The Spinster World Premiere at Filmed By Bike in Portland

The Spinster official poster designed by Jessica Meek.

I'm off to Portlandia tomorrow morning to attend Filmed By Bike film festival. My indie short horror film on bikes, The Spinster, will have its World Premiere in the City That Knows How to Bike. I couldn't have asked for a better premiere.

When: World Premiere, Sunday 4/20 @ 5 pm

Where: Clinton Street Theater

Second screening on 4/22 at 8 pm

If you're in P-town, grab some tickets and come root for The Spinster, and stick around for a Q&A avec moi, yours truly, Ms. Director. And come meet cast and crew, Gabriela Sosa (lead actress) and judy b. (co-producer and supporting actress).

P-Town or BUST! It's red carpet time!


woman | biking | photo

It's a great day to be a woman on a bike taking photos.

I had to drop some equipment off at Rayko and inside the ladies' room, I was treated to a surprise photo on the wall.

When I got outside, someone else had treated me to a surprise.

Ride on.


real women drink beer

I had the pleasure to meet with Mia and Molly of Momentum Mag on a gorgeous spring afternoon in San Francisco.

Instead of a power-lunch, we had power-beers at my favorite neighborhood haunt, Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery. [Update: Mia had the Gruit, Molly had the IPA and I had the Ruby Mild.]

Conversation meandered through pressing topics of our time, such as women in leadership roles, unifying bike sub-cultures, post-capitalist society and cute boys with beards from Portland.

Twas a meeting of great bikey minds over some yummy locally-produced bevvies in the heart of one of San Francisco's great, historic neighborhoods. Onward and upward with smart women on bikes!


las cinderellas

So I did my first century yesterday.

(photo by unknown person with the calitexican's camera)

Been there. Done that.

Best part of the day? Post bath nap with Cloud.

Now back to regular programming.


A Spin in Marin

Getting ready for my first century on Saturday. So I took Seabiscuit out for a spin in Marin!

The Spinster spoke card looks pretty sweet against the green grass of springtime!

I used to ride this loop for fun and inspiration every day when I lived out in West Marin, before the world had even heard of Cycle Chic.

I miss these pastoral views and the feeling of connecting with nature.

I will be back very soon. I promise.


first shoot for new project Vélo Visionaries with Chris Carlsson

On Friday, I had the honor of interviewing and filming with Chris Carlsson for a new web series I'm producing called Vélo Visionaries.

Many of you know that Chris has always been at the forefront of the urban bicycle movement. Some of you might have read one of his books.

Or maybe you've listened to his Ted Talk. Or attended one of his historical bike tours around San Francisco.

In a month or so, when I've edited the footage, my hope is that you'll be able to see the world through the eyes of one of the great visionaries of our time.

All photos by judy b.


the long shadows of daylight savings

this means I can go out for a bike ride at 7 pm and still catch the sunset.

so I did.


SF from the ground up

If you live your life on top of the world,

you might overlook the grassroots.

Get to know your surroundings and have a fantastic weekend.


SF Bike Style

SF is nothing if not for its wonderfully diverse community, and this feature entitled My Bike, My Style on SFGate is a true representation of this diversity.

Photo by Russell Yip

Have a look for some familiar faces (yours truly, BikePretty and LadyFleur included, but please excuse their typos - not mine!) You'll also see a close up of Meli Burgueño's Spinster spoke card!

If you're in the Bay Area, make sure to pick up the Sunday Chron and see an edited version of this same spread.


Two shots I took in Manhattan last year when I was in a taxi

And that's all I'm gonna say about it.



Draw your own conclusions. Add your own commentaries.


Protected Intersections - an animated video demo

In the words of Lauryn Hill, "It could all be so simple, but you'd rather make it hard." This fantastic animation by Nick Falbo shows how some simple bike infrastructure could demystify how we could all pass through intersections in harmony, bicycles, automobiles and pedestrians alike, each with their own infrastructure.

Protected Intersections For Bicyclists from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.

Biking in urban areas doesn't have to be hard. But we need help from our city governments to give this idea for coexisting a fair chance.


Oppressed Majority - Everyday Sexism

I have a lot of friends who feel threatened and annoyed by catcalls from random men in the street while riding their bikes.

This film from France should resonate with all women, whether cyclist or pedestrian, or just in life, period.

There is a criticism of the Cycle Chic movement that when men photograph beautiful women on their bicycles and post these photos online, it is the cyber-equivalent of ogling and catcalling. As a woman who photographs and blogs about bicycle street fashion, I do it because I respect the men and women who feel confident in themselves enough to wear whatever they want when they are on their bicycles transporting themselves to their destinations. I also believe that most of the bloggers I've met and communicated with share this same respect for fashionable cyclists, both men and women. However, as a someone who frequents Flickr, I often see photos from the same people who contribute to Vélo Vogue's Flickr pool post photos of women wearing skirts on their bicycles. The photo is composed in a way that the viewers eyes are drawn to the women's sexuality, their heads are framed out of the photo, and therefore their identity is reduced to the mere fact that these women have a vagina.

At 2:48, the man in this film is subjected to the same type of everyday catcalling and objectification that we women have dealt with our entire lives, and are asked to grin and bear it, are asked to appreciate the fact that a man finds us attractive. And at 3:56, he experiences the type of humiliation and abuse that most women have endured at least once in our lives.

The sad part about this film in relation to the bicycle community is that the bicycle industry is largely at fault for not only objectifying women, but also ostracizing us. This is why rides like Clitoral Mass and groups like the Ovarian Psycos are so important.



Bike bloggers of the world unite and stand with us.


Vogue Around the Globe: Year of the Horse

Since I named my bike after a famous horse, I give you a world of horses!

photo by Rolling Spoke

photo by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin

photo by Bart Omeu

photo by Velocipedinarian

photo by Cameron Adams

photo by Claudio Olivares Medina

photo by a.pic.a.day

I vow to make a blogging comeback in 2014.

Thanks to all of you who have been following Vélo Vogue's activity on Twitter and Facebook.

Ride on!


Ride on, my sweet little friend!

In early May of 2011, this little friend came into my life.

I named him Rookie, and he became one of my best friends.

He came with me to work and to play.

We hung out on the sofa at home and watched movies together. zzzzzzzzzz

He gave me unconditional love and affection. And in return I loved him back.

As Rookie's companion and guardian, I tried to give him a safe home, and a healthy, happy life with lots of loving friends.

On December 27, 2013, Rookie made his journey over what is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Bridge.

The night after he passed on, I woke up with the lyrics to this song, Warm Love by Van Morrison running through my head. It felt like Rookie was singing these words to me to remind me that love is everywhere, surrounding us all the time. We just have to take the time to see it, hear it, feel it, TRUST IT, and give love back. Once you open yourself to love, you will find it everywhere, unconditionally.

I miss Rookie so much, my little baby doggie. See you in the afterlife, my dear, warm, sweet, cuddly friend.


Cycle Chic Films at Huckleberry Bicycles on December 21st

SF Film Screening Poster 8.5x11

Earlier this year, Vancouver Cycle Chic produced a series of short films to highlight the diversity, creativity, and humanity of two-wheeled transportation, and inspire others to consider giving it a try. Producer Chris Bruntlett is in town for an exclusive screening and party at Huckleberry Bicycles, and to talk briefly about how and why they were made. Please join us for a drink, a bite, and a chat.

Saturday, December 21st. Doors are at 5pm. Films start at 6pm.

Huckleberry Bicycles is located at 1073 Market Street, San Francisco

RSVP on Facebook!

See you there!