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Bicycle art belongs here. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Sorry for the silence lately, bikey peeps. I have been celebrating the holidays with friends and family. Been an intense year, I'm sure some of you know what I mean.

I've also been really obsessed with crafts, for example - these Jedi snowflakes.




Sometimes there's more to life than riding a bike!

Feel the force in 2012!


Pedal Powered Talk Show - Trending Now...

What a crazy silly cool concept. Only from Portlandia, of course!

The Pedal Powered Talk Show.

Turn on. Tune in. Ride on.


Hot Dudes on Bikes: Bike Biodiversity (part deux)

The Bike makes the Man. It's the evolution of our species, and many would argue, the key to our survival.

Homo sapiens
come in all shapes and sizes. And thus should our tools of mobility.

It's Bike Biodiversity (2/2).

Elias Nkeleku by bicycle portraits - South Africa

by 'Xander @416cyclestyle - Toronto, ON, Canada

Nao Tomii and His Bicycle, Lexington MA
by Lovely Bicycle! - Lexington, MA, USA

Federico Sánchez

Carnaval de Ñuñoa 19 Noviembre 2011
by Claudio Olivares Medina - Santiago, Chile


by Cameron Adams - Atlanta, GA, USA

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0096

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0015
by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin - Copenhagen, Denmark

Tweed Run NovC 2011 (8)

Tweed Run Novb 2011 (6)
by Funny Cyclist - London, England

eLpolacoLoco 2011
by analojik - Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

by Adrienne Johnson SF - San Francisco, CA, USA

Ride on, humankind!


Vogue Around The Globe: Bike Biodiversity (part un)

The sign of a healthy movement is the strength of its diversity from within. This one word - vogue - does not represent one particular style. It does not dictate how you look and how you ride. The way you decide to carry yourself is purely up to you, no matter where you live on this earth, what kind of bike you ride, how fast or slow you ride it, what you put on your body, or your head. This blog is here to honor the rich beauty of our differences.

Part 1 of this edition of Vogue Around The Globe brings you Bike Biodiversity from different corners of our planet, focusing on women (tomorrow we'll bring on the hot dudes - promise).

by Cameron Adams - Atlanta, GA, USA

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0006
by Franz Michael S. Mellbin - Copenhagen, Denmark

novembre_ 129

2011_novembre 016
by Bart Omeu, Barcelona, Spain

by baudman - Melbourne, Australia

The Tweed Run London Nov 2011 (27)
by Funny Cyclist - London, England

Bigfish Line, Covent Garden
by Bigfish - London, England

by Claudio Olivares Medina - Santiago, Chile

As mina de Sampa
by Carlos Alkmin - São Paulo, Brazil

Innocent Manjo
by bicycleportraits - South Africa


the bike gals pose for a pic

Here we are at SFBC Winterfest, Adrienne, Melyssa and I re-enacting how we've managed to maintain these bike blogs over the years. We bike. We take pics. We have fun.

Got it?

Ride on!



Nona Varnado + Rickshaw = Holiday Party

If you do the gift-giving holiday thing, then start your holiday shopping tonight with some locally and USA made bike goodies for your special bikey friends! And share a glass of holiday cheer with some great bikey peeps!

I just had breakfast with Nona Varnado (bike fashion designer and founder of the blog The Bird Wheel). Nona is visiting SF this week and will be showing her Made in the USA collection of lifestyle cycling apparel & some multisport (spin, run, yoga) pieces. Rickshaw will be opening the store space to show off the apparel collection along side their current Made in SF line of bags and accessories while hosting the first holiday party of the season!

When: Monday, December 5th, 5 - 7 pm.

Where: Rickshaw Bagworks
904 22nd Street San Francisco, CA 94107


november becomes december


Not much difference in the seasons here between fall and winter here in Cali.

If you're in SF, hope this terrible wind doesn't knock you over. :-)