More Parisiennes a Velib'

It was summer, and most of these people were probably on vacation. Or maybe it was a weekend. One thing San Francisco has in common with Paris is that people traveling around on bicycles look like they didn't take their travel mode into consideration when they dressed that morning.

These women look like they'd planned a leisurely weekend day around town.

You can see that she's in the middle of telling her boyfriend a story at this stoplight. Note the gold shoes.


bike of paradise

Another beautiful San Franciscan getting ready to hop on her bicycle, framed by a bird of paradise and other pretty spring flowers.

Grocery shopping à vélo!

And away she goes!


sooooo California girls

Every town has a pervading look, and these chicks on their bikes are showing it off.

I think 45% of angelenas wear flip flops, 45% wear Chucks, and the remaining 10% wear odd footwear like Uggs (why? WHY?!?).

Big sunglasses go nicely with big smiles.

How can you not be happy riding around in the So-Cal sunshine?


[Nancy Kerschen] Ocean Beach

Somedays a bike ride to the beach is all that's needed to cure a rut. This is one I took of a girl at Ocean Beach. This girl looks cute and casual in her green scarf, skinny jeans and basic flats. We don't know what she's looking at, but it looks like she's having a blast.


abbey road

So they're not crossing a crosswalk in London, and even though they're three and not four, they're still fab, and their stride reminded me of that famous album cover from the Beatles.


Suits on Bikes... oh yeah, in Paris

In Paris, cycling is so mainstream that everyone does it. I only occasionally see San Francisco business men riding in their work clothes, and usually they're advocates who I know through their work. Here, I've documented a few.


along for the ride

Nothing could be cooler than taking a ride with your friend. Especially with some cool tunage! These two guys reminded me of a time that a couple kids on bicycles latched onto me as I was riding a shopping cart down the ramp at Costco! Riding with friends is phun!

Bikeshare in Dublin, Ireland



[Brian] Christine @ SXSW in Austin

We met Christine taking a coffee break between day concerts happening all over Austin. The smart folks were all on bikes to catch as many shows as possible. We biked at least 50 miles around town and saw 17 bands in 48 hours. Christine is an Austin local and was not as frantic as we were. But she was enjoying the South by, as the locals call it.


the strip part deux

Uggs are still IN in LA. I still don't get it, but it seems to work for her and many other girls that I saw wearing them with short shorts on this warm and sunny day.

Why look like anyone else when you can create your singular style? This woman with her one thick braid, woolen cardigan and dress over pants look, pushed the fashion envelope as she pushed her bike along the boardwalk on this spring afternoon.

I'm still trying to figure out how to describe what she's wearing. Either way, she's a cutie, especially donning a pink flower behind her ear.

I still haven't figured out how to do this dismounting trick. Maybe I just don't trust my balance, but she seems so confident on her fantastic orange cruiser as she pulled up to the Waterfront Cafe to meet her friend for a beer.


Green footwear

More from my summer vacation in Paris... This sweet couple grabbed their Velib's and headed off into the busy streets.

I was surprised by the color of her footwear (chartreuse), and I loved that her purse matched combined with all black clothes.

If she decides today's garbs don't suit her, all she has to do is change her shoes and her purse. That's so much less work than when I have a similar crisis. Although it looks like she's doing fine....


the strip

There's Hollywood Boulevard, the Sunset Strip and there's the Venice Beach Boardwalk (a bit of a misnomer with its strip of pavement and nothing resembling boards at all). A place to see and be seen, make new friends and check out the uber-casual style of beach combers.

One can overall describe the LA look as casual but expensive, epitomized by this girl in her dressed down look with Louis Vitton clutch.

This woman's got that classic style, with her khaki jacket and scarf.

Fun and free, here's stylish simplicity at its best.

His t-shirt gave a twist to the Rolling Stones tongue. I couldn't resist. (And such a lovely day, it's a shame that all those bikes in the background weren't rented out already!)


Little family vogue

This little family caught up with me on an afternoon jaunt to the park.
They were having a little trouble getting up the hill due to a restless populous, but I thought they looked mighty vogue...

