rouge et noir et blanc

I wonder what's in that overstuffed messenger bag.

How about those shiny red flats! Another stylish cyclist coordinating her look with her ride!


panhandle plaid


Gentlemen prefer plaid!


As a side note, I will be on vacation for 10 days. (Yay!) Your comments are anticipated, but might be slow in posting and responding. Back in biz on September 8th.


go to mass

Today is a great day to go to Mass!

I snapped this pic a couple months ago. These cyclists and I, after riding en masse for a few blocks on Market, tried to divert the crowd and ride down Mission Street, only to find that the rest of the group had the exact same idea! The moral of the story? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!


Car Free Space

I am convinced that car free space makes people look better. Why don't we open up some more of it and test my theory?

[Libby McInerny]: Winery-hopping in Morro Bay

On a typical foggy day in Morro Bay, California, wine country style is low-key and comfortable...

...with an eye towards essentials.


Bicycle Chic On A Budget

An outfit and a bike to go back to school- $41.95! Happy, and bikey, back to school!


panhandle pretty

A classic bicycle fashion look: comfy, flowing dress with leggings and flats!



meli's style

I got it! The perfect coffee table book: A photographic essay on Meli's tights!

red boots at red light

Caution. This bicycle makes frequent coffee shop stops.
primary color panda
All photos are self-portraits by Meli from the Flickr photo pool.


hanging in the handle with Bikeman Ben

When Ben is in the Panhandle, I often stop to hang out with him and see who shows up.(He's kind of like the food cart of bike repair!)

Look! You can pump your tires.

Ben is even kid-friendly.

Just make sure you stop by before continuing on your way!


[Jessica Ingersoll-Cope] Guest Photo: Colorado Cruisers!

Check out these two Colorado cruiser girls riding home from the Fort Collins downtown farmer's market, Alison with a peacock feather tee and green flair skirt and Lauren with a pink animal helmet, pink shorts and pink flip flops!

This light blue and white Raleigh cruiser and kid bike attachment comes complete with a wicker basket to hold delicious summer produce and rainbow handlebar streamers to celebrate all-out cycling fun.

[Face-painting is the new black.]

Photos and commentary by Jessica Ingersoll-Cope.


A Week Of Bike Chic (?)

When I first started lurking around the bike blogs of the world, there was a lot of talk about how hard it is to ride without gear. I see a lot less of this, recently. People are starting to accept that riding a bike is just another part of life. How you choose to dress for it does not have to change.

After posting a shot of myself on my Flickr account, bemoaning the need for wool and cashmere to get around town after flip flopping it in SoCal, I thought it would be fun to share an ongoing personal project of mine.

I am in the midst of a 365 Days project, and for one week this year, I focused on what I wear when I ride. Here it is, plus a couple of days I have thrown on 'cause I liked 'em! Feel free to laugh at some of the choices, just remember the saying- run whatcha brung, or, wear watcha got.

Guest Photo: Summertime in Venice Beach

Apparently princess cut dresses and bikes are all the rage in Venice this summer.!

Photo by: Veronica Wheeler
Caption by: Holly Mosher
Pictured (from right to left): Jenni (blue bike), Jolette (black bike) and Holly


VV Couple: Dave + Trina

His: Dave Feucht
Hers: Patrina Feucht


His: Computer Science
Hers: Customer Service and Crafty girl

His: Portland, OR (suburbs)
Hers: Albany, OR

Favorite cycling towns besides PDX

His: To be honest, never really ridden a bike anywhere else.
Hers: Hangzhou, China: so much fun!

Current PDX neighborhood:
Richmond Neighborhood, SE Portland. Soon to be moving to the Kerns Neighborhood right on the border of SE and NE Portland, just on the North side.

