Safety First.

Years ago, I participated in the Bike Coalition's Valentine's Day game show: Love on Wheels. One question asked if contestants 1) always wear a helmet, 2) go free and loose, or 3) "I'll wear whatever you want me to wear." The other 2 ladies answered first with #3. My answer? "Ladies, eeeeeew. Safety first! Always wear a helmet."

Euphemism aside, I found this lady inspiring. She's got boots, skirt, sports coat, and long hair with a reflective vest and helmet. Safety and style go together!

Fixie Couple on the Move

2 beautiful bikes
2 beautiful young people
a city of good taste
a regional commuter rail
ah 2008


Red Shorts + Hat

This woman looked amazing with red shorts matching her bike, loafers, sports coat, and hat. Hats are not just for boys, you know. Those who know SF well will recognise the side of Dolores Park Cafe too.


riding in style - the ONLY way

Crossing the intersection of a one-way street on a vintage Schwinn cruiser with a kickstand in suede platform heels and a studded leather miniskirt.


a look that stops traffic

Pink and black has always been one of my favorite looks, but this long flowing scarf really makes the outfit. She glided across the intersection in a way that made it look like all the cars stopped in their tracks to check her out! The wicker basket, and black Vans are also très chic.

Going somewhere...

Not to get all philosophical on you, but we are all going somewhere. I just thought this woman in stylish jacket, heels, and jeans, must be going someplace more particular than I usually am.... She certainly raced along.


Jean Embroidery

This young lady caught my eye as soon as she got on the train wearing jeans with embroidery, a matching jean jacket, and tank top color-coordinated with her embroidery. I was also impressed that she wore eye make-up, something I avoid when biking bc it can end up all over my face.


eco-fashion in rouge et noir

Some people think that eco-fashion is all about making clothing from sustainable or organic fabrics. That's only part of it. The other part is about repurposing old clothes, shopping in second-hand stores and hand-me-downs. If you look closely at this cyclist's skirt, you'll see that the red layer is made from an old t-shirt. Her long skirt is paired with black below-the-knee combat style boots, her hair tucked underneath a red bandana. Uniquely San Francisco!

Here's a great fashion event this weekend that shows the limitless potential of hand-me-downs.


THE Hot New Accessory: A Baby

I would have taken this woman's photo anyway in her lovely summer dress, but then I noticed that she was accompanied by her partner and their baby.

VV Profile: David

Name: David Baker
Occupation: Architect

I was donating a photograph for the Walk SF benefit party being held at DB + P. The entire staff rides bikes to work, and they all dress impeccably, including David Baker in his tweed wool trousers. David and I discussed the fashion differences between San Franciscan cyclists and European ones, one of which is the choice to wear a helmet or not. He showed me his pinstriped helmet:

Not only was his bike an Old Dutch, but he had some retro accessories like this bell:

And here's another nice detail:

The bike says a lot about the man!


Couple + Zebra

This was one of my favorite things I've ever seen, but alas the photo came out blurry. I'm posting it anyway.

We were having a leisurely sangria at our local on an amazing Summer Sunday afternoon when this couple, riding together on one bike, rode past. Add to that the retro cool of the guys hat and clothes + the amazing Zebra Striped Dress sported by the lady. I love the Mission.

boys with hats

This is Isaac:

I met him on the corner of 3rd and Folsom, and I stopped to compliment him on his short distressed denim coat (not just a jean jacket). Nice fashion choice, Isaac! His bicycle is also incredibly cute. Isaac also dons a matching blue cap.

I think the word for men in hats would be dapper (in my humble opinion). But it has to be the right hat for the man. For example:

This fellow in plaid shirt and black hat and matching black hi-tops on 16th and Guerrero, and...

this young chap dressing up his sporty look with a brown hat seen on Bryant and 16th.


Errands in the Sun

The weather was amazing at the end of last week, and everyone got out their spring dresses. I shot this rather grainy picture out a car window (gasp). She reminded me of my usual errand running on our main street, Market. Her helmet is also a very hip, shell variety.


Yellow Summer with Baguette

You know I love it when bikes match clothes. I also love it when a person carries a baguette in her messenger bag... and, for that matter, when people bike in skirts. Sigh.


couples cycle in style!

Pretty in pink in the Panhandle.

Punk and camo in the Lower Haight. Great hair.

Urban hipsters head to the park!


Old School Cool

It's a shame the photo they posted isn't appropriate, but the single-speed fad (not the same as a fixie) getting a article in the San Francisco Chronicle seemed worth posting.

