Light Blue Bike

This photo was tricky to take as we were both whizzing along Valencia. I sped up to pass her, and then scrambled to take this photo over my shoulder without losing speed. She rode a classic light blue bike with basket and matching fenders. She wore a sweater with leggings -- yes, the 80s are back -- and I was particularly taken with the way her bag was artfully tossed into her basket. Nice!


Striped Knee Highs

I don't know if it was the striped knee high socks or the pig tails that caused me to pull over and scramble for my camera. As a frequent pig-tail wearer myself, all I know is that I need to go shopping!


Motorcycle Jacket

Maybe she wears it for the zippers and pockets or maybe she wears it for the look. Either way, it works. I also liked the short brown skirt over leggings.


A very ordinary Paris bike moment

We love this photo by Eric Parker not only because it is lovely, but also because it depicts bicycle use as the every day activity that it is. No big deal, just check in, pick up your bike and take off slapping your bag into the basket. Off you go.
The way it should be.
Thanks to Eric Britton for photo and language.


does david byrne vogue?

I wonder if David Byrne (one of my artistic heroes) was wearing his big suit when this event occurred?

Stripey Hippie

I dug this chyck's look with her stripey sweater, vest warmy with matching moped helmet, hippie bag and bike with fenders. Her pants were nothing special... except capris are very practical for a cyclist.


pencil skirt

One of the benefits of riding a bicycle with a women's or step-through frame is that you can wear a pencil skirt with it, as shown here, creatively paired with some eccentric hi tops.


cycling in the Victorian era

Thought I'd share a great article from Mental Floss about the introduction of the bicycle during the Victorian era and its subsequent effect on women's liberation.

Vive le Vélo!

poetry in motion

A little impressionistic, but since I spotted him at the very end of Bike-to-Work day, he gave special inspiration to the last leg of my trip home.


cycle chic on current tv

I learned when I got to work this morning that our friend Caz is featured on Current TV for her Cycle Chic UK blog!

Check YOU out!

suited for cycling

Appropriately and snazzily dressed for cycling to and from work on Bike-to-Work Day.


pardon me, sir... which way to the runway?

Smashing polka-dot wrap dress! Perfect riding ensemble for the summer weather we've been experiencing of late! Bravo!


Summer Sundress

KT and I had just stepped out an event on Bike Sharing when all the fashionable cyclists decided to bike all around us. We got photos of a few of them. Here's one in her summer sundress.


it's white hot

She rode down Valencia with elegance in the afternoon sunshine in this summery white jacket, bare legs and black wedges with white piping.


sporty skorty

There is definitely something practical yet graceful about the skort.


bicycle dating tip

1. Coordinate rendez-vous with your sweetie at a picturesque waterfront location.
2. Arrive on a shiny orange cruiser with a bouquet of flowers on your back for her.
3. She will consequently affectionately scratch your bald head.


Flowery Basket

We were initially interested in this woman's look because of her flowery basket. But then we noticed her sunglasses, shoes, general poise and awesome bike.


Heels on Wheels

May 2:"We will NOT sacrifice fashion for the road. We are cyclists, and we are fabulous...."


[sfbike]The Diva's Guide to Biking

Riding a Bike in Skirts and Heels
by Lisa Foster

For all you diva cyclists out there: don’t despair, it’s easy to wear skirts and heels while riding a bike. With a few little tricks up your fashionable sleeve, you can keep your bloomers covered, your legs warm, and your feet on the pedals in almost anything. Let me tell you how.


Brown Tights

I saw this couple one Tuesday morning. Their look is typical SF bike punk, with the hoodies and all, but I liked her brown tights under short cutoff shorts, fashionable sunglasses, and dainty shoes.
I also liked it that they seemed happy I was taking their photo....


Ride Your Bike

I was searching for images of bike commuters in honor of Bike-to-Work Day when I found this cute photo. She's not a perfect Commuter or a perfect Voguer, but I decided to share none-the-less.

ballgame glam

A great day at the ballpark on Saturday at the Giants' Stadium. Cyclists came in droves showing off their team spirit in orange and black (nice wig):

And as I've previously mentioned, thanks to the SF Bicycle Coalition, you can safely drop off your bike at the free valet bike parking station on the south side of the stadium:

You may want to use this feature so you can enjoy the game with the peace of mind that your fancy ride (or not-so-fancy) is safe and sound:

The team spirit was evident, right down to the shoes:

I think the combination of the beautiful weather and the support from fans motivated our Giants to squash the Phillies 8 - 2!


california dreamin'

I've been hanging out in Fairfax recently, a small town in Marin County. It is a hippie haven, a throwback to the 60's and 70's, and it is also a bicycle haven, for cyclists in spandex as well as cyclists who bike around town for errand running and getting from here to there.