...because your best asset is the person at your side... and sometimes in your babyseat.



I was having a beer with my pal Holly (and occasional VV contributor) at the Waterfront Cafe in Venice Beach when this angelena rolled up next to us on her fantastic chopper with the coolest spokes I've ever seen.

And then, navigating through pedestrians and past street vendors, tippy toes of her purple Chucks brushing the pavement, she was off as quickly as she arrived.


New Mission Cafe Seeks Bike Art

We have a new bike-friendly cafe in the Mission, and it seeks local art to show. Artwork can be a range of mediums. Exhibition space includes walls and a couple of small shelf spaces. Artwork must be relatively small. If you are interested in maybe displaying a piece or two, please email a photo and message to Ben at beninsf08@yahoo.com.

The image above is a monoprint from my collection of Velo-Vogue-inspired artwork. My work will be on display at CityArt Gallery in April and May. For more information, join my yahoogroup or simply send a blank message to liliapiliaart-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


running with the devil

Beautiful pitbull wanting so badly to kill a pigeon. Thankfully his owner is showing some restraint, and a certain level of nonchalant coolness on that gorgeous black cruiser.


Young couple a Velib'

I saw this young couple navigating the intersection at La Bastille. She looks great, but I was particularly impressed with her shoes.

You'll see -- I have a couple other photos of magnificently-colored footwear worn in Paris last summer. As you know, last year's fashion in Paris is next year's fashion in the states. I'm just saying....


kewl kids

This one is already learning how to low ride with the top down.

And this girl's ready for the paparazzi, with her pink glam glasses and funky style.

Whereas this kid, on his souped up tricycle, seems more ready for the Playa.


Parisien Children a velo

While in Paris last summer, I took these photos of people riding with their children.

This woman merits VV on her own.

These kids are a bit on the sporty side, but I loved seeing the whole family ride together. I think they're American expats. What do you think?


little surfer boys

Venice Beach is just too cool for school. I just spent a weekend of non-stop partying in LA (my annual visit), and had the chance to spend Saturday afternoon strolling about the boardwalk.

These two shots tell you all you need to know about the culture of Venice Beach.

If what you seek is a laid back, eclectic, casual, friendly, fun and sunny way of life, look no further. More to come. ;-)


The Loveliest Cyclist at Saint-Eustache

Last summer, I was eating pizza outside Église Saint-Eustache at Les Halles with my friend Tina when this woman rode up. I knew instantly that she was the loveliest cyclist I would see (except for my friends of course).

She appeared to be meeting her boyfriend/husband/lover/male friend at this very spot. We paparazzied her extensively. She didn't seem to notice. He seemed to think that was a perfectly reasonable reaction to her presence.

Notice the lovely vintage bike with fenders and basket, the classic gray dress and pink pumps.

I'm glad it rained so much in San Francisco this February because we need it. However, I'll be honest with you: it's slowed me down. I don't go outside as much, and similarly, neither do many of our fellow cyclists.

But every challenge is an opportunity. You are finally going to see my photos from Paris last summer including my inside tour of the Velib program.


a salute to our local bike hero

Since Lilia befriended Bikeman Ben, we seem to run into him all the time now. I caught him recently during one of his final (sniff!) days in the Panhandle, offering donation based bike repair services to all those who rode by (including yours truly on her Motobécane piece of merde).

During my ten or so minute stop and chat with Ben, many cyclists stopped to ask why he was there, and I was impressed with his altruistic attitude: He's there to serve the good cyclo-citizens of SF. Here's a truly hip couple checking him out.

I'll miss catching Ben at Fell and Masonic, but wish him good luck at his new job (yay!) as chef at Baobab Village.


Pacific Cycles Folding bicycle wins iF Product Design GOLD Award

They sent us a press release... which isn't a guarantee of getting coverage. But, after watching the video, this bike is so elegant I wanted to tell you about it.


he's a 10...?

This one I pose to all you footie fans - is anyone else as confused by this man's shirt as I am? An Italian designer (Armani), with the great French footballer Zidane's number (10) and Spain's color (Red).

What's the message here? Footie brings the world together?!?