Single-minded cyclists have old-school cool, Dan Giesin, Thursday, April 17, 2008

"It's the clean and simple lines that attract single-speeders, who tend to eschew Lycra in favor of baggy shorts and T-shirts. They harken to the early days of off-road riding - think back to the Repack crowd of the mid-'70s - when it was all about having fun on the bike and when beer, not some electrolyte replacement drink, was the fluid of choice."

take me out to the ballgame!

My dad has season's tickets to the Giants, and so I am filled with fanatic elation when Spring comes! I attended my first game yesterday, and was thrilled to be able to park my bike at the SF Bicycle Coalition's free valet parking at the Giants Stadium. There were several other cyclists attending the game, sporting all different styles, like this messenger girl in her black mini with leggings, dreadlock ponytails tucked underneath her baseball cap, not to mention the cutest koala bear backpack and pink fixie.

If only cycling were as American as baseball and apple pie.

Peninsula Bike Chyck Uniform

In SF, people wear hoodies and chains. I noted the other day that in Palo Alto, people wear girl-tees with arty, comic prints and animal socks.


To Wear a Helmet or Not to Wear a Helmet, that is the fashion (and safety) question

I ALWAYS wear a helmet. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS worn a helmet. My mother got a head injury once standing over her bike without a helmet when a dog ran into her, and she toppled over on her head. My whole family suffered for years from her injury. She was not, however, in motion at the time.

It's true that wearing a helmet flattens your hair. It also can look dorky. On the other hand, I once knew this really cool guy who wore his helmet all the time. We were sitting at a cafe for hours, and he never took it off. That said, I was compelled by this research that scientifically proves that helmets do NOT make you safer.

From Velo Mondial:
The active promotion of helmet use by cyclists is a fiercely controversial and often emotional subject, with views put forward with great conviction both for helmets and sceptical of their value. Controversy is particularly acute with regard to mandatory helmet laws. But the heart of the matter is: Less cycling increases risk for those who do cycle: Safety comes in numbers! It is also logic to wear a helmet if you are a child or a speed cyclist. Helmets do not help when in collision with cars; the difference in speed between car and cyclist or pedestrian cannot be compensated by a helmet. Helmets can even suggest to car drivers that the cyclists are safe. Then they are better off without. Read more at the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation.

Tweed Skirt and Matching Cruiser

I just love it when people match their bikes... and when I see people who don't look like your typical SF cycle punk. This woman had clearly given her outfit a lot of thought. Her seat matched her bag. Her sweater matched her bracelets. She looked good!


Valley Commuter Vogue for Men

When people jump on their bikes to go home still wearing business suits, it makes the statement we seek!

In this second photo, the first guy just has a really cool bike. He's blocking our view of his Brooks saddle. The second guy changed his shoes and jacket but not his suit pants. He's also on a conference call. You can do that driving, but it isn't safe.

Summer Floral + Feather Boa

I dashed up to the ATM on a beautiful afternoon last week before meeting my friends for happy hour. I don't know where this woman was going, but I bet it was good!


skinny stilettos

San Francisco has apparently not adopted Copenhagen's Style Over Speed cycling manifesto. As I was on my way to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning, I spotted this woman speeding down Folsom Street listening to her tunes through her earphones, wearing a scarf reminiscent of those worn by either the PLO or Joe Strummer in the Rock the Casbah video, wearing painted on skinny blue jeans, pedaling in her black stilettos, and her arms covered in tattoos. I could hardly keep up with her and tried my best to snap a photo, one hand on my point-and-shoot, the other on my handlebars; one eye on the viewfinder, the other on the traffic lights.

Also, take notice of the fancy red and white checkered style on her bike frame and handlebars.

I was very curious what she was listening to, but didn't have the chance to ask.

Totally Fabulous


Mary in Business Wear

I know Mary from the Bicycle Coalition. She was stopped to take notes on architectural characteristics when I asked if I could take her picture. I explained that I liked her outfit, and she said "Because I look like a business person?" Well, yes, it takes all kinds!


All in one cross-walk: a hippie girl in a purple floral peasant dress, a musician with his violin, and a sporty girl with lime green striped sneakers matching the tape on her handlebars.

Their one commonality (besides being in the same place at the same time) is that they are all riding what appear to be 10-speeds.


valencia vogue

For those of you who don't live here, this image puts you right in the heart of it. Nice fluffy floral blouse and wicker basket.


Cute UK Biker

This one came from a friend with no context. She sure is cute tho, hu?


dépêche mode

Perhaps a bit of a corny pun, but she was taking the corner so fast, I almost didn't have the time to capture her pink hat, blue kicks and retro shades.

As she passed, I said, "You look great."

Yes, those are fishnet stockings, lace-up boots, and a short skirt.