Santa's Little Helper

I had a shift at my gallery yesterday, and KT agreed to swing by for a long-overdue Velo Vogue meeting. The gallery is on Valencia, one of the streets most heavily trafficked with cyclists in the City. So, we were beating ourselves up over and over as attractive cyclists whizzed by too fast for us to snap their pictures. You have to let some of them go, we agreed. And then we saw this one:
I was especially taken with her earmuffs, and the way her boots matched them and her hat. Her classic road bike also matches her ensemble, stark white, so chic. I jumped up and chased her down just barely capturing her image as she sped through the next intersection. (A customer at the gallery become concerned that I might react the same when when he left the gallery until I showed him her picture.)

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Samuel said...

What a great combination. Really though the boots are what does it for me, without those it would be nice but not superb!