Bike Wardrobe Remix: KT in Curitiba

KT_Curitiba_Chopper 2
An amazing photo of Vélo Vogue's very own KT!

The fateful night of riding around Curitiba with the fixie gang.

Though they gave me a chopper.

T-shirt - gifted
Ruffled skirt - Loehmann's
Shoes - Keen
Chopper by Jean?

Bike Wardrobe Remix: Georgia

Gracing 7th Street in Shades of Blue
Tights and Tee from h&m
Striped Froggie socks
everything else thrifted
hand knit gloves from sister

going to school on an origin cycles mixte

Venice Beach Vogue

I will be making my semi-annual trip to LA in March, and as a preview, I offer you these fine gems from my last visit.

My old roommate Banne and his gorgeous wife Annette.

Little surfer girl. (Could there be an image that better typifies Venice Beach?)

Cruising with the tunes.

Picture perfect! Sunny day at the beach, palm trees, pretty girls cruising and shirtless men rolling along.

LA can be kinda cool.


NOPA VELO ride on Sunday, February 28

NOPA VELO, the North Panhandle's much buzzed-about bicycling group for neighbors and friends, is geared up and ready for its second ride. Newcomers are definitely welcome.

On Sunday, February 28th NOPA VELO cyclists will meet at the Matching Half Cafe to get charged up and primed for the dastardly "Death-by-Duel" dash down the coast.

On the last day of February, VELO vibs spin their wheels in memory of the last days of David C. Broderick, the U.S. Senator from California who was shot and killed in a duel by a California Supreme Court Justice in 1859. Both Broderick and David S.Terry were Democrats, but they disagreed on abolition. Broderick was an anti-slavery advocate, and his one-time best friend Terry wanted to bring slavery into California. In the heat of arguments, they defamed each other's good name and then agreed to a duel near the shore of Lake Merced. Broderick's pistol fired prematurely, and Terry didn't wait for a second round. He shot and mortally wounded Broderick, who died three days later in a house at Fort Mason. The current resident reports that the house is haunted by the man who gave his name to a NOPA street.

After contemplating politicians who couldn't talk things through, NOPA VELO riders return by 12:30 pm for drinks and lunch at one of the North Panhandle's new restaurants, Bistro Gambrinus on Fulton near Masonic.

Heavy rain cancels; otherwise the ride is on.

Sunday, Feb. 28th
9:30 am Meet and Mingle @ Matching Half Cafe, 1799 McAllister at Baker
10:00 am Kick off for the ride
12:30 pm Drinks and lunch at Bistro Gambrinus, 1813 Fulton near Masonic


some b. spoken evening

Oh, a while back (but not too far back), B. Spoke Tailor threw a fab knicker fitting/holiday party at Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divisadero to try on some of Nan's sweet designs. I quite like this red plaid women's suit...

... and these tartan gloves!
plaid short gloves2

I persuaded Carlos to try on some of Nan's cool threads. So he went all out for the reflective suit.

Now don't we make a cute couple?

And how do those knickers fit anyway? Well, you can ask David.

Navy blue with red pinstripes. So stylin'. And his gray armwarmers are made from repurposed second hand cashmere sweaters.

What a fun night - getting together with cycle chic-istas for some holiday cheer.
Nan, Gwen, KT & Meli.

Whatever fashion fits your fancy--plaid, tweed, psychedelic or mod--always choose style over speed.


ghost bike - long live marcia

I was told that in São Paolo, 85 cyclists are killed in hit and run accidents with cars each year.

marcia vive
And that's only what's reported. The actual numbers of deaths and injuries to cyclists caused by motorists are far greater. There is little to no accountability for these deaths.

ghost bike avenida paulista 2
As in most cities in Brazil, in SP, cars don't stop for red lights for fear of being carjacked. So obviously a person riding a bike is considered crazy, risking his or her life out there on the road. A bike (and logically the person on the bike) is in the way of car traffic. If there's no space for bikes, then there's no space for bike lanes. Where would a bike fit into this picture above?

stenciled bike lane
Despite the opposition, Paulista cyclists bravely and tenaciously paint their own bike lanes onto roads in their city. This "bike lane" was stenciled onto Avenida Paulista right in front of Marcia's monument.

respeite 1
A bike lane serving as a reminder to respect the living. A ghost bike serving as a reminder to respect the dead.


riding the cat tails

Photo and words by Carlos Alkmin

Vi este numa ladeira de Curitiba - Paraná, em 2009.
É ou não é uma figura? Reparem no gato do bagageiro.


I saw this guy on a hillside in Curitiba - Parana State, in 2009.

Isn't he a curious type? Check out the cat over the luggage rack.


critical mass revisited pt. 2

One thing I love about San Francisco is the diversity. We get all types. And we let them be who they want to be, and we love them all the more for it.

Another thing I love about my city is that we like to have fun. A political demonstration becomes a party.

And what's a party without some music? Here's Paul, from Rock the Bike keeping us moving in the Mass.

And since we're moving, that means car traffic must stop. (Practice patience and enjoy the parade!)


In fact next time, grab a bike and join in the fun. You'll be happy you did!


critical mass revisited pt. 1

So let's revisit Justin Herman Plaza for a moment.


Usually, the crowd is having so much fun gathering for a Critical Mass that we might forget that we're actually here to make a political statement.


We got looks that stop traffic.


Oh heck, WE ARE TRAFFIC! Mandolin, sequins and all!


Another wonderful, typical day in our beloved SF!


Praça do Ciclista

Wouldn't it be a kick if Justin Herman Plaza, the birthplace of Critical Mass, was officially renamed Cyclist Plaza by the city of San Francisco?

Praça do Ciclista 6
Such is the case in São Paulo. Because of the growing popularity among Paulistas of the Bicicletada, their city did just that. Praça do Ciclista is where SP cyclists congregate for political demonstrations and organized rides.

São Paulo is a city that feels blocked.
our city is tired

Support the Bicicletada!
support the bicicletada

It's a city where citizens plead for more love, less cars...
more love less cars 2

and for revolution.
Praça do Ciclista 4

It could be a place where biking puts a smile on your face, instead of where drivers are sourly stuck in gridlock.
Praça do Ciclista 1

Replace each car with one bike.
Each motorist with one cyclist.
Praça do Ciclista 10

Now, here's a beautiful vision for a livable city. I was informed that SF muralist Mona Caron came here. Maybe she painted one of these bikes.
Praça do Ciclista 8

Leave tire-prints wherever your bike takes you. Cast long visible shadows, and may they permanently leave a mark. And may all our cities acknowledge the movement that's taking over our planet.
white shadow


ode to vancouver

With the Winter Olympics in full swing in one of my favorite cities in the world, I find myself a bit nostalgic. So I went back into the archives to find a few more shots of our cool neighbors to the North. Here are the gold medal winners I found:

Hipster girl with hat cruising Commercial Drive on a BMX.

Locking her loved one to a sign post. Great pink helmet!

Taking her bike for a stroll on the sidewalk.

And this bike should win a medal for its vibrant custom color combination!

Vancouver is a cycle chic gold medal winner!