Last Day to Enter Bike To Bar Photo Contest!

It's the last day of our Chrome Bike To Bar contest and we are still accepting submissions. If you need a little reminder on the rules, here ya go!

Join the Bike to Bar Photo Pool!

Prizes include Chrome Windbreaker, Hip Pouch and Wool Socks.

Enter to win the Chrome package by submitting a photo of you, your bike and the bar. Here's the rules:

1) Upload a head-to-toe photo of yourself with your bike in front of a drinking establishment to our Bike to Bar Photo Pool between June 1 and June 30, 2010.
2) Tag your photo "Vélo Vogue Photo Contest" and "Chrome."
3) Write a description of your outfit, your bike, and where you & your bike were going for a libation.
4) Multiple entries may be submitted.

Goodbye David James - Hello Schweinsteiger!

It's the historic England v. Germany knockout match. Will David James accept KT's invitation to spend some downtime riding bikes in SF? Some German fans show us how to celebrate like a German.


Creating a Bike Friendly City - Current TV visits Copenhagen

Mikael guides us through the world's most livable city's sophisticated bike infrastructure. Copenhagen sets the standard in style!

Wow! I have been impressed with SF's latest bike-friendly changes, but do we ever have a long way to go.

This video just proves that our cities can be as amazing and livable as we let ourselves dream them to be.

Footie Fans Turn Out at Critical Mass

KT finally finds her parade of footie fans at Critical Mass, vuvuzelas in tow!

Too bad about the USA loss on Saturday, but we are proud of our boys' run in the Cup. Comin' back in style in 2014!




Meet Sarah! One of the many wonderful volunteers at Oaklavía, the first closed to car traffic event in Oakland, CA (the next event is rumored to be in Fruitvale, which should be off the hook). Sarah is a fan of the blog and came over to say hello (which is always cool). She didn't have her bike with her so I gave her mine to have her picture taken with.

Blue Floral

Oakland represents the Bay Area cycle chic vibe oh so well!


With music, street food and beautiful people all over, I suspect the Oaklavía will grow into an event as big as Sunday Streets in no time!

sparkly shoes [there's no place like...]

Coming back to you with some regular programming today!
Silver Shoes
Shoes sparkle and shine in the Mission.

Silver Shoed gal
What else should a gal wear on her feet on a Friday night?

there's no place like...
Sparkly shoes add magic to your wardrobe.
A bike adds magic to your life.


Biked to Bar Photo Contest

The 'Bike to Bar' Photo Contest at Vélo Vogue is open through June 30.   Be part of the fun and win  a fabulous, functional Chrome gift package.  Here's a few of the entries we've received so far:

Adrienne Johnson at Four Barrel
Bike To 4B
Entry #2 in "Bike to Bar". Last time was tea, this time a little Four Barrel espresso.
Hat- some shop in Point Reyes (except the flower which I made at a street fair)
Shirt- H&M
Jeans- Levi's
Shoes- Converse All Stars, baby.
Bike- The Bat
Miles- a whole lot more than someone toting around a 5 year old should have to ride : )

Taylor at Black Sheep
5809 taylor dyptic5
I ride an IRO mark v pro and on this gorgeous spring day i was riding too one of my favorite eating and drinking establishments known as Black sheep Coal fired pizza in the warehouse district of Minneapolis MN
Top- My fathers vintage "lincoln highschool spring jacket", Comune Gareth button up
Bottom- H & M jeans
Shoes- Converse skipper shoes

Lorena Cupcake at the Violet Hour
Sailor Girl
The Violet Hour is known for meticulously crafted cocktails; 11 kinds of ice, house made bitters.
OUTFIT: Hello Kitty shirt, thrifted vintage Le Coq Sportif tennis skirt
ACCESSORIES: drugstore nylon stockings, H&M knockoff DMs, sailor hat from Belmont Army
MIX MASTER BIKE: My little singlespeed mixte is made by Specialized's Globe line.
Photo Credit: Whateverland.com

Meligrosa Bikes to Work to Bar
Ride. Work. Play. Play. Ride
What do you wear to ride, work and go out. Well, one fits all.
hat. dress. scarf. tights/ uknown
sweater/ ralph lauren
boots/ celia marco
accessories all from around SF
mismatching earrings included

The Funny Cyclist at The National Film Theater Bar, London
Critmass June 07 (1)
Taking Zebra Bike out for a run Critical Mass June 2007.
Me on the Southbank outside the National Film Theatre Bar
The top is Nigerian bought in Dalston, London. The Zebra bike came about because I bought a Zebra saddle cheap on Ebay and the bike frame which I found in a skip needed painting. Then came the head why not? The head has a funny effect on some people who have to come and stroke it. The hat also from E-bay wasn't cheap but I have worn it that much that it was worth it.

