Bay Area Bike Share is HERE!

Check out these cool events and celebrate bike share finally coming to the Bay!

• San Francisco launch event takes place 10:30 AM at the 4th & King Caltrain bike share station.

• San Jose launch event takes place at 10 AM at San Jose City Hall near the bike kiosks on 4th Street.

• Mountain View launch event is in front of City Hall at 10 AM.

• Palo Alto event launch event is at the bike share station at University/Emerson at 10 AM.

San Jose peeps can reserve one of 50 bikes to test ride. Follow @sj_bikeshare and start sharing!


absolut makeover

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

DIVIS_Makeover 7

If you weren't en route to the playa, and were still slummin' in SF this weekend, you may have wondered what the heck was going down on Divisadero.

DIVIS_Makeover 8

Haighteration gave this write-up about the Absolut Vodka commissioned street art project.

DIVIS_Makeover 6

So is Western Addition the next Williamsburg?

DIVIS_Makeover 1

What do you think?

DIVIS_Makeover 3

Does it qualify as neighborhood beautification? Or yet another sign of gentrification? What about the art itself? Does it inspire or repulse you?

DIVIS_Makeover 4

Another example of how corporations have "bought" San Francisco? I have mixed feelings. And apparently, just like Black Rock City, it's temporary. Store owners and residents will be able to decide if the art/eyesore is here to stay.


a leisurely literary bike tour with judy b.!

judy b. - a true renaissance woman - writer, actor, singer, cyclist, baker, producer and TOUR GUIDE.


Her literary bike tour of San Francisco criss-crosses the city to some of the places where her short stories in her book, Stories For Airports, happen.


Now is your chance to join her tour THIS SUNDAY. The tour starts at Huckleberry Bicycles on Market Street.


Let me tell you, as someone who rides bikes with judy b. and has read her book, the two together all at once, it's like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.



She'll take you to places where you can see your future...


Reminisce about family vacations...


And see the world, or at least San Francisco, in ways you never imagined.


Get Lit! This Sunday from 1 - 4 pm.



friday funky tights

nooworks funky tights

I had to post this cuz a dude rode by me this morning and shouted back at me "cute tights!"


Leggings from Nooworks.

Happy Friday, yo!