Personal Style: Global Urban Bohemian
Bike: Specialized with bike flower basket





Stuart Shoes

Personal Style: New to San Francisco
Bike: Specialized Sequoia

Dedicated to my Rookie of the Year - Buster Posey.


Monica Carbin

Monica Carbin

Personal Style: Organic
Bike: Trek with albatross bars and Brooks seat




Personal Style: Was on "What Not To Wear," so I'm totally reformed
Bike: Dahon
Pam is also a bike valet!


Jake Ruch & Colin Hughes

Jake Ruch & Colin Hughes

Personal Style: Sawdust (straight outta shop)
Bike: Teal Raleigh

Personal Style: Wisconsin (born in Wisconsin)
Bike: Wisconsin (Trek made in Wisconsin)


Mother Son Adventures of the Golden Gate

A submission from my friend Jennifer Hansen, a.k.a. Stitch Diva as she crosses the Golden Gate with her son for the first time (all words and images by Jennifer Hansen).

Max and I bike at least once a week down here in the South Bay.
Flat Tire

Ever since he saw the photos of you and I doing it last year, he's been bugging me to to take him biking over the Golden Gate Bridge.
Golden Gate

We did a 10 mile ride from the ferry building in SF to the yacht harbor in Sausalito - we had lunch then we took the ferry back to SF.
Golden Gate

Max thought the bridge would be way windier than it was - I think we crossed on a calm day.
Golden Gate
We stopped here to take a picture and look down in the water. We saw a school of dolphins swimming under the bridge.

Awesome adventure, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing and ride on!


John Mark Kartsch & Peter

John Mark Kartsch & Peter 1

John Mark
Personal Style: Euro
Bike: Raleigh

Personal Style: Southern
Bike: Fuji


Kelly Strodl

Kelly Strodl 1
Personal Style: Small & obnoxious [small head - big mouth]

Bike: Named "Purple Reign." Built it when I moved. Purple is the color of healing, and I just got divorced...


Bike Fashion Blogger Back With Notorious Fashion Photog?

OMG - I've fallen for Chimowitz all over again
Bike fashion blogger Kristin Tieche was seen once again in the arms of fashion photographer Daniel Chimowitz, just months after he was caught two-timing and got one in right in the kisser.

Tieche admitted that she was "surprised" to see the likes of him show up at the Disposable Film Festival. "But," she added, "I really liked how he was dressed, and we met at this event a year ago." So she agreed to take his portrait.

Gucci shades.
Daniel Gucci

Hand-painted jacket.
Daniel Heart

Repurposed cap from a recent trip to Kauai (Chimowitz promised to take Tieche... next time).
Daniel Kauai's Own 2

"And," Tieche pointed out, "he's so sweet to him mom."
Daniel Mom

In his own words, Chimowitz likes to describe himself as, "a walking canvas bringing color out of the gallery and onto the streets." His bike is an aluminium frame Marin, hand-painted fuschia & glitter combo.
Daniel 1

To be continued...


V & Ashley

V & Ashley

Personal Style: Fun, comfortable, black
Bike: Old Bianchi

Personal Style: Oh gosh...
Bike: Raleigh Sprite

More from the Disposable Film Festival!



Personal Style: fun and colorful

Sacha hearts
Bike: Marin bike, added red reflective hearts that I punched myself!

Sacha basket
And don't forget the basket full of roses!

SFers go out to the movies in singular style! For the remainder of Bike To Work Month, we'll post pics from the Disposable Film Festival Bike-In Movie 2011, an annual event that throws down the night before Bike To Work Day!




For the third year in a row, Vélo Vogue has covered the red carpet at the Disposable Film Festival's Bike-In Movie Screening. This year, hundreds of cyclists rolled into the hip Phoenix Hotel in the Tenderloin and lounged by the pool to catch 2011's winning disposable films.

DFF @ Phoenix

Kudos to DFF Founder Carlton for gathering our community for another fine event.


Food carts filled our tummies with yumminess once again, among them was Brian, with his original curry on wheels.
Magic Curry

We all had a blast, but perhaps some of the hotel guests were slightly overwhelmed by the successful turnout.

Hi Bike People 2

And for those of you who missed it, here's one of my favorite films of the festival. Got a lot of laughs!

The Kitty Papers from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

More to come over the next couple weeks from the DFF red carpet!

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Work it, girl!

Let's admit, work is a drag! But we gotta bring home the bacon, and we can only hope our jobs are as exciting as that of Little Miss Hot Mess!

(photo: Little Miss Hot Mess)

Check out her step-by-step instructions on how to get dolled up and parade to work, especially on Bike To Work Day!

For some other fashion ideas, don't miss the Bike Away From Work Fashion Show tonight at the DNA Lounge, and watch me do my little turn on the catwalk!

Ding! Ding!

Bike to Schmerk Day

Hey Pals!

This goes out to all y'all who bike whenever wherever with whomever.

Y'all know what I'm talkin about!
we can all be friends

F*ck Yeah!

See ya tomorrow!



Used Rubber

Do you have 20+ used bicycle tires that need to be recycled? If so, you are someone who would find a cargo bicycle useful. Like any other bicycle, they do not require any special equipment to use.

Cargo Vogue

Sweater- Halogen
Jeans- Facçonable
Shoes- Target
Shirt- not shown, but is by SkunkFunk
Cargo-20+ used bicycle tires

Yes, folks, even lugging 40 lbs of used tires by bicycle does not require you to dress differently than you do any other time. And, if you are a single women, you will find this a great way to meet guys. Really, they will come out of the woodwork to talk to you.


princesses cruise

Bike To Work Day Shoot 15

The bicycle gives you yet another way to parade your beautiful daughters around in public view.


Gentlemen Prefer to Bike To Work

Bike To Work Day Shoot 29
OK, yes, it was a photo shoot (the grey backdrop was probably a dead giveaway). It was organized by the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition to promote Bike To Work Day, featuring hotties from all over the Bay Area, like this lad.

Bike To Work Day Shoot 28
The focus was on people's motivation to bike.

Beauty - check! Efficiency - check!


It's Bike To Work Month!

It's time to bike-commute (if you're not doing so already)!

To celebrate Bike-To-Work Month, I'd like to announce that I got hired! And to top it off, I got hired for the job for which I went on this interview!


My first official day is Tuesday (tomorrow).

Thanks to all of you who gave me your warm words of encouragement. I start my new job at Link TV on Tuesday as the Promotions Producer/Editor. A great network, with a great mission, headquartered right here in San Francisco.

Additionally, there are several events to look forward to this month.

May 12: Bike Away From Work Fashion Show & Party at the DNA Lounge. Your own KT on the runway!

May 11: DFF Bike-In Movie Screening at the Phoenix Hotel. Paparazzi represented by VV, and your chance to be featured here on the blog!