Submit your photo to our flickr group or email us to enter!


Bike to the Cup!

You've seen our parades down Market Street, now it's time to show your bici-footie fever!

An American bike supports the American team!

After the US lost to Ghana (good game though, Go Ghana!), I met another cycling footie fan named Kristen! I told her she needed to join me and the other K on our morning footie rides! K squared could become K cubed!

Join our Bike to the Cup pool on Flickr!



The purpose of this video is to inspire you to get on your bike and go support your team Saturday morning/afternoon!

The Kristen/ins show their team and their World Cup 2010 boyfriends they love them by braving the cold and fog at 7 am, AND being the only two fans in their parade down Market Street to support the USA's BIG WIN against Algeria.

World Cup drama really doesn't get any better than this. Go homeboys!


USA ALL THE WAY!, originally uploaded by Kristin Tieche.

Get ready for Saturday morning when the little team that could shows up BIG TIME!

Bike Wardrobe Remix: Bike Beauties

Here's another Bike Wardrobe Remix fashion round up.   Real people looking real good on their bikes. Contribute your photo here, and don't forget about the Bike to Bar photo contest, entries accepted through June 30th, 2010.    We'll be posting a B2B preview later today!

Julie Mack
growing in numbers.
jacket: uo, giftmas, remix'd
dress: modcloth, giftmas, remix'd—one of my favorite items.
camisole: target, remix'd
leggings: aa, remix'd
sandals: aldo, remix'd
headband: aa
bike: electra amsterdam

Rare Treasure
vintage dress,
norwegian wood harness,
vintage shoes.
ol' ccm bike given new life!

From n6tlc
Beautiful Brompton Bride
I'll LOVE YOU FOREVER ! Sir Brommie
'Til Death do us Part !
Bridal Shoot
Azusa California
Bromton folding bike[as props and stand in for groom]
Portable Building with Red Wall
Beautiful Bride to Be

Bike by the Sea
Christa by the sea
scarf: thrift
tunic: lovebird
leggings: white house black market
sweater: gift

Suit- Vintage Pierre Cardin
Shirt- Western
Shoes- Shelltops
Pin- Russian Fish in Babushka scarf
Bike- Ira Ryan, handbuilt in Portland- a gift! from his girlfriend.
going to work in San Francisco


bike date with le rouge et noir + bike party!

Not ready for prime time self timed shot
A couple weeks ago, I attended the most incredible performance by the Lyonnaise acrobatic dance troupe A.K.Y.S. at the San Francisco International Arts Festival at Fort Mason. I was so inspired by the performance - a combination of acrobatics, dance and circus arts on the theme of alienation in the workplace - that I had to see it a second time the very next day. I dressed up and le Rouge et Noir took me out on a date. When I got to Fort Mason, the light and scenery were so beautiful that I had to set up a self-timed shot, that I wasn't ready for, but love nonetheless. I'm quite fond of my asymetrical striped tube-top dress that I found at the Goodwill.

Le Rouge et Noir est Golden
After the show, my bike and I caught the sun setting over the Golden Gate Bridge. L'amour à vélo.

Flashdance Replacement Ride
We were actually on our way to meet Deep's FlashDance, which turned out to be canceled, so we ended up doing a fun group ride instead. I got to meet some very nice bikey folks for the first time, like Jeremy, Kimberly and Sacha!



Fashion was meant for the Bicycle.

Flowing to the music of Emiliana Torrini, "Birds."

US attack on England - the Kristen/ins ride to glory (well, a draw)

The Kristin/ens rode the Giants Ballpark last weekend on a gorgeous summer day to check out USA kicking some World Cup bootie!