Types of bikes

His: Electra Amsterdam, 1952 Raleigh Sports
Hers: Electra Amsterdam, 1980 Raleigh Royal Roadster

Like best about your bikes

His: Comfortable, look great, and can use them for basically all my trips around town - commuting, shopping, etc.
Hers: cute, comfortable, dependable. I love my bell and basket
(cliche i know) :)

Favorite time and place to ride

His: Anytime of day in the Spring or Autumn, through the quiet neighborhoods of SE and NE Portland or waterfront park downtown.
Hers: ditto

Favorite outfit that your SO wears while cycling
His: There are so many... light colored wood-grain patterned skirt
with leggings, converse and a vintage brown cardigan is up at the top
though :)
Hers: jeans, converse, vintage button up and vest and his wool driving cap

Favorite colors
His: Black, greys, browns, greens, white - generally earthy, natural colors.
Hers: grey, mustard yellow, navy, moss green, dark teal

Best place to bike when out on a date in PDX

His: 21st to 26th and Clinton is a great area, SE 34th from Clinton to
Belmont and Belmont from about 32nd up to 37th. Hope to find more in our new neighborhoods :)
Hers: the quiet neighborhoods in SE Portland on a warm evening or a chilly morning

Describe the best bike date you've ever had together
His: They're usually a lot like our non-bike dates, but I remember a nice ride to 35th and Hawthorne in the autumn to have a nice dinner at Chez Machin, our favorite creperie, and then some delicious dessert and coffee - followed by a casual ride back home in the dark.
Hers: a Saturday morning ride across the river, along the waterfront when all the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and then up to the PSU Farmers Market

What else would you like to add about cycling in style in the city
that really knows how [to cycle]

Riding in Portland in style is relatively easy, for the simple fact that riding in Portland is relatively easy. There's really no reason to need special gear or equipment for riding around town. Be comfortable and enjoy your ride. There are also more and more shops around town offering practical bikes that allow you to easily ride in any kind of clothing, so you can just hop on and go, whenever. It's a beautiful city, and it's really enjoyable to experience by bicycle.

For more info on our bicycle adventures, check out Portlandize!

~~ Trina and Dave
"There's more to life than speeding it up" --Mahatma Gandhi


[Funny Cyclist] European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships

Bike Polo is a sexy sport.
46 EHBPC Day 2 (169)
Stripes [sans stars] in action at the European Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Championships in London August 2009.

47 EHBPC Day 2 (186)
This is a bicycle sport that requires no spandex.

01 EHBPC Day 2 (153) People
Some stylish spectators...

02 EHBPC Day 2 (329) People
and ogling onlookers.

16 EHBPC Day 2 (28) Spectator
But the look in her eye says it all: "How can I get in the game?"

Thanks to Funny Cyclist for sharing this photos on our Flickr photo pool.


VV goes to Portland! [pt. 2]

Dave of Portlandize told me that on average 2,000 cyclists pass by this street corner every day.

Here are two of them, on their way to go play hoop!

Some more downtown shots: a cyclist casually chats on her phone while pushing her pretty rouge et noir bike across the street.

That casual elegance of the Pacific NW gets me every time!

Clever Cycles sells and rents these awesome Dutch bicycles, though I'm told this is an Electra.


San Francisco Comes To Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a very casual place. A cruiser will get you everywhere, apparently, even Tiffany's.

Even the tourists join in with the minimal attire requirement.

The shorter the skirt, the closer to God?

As my skirt has no business being 20 year old short, I decided to bring a little SF to the PCH.

VV goes to Portland! [pt. 1]

Yours truly in my fish dress from Barcelona riding along the Esplanade. [Not as good as these self portraits as Dave and Meli.]

Summer in PDX is actually hot! This cyclist stops in the center of downtown to take an important phone call.

Flip flops are the tell-tale sign of summer.

This pic was the first one that I snapped when I got off the light rail in downtown. Fantastic green cruiser displaying that casual Pacific NW style!

Portland ladies carry a certain casual elegance.


wiggle me this!

Here's an ode to one of the best strips of runway in SF:

Cyclists criss-cross streets
Cars and busses stop for us
Wiggle is the way