This image of the California poppies in the foreground and a bike rack filled with bikes in the background made me visualize a more harmonious, cycle-friendly future for not only our state and but the entire nation.


crazy cool cat

No, not incredibly stylish, and not an argument for the "normalization" of cycling, but we all need to lighten up and laugh every once in a while!


the other side of the Mission

Before the Mission District became the gentrified haven for urban hipsters and bohemians, it was (and still is) San Francisco's Latin Quarter. While Valencia Street is peppered with cute boutiques, galleries and chic cafes and bars, Mission Street transports you to Mexico City or East L.A. Here's a cyclist that personifies that other side of the Mission, with his sweet purple easy rider, tiger print faux-fur jacket, baggy jeans (can't wait for that style to disappear), oversized t-shirt, ghetto-fab shades, long black hair and goatee.

Viva la diferencia!


against the wind

Almost every day around 5 pm in San Francisco, the westerly winds kick in, making pedaling home for anyone who lives in that direction a little bit harder. However, if you're wearing a dress or skirt like this woman, the wind adds a slight dramatic element to your look and a chance for onlookers to catch glimpse of what's on underneath. ;-)

Her red open-toed mules and tiny purple basket are also quite cute.

In comparison with many European cities, American cities have a long way to go in creating cycle-friendly environments. Sometimes it feels like we are riding against the wind. But I get the feeling that the wind is about to shift directions.


vélo avec chien

You don't have to have a miniature dog to promenade with your pooch. I wish I could do this with my cat, but I believe she would never forgive me.


Double Double

Two guys riding with two bikes each -- I never figured out if they were together or not. It must have been a date night... possibly a double date?

black is the new black (at funerals)

I saw this event posted at Ritual Cafe, I don't know why it's the last Bike Posse - to tell you the truth, I didn't even know a Bike Posse existed - but it would seem fitting for a bicycle hub like Ritual to have one! A nice excuse to bust out your black, in whatever form that might take (mod, goth, whatever) and join the ride to the dark side.


She must have been a plant.

I stepped out the door to see this woman biking past with boots, a short skirt, black jacket and red scarf. I chased her down the street but this was my best shot.


A Place for Princess

We've got this thing going with people on their bikes with little dogs. Here's another one.


Skirt over jeans again

I admired this commuter for looking totally at ease while also taking it up a notch. She wore a skirt over jeans look we love with cardigan and little jacket.



Great bodies of literature support the idea that women love moody, thoughtful men. Exhibit Mr. Darcy and Heathcliff. Why do you think the pages of Jane and Emily get so much play. It's the way we are.

I saw this dreamboat from the train window, clearly solving some major world problem, in his black dress shoes, chinos, and collar shirt. I also have a weakness for red bicycles -- this one is a fixie.


see and be seen on your vélo

Did anyone know that for the past several weeks we had a free city bike share program at our fingertips? This morning I visited Vapor, the current art exhibition about air quality at Southern Exposure on 14th and Valencia. Since the show began, there have been a fleet of bicycles for rent (for free), just like Vélib in Paris and Bicing in Barcelona. Here are a couple shots of their lovely white hybrids:

And their public pump:

I am telling this to you NOW because you have two and a half days left to tell your friends sans bicyclette that they can experience how it feels to be as cool and hip as you are by renting one and riding it up and down Valencia Street looking fabulous!

Also, on Saturday, Southern Exposure will be holding a Public Charette to discuss why San Francisco should have one of its own bicycle sharing programs. Join the fun from 1 - 5 pm!

Here's another great event to partake in:

Heels on Wheels

Fri., May. 2 | 6pm, Civic Center Plaza, Polk @ Grove

We will NOT sacrifice fashion for the road. We are cyclists, and we are fabulous -- two kinds of fierce. In your designer suit and silk tie, in your thrifted skirt and vintage stiletto, in your Friday night, pre-club, pre-party, pre-date, pre-drag show finest. Let's put our dancin' shoes on and ride! Contact Jess at povertyonwheels-inheels@yahoo.com for more details.