I was wearing the wrong team's colors (I liked the outfit), but rooting for our homeboys nonetheless. Kristen and I chatted with a few fans, and one of them even mooned us.

USA fans are a bit too tame, but I bet you after TODAY's match the American footie fever is gonna rise!

Go Team USA!


Guest Blogger: Libby McInerny Profiles Christine Louise Berry - Car-free in LA

Car-free in Los Angeles since May 2008

Name: Christine Louise Berry

Occupation: Film Editor & Founding Artistic Director of Smart Gals Productions, a non-profit dedicated to building community in Los Angeles through art and literary events

Fresno, CA

Current city/Neighborhood: Silverlake-adjacent – technically “Virgil Village” – in Los Angeles

Favorite city to ride a bike in the world:
I spent a summer doing a dance workshop on a farm in Hakshu with Min Tanaka, a famous Japanese Butoh dancer. People flew in from all over the world, and the only way to get around the farmland was by walking or biking. It was definitely the most free I’ve felt on a bike – small city, very little traffic, clean air and so many fellow two-wheelers. It’s also the only time I’ve ever fallen off a bike – but there were extenuating circumstances involving a monkey.

Helmet or no helmet: Combo. I think it’s important to wear a helmet – you only get one brain. I traded up for a more “stylish” helmet, but it’s still dorky... it has ear muffs. I will confess though that on a beautiful, sunny day, when I’m not going very far, it’s really hard to put it on.

Type of Bike:
Batavus Breukelen

Describe what you like best about your bike: With faster bikes, I had to think about what I wore. I nearly killed myself when a vintage sweater I had wrapped around my waist slipped off and threaded through the brakes, and boot-cut jeans would get caught in the gear wheel. It really felt dangerous. When I gave up my car, I knew I wanted a bike that would go with everything. So I chose a bike that replaces a car: it’s sturdy, visible, beautiful. The line of it is sweeping. It’s got this long stride. And the way the top bar slopes down -- it’s so f-ing elegant. It has a skirt guard and a hub-generated light that never needs batteries – everything is made to last. Ultimately, it’s just springy, really fun, and I never have to think twice about riding.

Describe your urban cycling experience:
I think since childhood I have seen a bike as a way towards independence. It’s the first thing you can do when you’re a kid by yourself to get distance. I don’t like to go fast, and I don’t go too far, so by default biking keeps me local, integrated into my own neighborhood. By the nature of the way I ride I do all the things you’re supposed to do to be sustainable and have a tiny footprint: shop locally; be a part of your neighborhood; experience life in your community. When you have to walk or ride, it forces you into a different pace that I think people pay a lot of money for therapy and spa vacations, asking “How do I slow down?” Give up your car, and you automatically take in the sights, meet your neighbors. Riding my bike makes Los Angeles a small town.

Favorite time and/or place to ride: After a big street festival ends, when the roads are still closed. For example, Gay Pride in West Hollywood. One time it had just ended, and I was going somewhere on my bike. No cars could go through the blockade, but I could. It was like having a free pass -- a mix of transgressing and a playtime.

Tell us a funny story about something that happened to you on your bike:
So much of it is the day in, day out because as soon as you get out of your car in LA, you have a different experience of the city. It makes me feel young all the time – and free. Once though, I was coming home on one of my Schwinns, and this kid – he couldn’t have been more than about 18 – sidles up below me on his bmx-style bike. He gives me a wassup nod, smiles and all smooth-like he says: “So, you’re ridin’ your bike.” That’s got to be the best opener I’ve ever heard -- and he escorted me home! It’s great to be hit on by someone 1/2 your age. That alone should motivate more single women to pedal out.

Describe your personal style: I’ve always had an attraction to vintage, and I’ve been around long enough to remember when vintage used to be cheap. I was wearing slips as dresses long before they started making dresses that looked like slips. I guess that vintage love affair leads me to sort of a classic style – one that my family has unfortunately often described as the “homeless look.” I get a lot of mixed messages. Since giving up my car, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pair of not-scary, non-orthopedic-looking shoes that can be worn all day. My first choice is always just to find cool things designed by locals at one of my neighborhood shops.

