Milan's Bicycles on Sonia's Travels

I didn't go to Paris to ride a bike, but Sonia went to Milan to do just that.

Ciao, Bella!


Q: Où est Kristin?

A: Paris.


I'll be in France for two weeks. I need to attend to some family affairs.

I most likely will not be posting regularly as I'll be traveling deep into Provence and far away from it all.


Hopefully Adrienne and Ramona might kick in with a few posts while I'm off for a fortnight. If not, don't worry. As California's former Governator once said, I'll be back.

Bises et A+!


Don’t discuss bloomers with every man you know.

The way women ride bikes has changed quite a bit over the past century - who rides, where we ride, what we wear when we ride, and so on. So this list of bicycle etiquette - The Don'ts from 1895 makes me kinda smirk.

With tips such as "Don’t cultivate a bicycle face," and "Don’t criticize people’s legs,” I am not quite sure what a female cyclist would have made of this list of Don'ts even back in the day.

Other choice tips:

Don’t faint on the road.

Don’t try to ride in your brother’s clothes “to see how it feels.”

Don’t let your golden hair be hanging down your back. (wonder what Cycle Chic makes of that tip)

Thanks to brain pickings for sharing!

And by all means, Don’t imagine everybody is looking at you.


henna and hair and bikes and friends

I got this henna tattoo on New Year's Eve...
henna tattoo study 1

and I couldn't wait to show it off!
kt bike henna tattoo 2

So I paraded it from Venice to Santa Monica to get my hair done before my friend's wedding.
kt bike henna tattoo

It was a beautiful sunny day that cast strong shadows.
kt shadow panda
I adorned my other hand with jewels, so it wouldn't feel jealous.

I made some new friends in the bike lane on the way back to my hotel.
kt biking santa monica 4

He offered to take my pic!
kt biking santa monica
(how does my hair look?)

Peace be unto you, brother, and a happy 2012!


i just can't get enough of hot dudes on bikes

This guy on a bike (and the cake he gave to his girlfriend) looks yummy.

Some nice work from Dominic Latham-Koenig of London.


Mona Caron - visionary cyclist

Mona Caron is a renowned artist, muralist and cycling advocate from San Francisco.

When I look at this image, I see myself, a native San Franciscan, a cyclist, an advocate, an activist, a dreamer. Liberated. Connected. Creative. In touch with life and her surroundings. I believe this image will carry similar meaning to many women (and men) just like me. Which is why I'm sharing it with you.

Dream on and ride on, friends! If we can imagine a better biking future, then together we can make that dream a reality. Starting today.

(In case you still need to buy that special bikey someone a holiday gift, you can purchase a print of this poster on the SOMA Fabrications website.)


This is how SF does it.

Oh hai - if you missed the 2011 SF Bike Expo Fashion Show (what?!), here it is in all its awesomeness. Featuring many friends of Vélo Vogue and Pedal Savvy. Brilliant editing by Meg Valliant (kinda wish I was that cool).



I resolve to ride on!

I spent this New Year's in Venice Beach.
kt bike venice

It was not the sunny SoCal weather that we dreamed of, but my friend Marisol and I enjoyed cruising the beach scene nonetheless.
marisol bike venice 2

We stayed at the Bayside Hotel, which has a fleet of bike rentals for a very reasonable day rate.
kt bike venice 2

And even so, it is not hard to find any type of bike to fit your fancy in these parts...
family bike 2

or to fit your family!
family bike 1

Enjoy the ride that is 2012! (more to come from Lalaland...)