is completely obsessed with bikes. Her two wheeled evolution began with a Schwinn Hollywood (RIP Purps) and has developed into a snobbish fixation with handbuilt frames. Her characteristic attention to every detail and the aestheticism of a designer distinguish Ms. Wheelright from your average bike nut, but don't let her affinity for fine machinery fool you, Ramona loves all bikes. You'll find her rounding up the best of the Bike Wardrobe Remix on Vélo Vogue, and sharing intimate bike secrets at Wheelright.