Weathering The Storm

Vélo Vogue hopes that all you East Coast cyclists stay safe during Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy

Photo by Navid Baraty

It's unbelievable that some politicians think the issue of climate change is a joke, while the media denies its existence and the powers that be continue to make the wrong choices for the environment and us. It is still up to us as individuals to make that choice to turn the tide.


Together We're Giant! Together We're Champs!


The San Francisco Giants sweep the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series in 2012. Can't wait for the Homecoming Parade on Wednesday! It's going to be an orange and black Halloween!


Go Giants! All The Way!

The team that won't quit cuz the fans don't quit either!

My bikey pals park my bike - Thanks!

SF Giants and Bike Valet Parking All The Way in 2012!

I hope this Giants fairy brings us more good luck!


Some more awesome fans...

Verlander WHO?




at the best ballpark in the country!





Go Giants! We want to welcome you home with a big parade!



13 Reasons - can you think of some more?

Yeah, YOU!


I've been meaning to write a version of this article of my own here on Vélo Vogue. Business Insider presents its 13 Reasons You Should Start Biking To Work. which includes the obvious such as, "it's cheaper," and the not-so-obvious such as, "it's good for our economy."

I'm going to put my thinking cap on and come up with at least 13 more reasons, some obvious such as, "it's fun," and some not-so-obvious such as, "a great way to meet single men."

How about you? Would you like to contribute your 13 reasons?


Let's Go Giants!

My bike is how I'm getting to the game tonight! Look for me and my dad on TV in Section 104, catching foul balls and cheering on the BEST TEAM IN THE MLB! Orange and Black all the way!

kt @ valet bike parking

Go Giants!


Bike Fair!

If you want to know what a healthy city looks like, look to see how many kids and families are out on bicycles.  If kids are getting around on 2 wheels, chances are things in that city are pretty good.  For myself, I will never live anywhere where children can not ride a bicycle.

Hey! That's Mine!

To that end, the elementary school in my neighborhood, Sunnyside Elementary School,  is having a Bicycle Fair, this Saturday!  This school already has an incentive based program to get kids and families to do anything other than drive to school.  This program is beginning to be copied at other schools in the area. 

Singing Makes The Ride Even More Fun!

The families and staff at the school all recognize that things must change for these kids to have a good future.  We have annual Bike Rodeos to teach the kids how to ride. We sponsor Bike To School Day (30% of our kids participated this year!)


So, if you are in San Francisco on Saturday from 11-2 and looking for something to do with your kids come one by!  If you have a old bicycle, any size, any shape, any style, you just do not want, bring it to us!  San Francisco Yellow Bike Project will be there to help turn that old clunker into something shiny and new for someone who needs it!  They will be ready to swap out old for new-to-you and will have a free repair station going for those nagging little things that are just keeping you off your bike! 


The San Francisco YMCA will be out with their fantastic rodeo and training wheels classes.  The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will be giving its amazing Family Bike Class to get you and your kids out on the streets together!

And to top it off, bicycle based MamakSF and The Localist will be there slinging their wonderful food and showing us all you don't always need a delivery van to bring food to the people!


dose of cute

How long will this cuteness ferociousness keep you satiated before you want more?  In honor of halloween we present you with a bikey inspiration. 


dream the impossible dreamcycle (with cardboard)

NPR reported about an Israeli inventor who has designed a durable bicycle out of cardboard, even after his engineer friends told him it was impossible to do. It's funny to read the comments on the NPR page - people still don't believe him, even though he's proven it can be done. Watch this well-made and inspiring film about how he built the cardboard bike, tested it and perfected it!

Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora Kariv on Vimeo.

Although Izhar's bike may not be the bike of everyone's dreams, if it really can be made for less than $20, then it could very well be a solution for some.

If you can dream it, you can build it and ride it. Thank you for your ingenuity, Izhar!


Ze Bike Gang


Here's a great pic of some SF bike friends - Adam, Tracy, Jenn and Mei. Big time bikey peeps! Friends that ride to together stay together.


Strong bonds are made on two wheels, at bike parties, on endurance rides, or on your daily commute. In connecting with the road and our surroundings, we connect with each other.


Oh, and nice shoes.




Short animation - Por mi ciudad en bicicleta

This short animation from Mexico (only 1 minute - watch it!) has been making its way around the interwebz today (thanks to CYLRAB for sharing). I love it!

Very clever and simple but beautiful animation that represents how all of us, no matter what type of person, feel when we bike from here to there everyday, and reiterates what we as cyclists all know, that cycling for transportation is healthier, more fun, better for our cities, better for us and the planet.

Happy Friday!


A Horse Named Seabiscuit

Introducing my nouveau vélo - Seabiscuit.


Even with four bikes, when a beauty like Seabiscuit presented herself to me, I couldn't resist. So I took all the money I had and bought a horse.


Seabiscuit moves like no other bike I've owned. She's fast and furious, but steady as she goes, with all the giddy-up-and-go when you need it most. She's everything I've ever wanted a bike to be, comfortable, smooth, fast and powerful. She has spontaneous energy and takes off with little effort. I feel like I want to gallop into the sunset with her and live happily ever after. But instead, she takes me to romantic destinations.


And she's not afraid to get a little dirty. I tried her out on some trails with loose gravel, and Seabiscuit proved to be a smooth operator.


It's simple - I found a bike that makes me very happy. Seabiscuit is a 2012 Robin Egg Blue Surly Cross Check that I purchased new from High Trails on Polk Street. Lev, Marcel and the guys gave me great service and swapped out many of the bike's components to make Seabiscuit the ride of my life!


Crazed Woman with Flare Tries to Stop Critical Mass

SFist just posted this report with the video that shows a crazed, clueless and pro-car woman dressed for a black and white party trying to stop the flow of thousands of cyclists during the 20th Anniversary Critical Mass Ride on Friday. And guess who is caught on video getting some face to face time with this angry lady? Our pal, the roving street photographer, Adrienne Johnson.

It still astounds me that there are drivers who get caught unaware in this monthly protest. People, this has been happening EVERY LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH FOR TWENTY (20!) YEARS! Do yourself a favor, wait until the protest is over before attempting to drive your motorized vehicle across town. Better yet, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Get yourself a bike and ride with us!