your wednesday needs some hot dudes

Gwen's Fashion Show
From SF by dustinj. This hottie was modeling at the 2009 SF Bike Expo Fashion Show.

Vera Velo #2.4
From the Netherlands by Daydreamer HQ. Men who bike are also strong.

IMG_2596 look away
From Toronto by Xander N'Dante. Uber-cuteness right down to the green boots!

Will and friend
From Chicago by Steven Vance. Riding a girl on the back of your bike makes you an instant stud.

Kick Back
From SF by Adrienne Johnson. Hanging out at bookstores makes you also appear intellectual.

London Critical Mass June 09 16
From London by Funny Cyclist. Showing skin... nuff said.

And now... a couple two-fers!

From LA by Cosmoblue. The guy in grey looks like he's puckering up for a kiss!

And from SF by little ol' moi. There were a few hot dudes to be seen on Dan's party bike that night, and many more to be seen in our flickr photo pool, as well as the new blog (no connection) Hot Dudes On Bikes.


Salvador - Bless This Bicycle

There's this fantastic festival in the city of Salvador de Bahia in Northeastern Brazil called Lavagem do Bonfim. Everyone dresses in white and follows their favorite bloco from the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição in Cidade Baixa 9 kilometers to the Igreja do Bonfim (Church of Good Endings) where the the steps of the church are washed in honor of the Senhor do Bonfim (who is either Jesus or Oxalá, or both, depending on how you look at it).

It was a long and hot walk. Probably a bit more pleasant to do by bike! Like this Rasta man.
Rasta Bike Man

He's tying these wish ribbons to his bicycle, perhaps in hopes that he and his bicycle meet a Good End, but more likely to celebrate the festa!
Blessed Bicycle

I met these dudes who get together once a month in Salvador for a group bike ride. Today they rode with the procession and cooled down with some cervejas.
KT & Salvador Bike Dudes

A cold beer after a ride on a hot day? A common bond among cyclists worldwide!
Salvador Bike Dudes

That's what I call a good end!
Brazilian bike



go green 1
The color green carries so much meaning (especially now in our post-inconvenient world).

Eco. Fresh. Sustainable. Spring.

Universally, Green means Go.

go green 2

The light changes green and we move. Go forward. Go somewhere.

See the light. Wear it, ride it, join the movement and be the change.


Vogue around the Globe

Vera Velo #3
From the Netherlands by Daydreamer HQ. VV wonders who he's waiting for. ;-)

Lift, Midnight, Jacqueline, Happiness
From her European vacation by Lovely Bicycle. Très Nouvelle Vague!

Cocktail Party
Chi-town class from letsgorideabike. Gorgeous stilettos daaaahling!

2010-03-23 grey-blue with bike
From Germany by Kasmeneo. Way to rock the long skirt!

Jessica with her Dawes Galaxy
From the U.K., of course, by AngloMex. Everyone loves a punk rock chick.

From the Netherlands by iMalfet. Que sexy!

From Los Angeles by Cosmoblue. LA is looking good in plaid, and what a smile!


KT, Meli, Tut & The Golden Age of Cycle Chic

Though I've been known to parody my friends' self-portraits lately, this one just happened to be a happy accident.

The Golden Age et moi.
The Golden Age of Cycle Chic 1

And now, Meli y Tut.TUT & i

Great minds do think alike.

Be golden.
Be chic.
And bike.


jacarés, tuiuius and capybaras, oh my!

This is the Transpantaneira.
147 kilometers of elevated dirt road with 126 bridges over swampy wetlands. And lots of wildlife to be encountered along the way.

So I followed my knife-wielding guide one non-rainy afternoon to check it out. (Can a knife in a sling be considered a fashion accessory in Brazil?)
my armed guide to the Pantanal

Pantanal Panda.
pantanal panda 2

the world's largest rodent, can be seen crossing the Transpantaneira en famille.

They are quite adorable, kind of like a giant guinea pig! Cuteness!
capybara & cow

I would not describe all animals of the Pantanal as cute. Especially the ones that got their eye on you. Like this jacaré, a cousin to the alligator.
jacaré 2

Creepy, yes. Cute, no.
jacaré 4

Even though there are said to be three jacarés per human in this region, the colorful tuiuiu remains the symbol of the Pantanal. Pure beauty & elegance.

From my saddle, nary a jacaré was missed...
jacaré 3

nor were these purple flowers...
purple flower

nor these snail eggs...
snail eggs

nor this fox...

nor this rainbow.

The Pantanal provided a pleasant change of pace from my experience cycling elsewhere in Brazil.
And yes, that is a plastic poncho tied around my waist.


stingray slugger

If I were to get another bike, it would be one just like these:

baseball season awaits 1

And the addition of a Louisville Slugger simply reminds me that baseball season awaits...

baseball season awaits 2


Sunday Streets Newbie

That would be me. The Newbie. Welcome to my first Sunday Streets.

Somehow I was out of town or working or something stupid and missed all previous years' street parties! Never again!

downtown SF
We were in luck with warm, sunny weather!

big wheels
Young and old came out to play!

bubble lady
The magic of San Francisco came alive!

so... anyway... it was like this...
I got to ride around with Úna, by far the coolest girl in the world.

KT & Meli take a ride
Meli and I took it easy in the back of a pedicab!

the badass girls 1
Lilia, Úna, Adrienne, Meli & KT.

A great day to be with a great group of gal pals in our great city!