Murderous driver in Porto Alegre Critical Mass attacks cyclists

A driver with intent to kill ran over cyclists during a peaceful Critical Mass in Brazil. The whole story is here on the CM website.

Apparently the police have not decided whether the driver is at fault or not. By watching this video, it should be very clear what he was trying to do.

Please spread the word, repost the video and be safe out there.

paso doble


y dos...
bicing at BCN beach

y dos...

y dos!
double decker folding bike



how do you get there?

I admit. I have been in hibernation. Today I got out on my bicycle. Tonight actually. It was dark. It was windy. It was cold.

I did about 2/3 of a butterlap. I felt incredibly out of shape. Yes, me. I don't always ride my bike. I can make many excuses. Lately, I have used winter as one of them.

But tonight reminded me of why I like to ride as my main means of transporting myself.

How much energy does it take to move my body one mile? How much more when I have to go up a hill? Against the wind?

I think you know how that feels. I think you will know how far you can push your body, when your body is all you have - and the frame joined by two wheels underneath you.

How happy do I feel afterwards when I've seen that my body can still do it? Mucho. And next time, I can do it even better.

When we all pull up to a stoplight together, we can talk about our day. I can meet you. You can meet me. Really.

A nice young man explains to me that he knows how to bake sourdough bread.

I can sing my friend Happy Birthday.

We can all stop for a beer... or two... or three.

We form friendships because we transport our bodies through the night together. We wait for each other to catch up. We finish the ride in the same place with the same people.

We make an effort with our muscles, our lungs, our hearts and we will do it all over again tomorrow. Or the next day. It doesn't matter. As long as we keep doing it.


Vogue Around The Globe - Les Quatre Saisons

Northern and Southern Hemispheres collide as we're in between seasons here and all over the world...

Showing skin in Gastown, Vancouver, BC!
Aphrodite Rides Apollo
Photo by ecstaticist

Pretty poncho in Copenhagen
CPH by Diego Franssens
Photo by Diego Franssens by way of Mikael

Fluffy faux fur in New York
Self-timer times
Photo by juleskills

A sunny bike ride in Santiago
Súper mamá
Photo by Quiltro Elemento

Boots with tights in Portland
Photo by poetas

Summer fabrics and colors in Barcelona...
Bianca Vallentine
Bianca Vallentine by way of Txell HG

as well as bows and polka dots!
2011_febrer 608
Photo by Bart Omeu

Puffy parka in Atlanta
Photo by Cameron Adams

Tweed hat...
Hat panda

and argyle socks in Italia!
Photos by Luca Violetto

The Lady of London brings it back with urban chic!
Back on track...
Photo by Lady Vélo


rainwear KT style

So what did I wear for the Mind The Gap - biking in the rain shoot?

Rainy day KT

Helmet: Nutcase
Retro slicker: Nordstrom Rack
Gloves: Riyoko
Cupcake bell: gift
Bike: The Latte
Blue vinyl shoulder purse: Crossroads
Patent leather boots (not shown): Paolo Shoes
Raw silk sweater dress (not shown): Goodwill
Wool tights: Macy's

I'm kinda diggin' the wet weather fashion!
Rainy day KT


It's raining again!

On a dismal and gray day like today, I might be tempted to stay home and cuddle up with Cloud in front of the fireplace.

BUT - I've agreed to film a little piece on what I wear when I bike in the rain for a documentary called Mind The Gap by a fellow bicycle filmmaker, Laura Lukitsch.

So, I probably should wear something like this:
Rain Poncho
photo by Dave of Portlandize

but I'm not. Photos and details to come!


I saw her... biking in the rain!

Yes, you might get a little wet, however, if you have some rain gear that you normally wear walking in wet weather, you can wear it on your bike too. Some individuals in Northern Europe even carry umbrellas while cycling. For the ladies, boots and tights under a raincoat present a practical solution.

Some tips though - you should make sure your breaks are nice and tight and you might want to invest in some fenders and a chainguard. My left (non-rolled up) pant leg got sprayed with some wet grease last night.

I was nominally wet when I got home, but honestly it made me feel young again, getting irresponsibly trapped in the rain, and then quickly changing into my dry cozy pyjamas.


Queen of Hearts

My pal Gabriela in Los Angeles sent this to me yesterday. Happy Belated Hearts Day! I love my cat and I love my bike!

With a toast to singlehood, Ride On!


watch out for that TREE!

Learning the shutter timing on my new camera.


Looks like I've still got some learning to do.




a beloved bike share program

biking along the beach boardwalk

fixies on cobblestone

bike through banking

a center-aligned bike lane on a busy boulevard

chic chicks

and hot dudes
eso es bcn


Eye on the Bike

If you aren't in the Bay Area, maybe you never got the chance to check out the Bay Area Biking episode on Eye On The Bay. I had the pleasure of co-hosting the first segment with Liam Mayclem and got to take him on a bike-friendly tour of San Francisco. I also co-produced and edited this segment. Hope you enjoy.

I produced, directed and edited the second segment on the illustrious Scraper Bike team from Oakland, CA. They are some pretty awesome dudes. Check them out.

This originally aired on October 25, 2010 but is now in replay, and yesterday I finally picked up the clips so I could upload them here. Thanks for watching!


Biking in BCN

Barça & Bike @ Barceloneta
I am back from BCN. Love that town!

Barça flag f*ck yeah!
Even caught a Barça game to the tune of 5-0!

KT en Barceloneta
I am starting to sift through all my pics. So get ready for a some Spanish flava here on VV. LOTS more to come.


Tandem with CB!

cb is one of our regular readers and she submitted these wonderful photos of tandem bike dates with her hubby via our flickr photo pool. Take it away cb! (all words and images by cb)

recently the mister and i got our very first tandem, a gottfried french tandem to be exact. we named him gilbert. he is a beautiful grayish blue with accents of red in white...we joke about dressing up in french style clothing and riding around town.

riding a tandem is a very unique experience, really unlike any other i have come across. the tandem must act as a team...almost everything we do must be in unison. the captain, who is the person in the front controls the brakes, shifting, & steering and the stoker (that's me) is the person in the back. the stoker is the engine and sets the speed of the ride. if we don't act as a we can seriously hurt one another & the bike. we are getting the hang of it each time we ride and it becomes more fun each time!

this is our 3rd ride out on gilbert to the farmers market. gilbert is pimped out with our swift industries panniers!