Vive La France! La France en 2018!

Hope you all enjoyed the World Cup this time around. Win or lose, it's always good times to watch some world class footie. My team was eliminated in the Quarter Finals, by Germany no less, so I don't feel too bad. We watched the match surrounded by all the Frenchies at Belden Place, the tiny Financial District alley which is home to SF's French Quarter.


Germany has an incredible team and, I'll admit - it was cool to witness Thomas Müller's sick moves on the dance floor as he celebrated their ridiculous win over Brazil.

Nice shorts, dude.

Hope y'all had a great time watching all those hotties on the pitch, like I did!

Bring on 2018! Et ALLEZ LES BLEUS!


The Return of the Unipiper + Pedal Powered Talk Show

How much do I LOVE Portland?

It's the only city that can proudly claim bragging rights to both the Unipiper AND the world's only Pedal Powered Talk Show! Not to mention Phil and his rad Metrofiets!

So put them all into one cute and short video that also includes goats! Yes, GOATS!

Can't go wrong with a man in a kilt on a uni. Especially one that blows flames.

You win, Portland!