Favorite bike advocacy groups:
I’m a member of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and a sometime-volunteer. In fact, I first discovered the Batavus Breukelen volunteering as a bike valet -- it was love at first site. I also recently joined the Adventure Cycling Association after a disastrous bike trip using nefarious Google bike directions. I try to do my part writing about car-free culture on a little blog that no one reads called SoCal Soft Pedal – the message is, well, soft, not a hard sell.

Vélo Vogue tip of the day:
Moisturize your face before you go out on your bike, to keep the pollution out. Also, invest in racks, so you don’t have to carry stuff on your back. That hunched look ruins the elegant cycling line, and it’s bad for your spine.


KT's Spirited Ride to the Gallows

My fever has made me slightly delirious. I only wish I had meant this as a satirical piece.

Join KT on her ride to The Gallows for the infamous June 17 France v. Mexico match.

Song inspired by Sortez-Vous Les Doigts du Cul/Internet pour les Bleus.

My team's World Cup 2010 story just keeps getting juicier and juicier. Even though I'd prefer to watch les Bleus stick them into the back of the net, this drama is even more intriguing than le head-butt.

My one question, if France refuses to play, is it going to be Bafana Bafana v. Bafana Bafana on Tuesday?

debunking some myths

Myth #1 debunked: Blondes are not dumb.

rouge et noir cruiser!

Myth #2 debunked: Cycling is not dangerous.

panhandle vogue

Myth #3 debunked: You do not have to wear special riding gear to ride a bike.

Ride on, chicas!


Enthusiasm Is Beautiful!

I take a lot of pictures of people on bicycles. Lots of them. I get all kinds of reactions. There has yet to be a time anyone has really protested, but there is definitely a technique to it. The big trick is to keep people talking and never put the camera down. It also helps, if while I am shooting someone, they actually know what it is I am shooting for. When I asked these ladies if they had heard of a blog called Vélo Vogue they went from hesitant to enthusiastic instantly!

I Love Your Blog!

I find if I tell people right off the bat they start to pose. If I leave them dangling for just a moment, I get this kind of fantastic picture. What a couple of cuties! Can't get that driving a Prius.

So if you see me out there with my big, fat camera pointed at you, remember that I am taking a picture of you because you look like a fabulous SF bicyclist (unless you are dancing naked with an Elmo doll, in which case I am shooting pictures of you because there is no choice)!


bike wardrobe remix: really rad remix

Here's what real people are wearing to get places and they're all getting places by bicycle.  Submit your bike wardrobe remix to our flickr group and see yourself in Vélo Vogue.

 From Academichic
19 May 2010 - Introducing
Necklace: Honolulu swap meet
Tank: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Skirt: self-made
Patent sandals: Old Navy
Helmet: Nutcase

Eva shows how to bike like a lady
Navy & White
Wearing a pair of (vintage) bloomers under my skirt helps keep things classy and modest while riding

Emily Twenty
cardigan: target
dress: target
belt: thrifted
mary-jane flats: payless
bike: Raleigh Grand Sport

Mai Le (who runs a Banh Mi business, by bike!!!)
as paired down as i get
wrangler denim jacket, vintage circa early 80s - $15 (I've had this for 10 years)
clark's original wallabee - $94
uniqlo (bought in tokyo) terry gray sweat dress - $39
centurion 10-speed bike, bought on ebay - $115
i blog at http://www.fashioni.st

makes cool diptychs for bike wardrobe remix


Hi-Viz Education Chic

I can say with certainty that I hate Hi-Viz vests. Unless they can look like this.

Bike Ed Is A Rainbow

You would take a SFBC Bike Ed class if you could get results like this, wouldn't you?

Vive la France! ¡Que Viva Mexico! Long Live Ireland!

MissionMission reader Andy B. has been ready all morning to watch to much-anticipated match between Mexico and France:

It was pretty damn hilarious biking down Mission Street this morning, documenting my friend’s rather bold display of patriotisme prior to the Mexico/France World Cup match. We saw lots of smiles and heard lots of honks and shouts of ¡Viva Mexico!

Meli sent me this blogpost from MissionMission just now and it kind of reminds me of the madness that I was up to today (though I didn't parade through the Mission or Sunset Districts, just in the FiDi). I also didn't watch the game at a French bar, and found myself surrounded by Mexico fans. Je ne vois pas de problème! I think we can all just get along, non?

Look - France is sucking couilles during this Cup, but there's nothing wrong with supporting your team. It's a sport, and I know a lot of people have been killed because of it, wars have broken out and a lot of nationalistic/racist attitudes are displayed, but this brave soul's love for his team, as he rides peacefully, almost humorously down Mission Street wearing his team's colors, does not seem offensive or asking for trouble to me.

He's riding his BIKE (ouais!), waving the tricolor flag with smile on his face, and excited for his team. C'est tout!

So lighten up folks, pop open a cervezita and enjoy the Beautiful Game.

¡Viva España + SF + Africa!

My Spain outfit was much more Friday night than my France outfit.
Viva Espana Panda

See what I'm talkin about?
KT at Secession SF

I met Ms. Wheelright at a gallery party at Secession SF - fashion + dj's + urban art = cool. I love my city!
Secession SF

This shorty was the coolest chick there.
Cool artsy girl

Ms. Wheelright and I hightailed it over to Coffee Bar to make our reservations for dinner at the nomadic restaurant Radio Africa & Kitchen [yum].

Ramona says, "This is how we do it!" to all y'all who have NOT submitted your bike to bar pics yet! ;-)
Ramona Wheelright at Coffee Bar

My pal dj Goyo was spinning some rare Afro beats and was dressed to the nines on the first day of World Cup.
kt & goyo in World Cup colors!
Summer 2010 is off to a great start!

And for your viewing pleasure:


VV Profile: Jon Snydal

jon snydal 3

Jon Snydal

Occupation: Principal Designer, Frog Design
jon's bike 4

San Jose

Current city/Neighborhood:
Oakland/Maxwell Park

Favorite city to ride a bike in in the world:

Helmet or no helmet:
jon snydal 1
Describe your personal style: thrifted up, with lots of belt buckles and colorful shirts.

Type of bike:
Atlas Goldline single speed
jon's bike 5

Tell us the story about how you found/acquired your bike:
I was working in India and was tired of riding around in taxis all the time. So I got a bike and started riding it to work. I kept seeing other dudes riding around with cool, tricked out roadsters, so I made a game out of tracking down accessories like the front shocks and bull hood ornament.
jon's bike 6
I found that biking around Bangalore instantly broke down all sorts of cultural barriers and opened up all kinds of conversations with locals. After tricking out my bike, I couldn’t leave it in India, so I brought it back on the plane with me.
jon's bike 8

Describe what you like best about your bike:
I love that the design of this bike seems “old school” but it is that way for practical reasons, not for style. It’s built from affordable materials (not carbon fiber!) that are extremely heavy duty and easy to fix, thanks to its simple mechanical design. All you need is a few wrenches, a standard screwdriver and a hammer and you can take care of just about any problem. My favorite parts are the cantilevered brakes, motorcycle kickstand and glowing bull hood ornament.
jon's bike 1
jon's bike 7

jon's bike 2
Tell us about your daily bike commute from Oakland to SF:
I ride to the bus stop near MacArthur Blvd in Oakland and jump on the NX3, loading my bike on the front. I get off at the Transbay Terminal and head down Embarcadero along the waterfront to my studio near the Ball Park.

Favorite time and/or place to ride:
Family biking - Calistoga to St. Helena on the backroads or Point Isabel bike trail in Richmond
Mountain biking - Miwok trail & China Camp (Marin), Chabot Park (Oakland)

What's the connection between bikes and design and daily life?
The design problem connected to daily life and bikes has less to do with bikes and more to do with the design of cities. Cities still do not embrace bikes as well as they should. There are some positive developments like bike lanes, dedicated bike paths and buses with bike racks. What about BART? Why isn’t there a BART wagon just for bikes like they have on Cal Train? Why doesn’t Oakland create some bike friendly pathways from the neighborhoods to the waterfront? Why is it that our bazillion dollar Bay Bridge redesign does not include a bike lane from Oakland to SF? Improving the design of transportation systems and infrastructure will have the biggest impact on our daily, bike-commuting lives.

Vélo Vogue tip of the day: Always bring a spare tube and know how to fix your own flat!
jon's bike 3