Biking on a budget

Jill Keto shown biking to work in heels, matching red fenders, skirt, sunglasses and scarf in Washington State (as indicated by the licence plate behind her). She's the author of blog Practical Chic and book “Don’t Get Caught With Your Skirt Down” which aren’t about bike fashion. They're about living well on a budget, something a lot of people, especially Americans are thinking about right now.

This photo is from her post Working Girl’s 5 Tips For Saving Money.


retro shirt for guys, messenger bags for all

Gentlemen, take note! When it's a sunny day, how about donning a great looking retro pattern short-sleeve shirt. A sharp look for both work and après-work.

And everyone in SF can appreciate his choice for a Timbuk2 messenger bag, a San Francisco based company producing some really hot styles. In fact, you can even design your own!


mission rain... again still

These two were riding on a rainy day in the Mission. I was impressed with her skirt mostly.

They clearly know one of the great secrets to getting around SF -- every bus stop has a map of the entire city!

Only after they rode away did I notice his cool arty hoodie.


plaid pants and cute flats

This couple of cyclists were chatting all along their morning commute, reminding me how fun it is to ride with friends. Her plaid pants tucked in with ankle clip present another great VV look. And how about those fancy flats?!

Très chic, très vogue!


caltrain vogue again

Riding the train most days, I don't always have energy to track down my fashionable companions. This woman impressed me with her hat, stripes and boots. But why did she remind me of Flashdance? (I wonder if she gets that all the time.)


liberté, égalité, fraternité

The same day I saw Cheryl with the stars and stripes waving from her bike, Spud of the Twins Brothers coincidentally saw me on Market Street during his brief trip to SF.

The classic him taking a pic of me, me taking a pic of him pic.

Spud called me the next day from Paris to congratulate me on Obama winning the presidency!

Let's hear it for the Obamanation!


white/skate board art

I was on my way to my friend Fernando's art show at Mission Skateboards, 3045 24th Street (at Treat, show on until Dec. 8), when I saw this dashing young lady. I loved her white bike and helmet teamed with blue skirt and gray tights.


same girl, different day, another great look

First of all, bravo to this woman for wearing white pants while riding her bicycle. I should really do like her and get a chainguard! That one bicycle accessory could influence every wardrobe decision I make!

But I really had my eye on her brown leather wedges. I do believe this style of shoe to be one of the easiest and practical for the ladies to ride in style.

And here she is pushing off. A little ode to Mikael at Copenhagen Cycle Chic and his love for this particular moment.

But wait, I recognize those wedges! Here she is again, looking equally fabulous in a tweed hat, blue dress and brown tights!


shorts overalls etc.

This woman looked great in her shorts overalls and bright red bicycle.

(Yeah, we also like her friend's t-shirt.)


The Final Cupcake (tdc part 5)

We can't wait for next year.

Here, a gentleman with prayer flags on his bike finished the ride.

The afterparty: bike parking anyone?

We ran into this woman as we left the event. She rides a bike and works at Citizen Cake but hadn't heard about the event. We were impressed that she was transporting 2 small dogs (one shown).


Stops 2 and 3 (tdc part 4)

I have a couple more cupcake posts in me; so, brace yourself!

When we last saw our heroes, they had decided to head up the hill in hopes of finding a station with MORE cupcakes since the last cupcake station had run out. We got a little lost, but after carrying our bikes up a flight of stairs, we found the cupcake station with the highest altitude. While this photo contains many from our team, I was also taken with the orange skirt on your left sported by a lady I do not know.

Here's KT looking oh-so-fashionable with Becca who is just simply adorable even without full vogue. We decided to go OVER the hill instead of around it like we would normally do.

Danielle crests the hill en vogue with Becca just behind....

Our next stop was on the Panhandle where we had some of the best event-sponsored cupcakes of the day. I think KT already posted photos of these two, but here's my record.

Suited man navigates

Girl in black wearing shoes that match her Bianchi

At the stations, they required proof of the number of cupcakes you had eaten either in the form of the wrapper or your solemn oath (when there was no wrapper).


sexy and smart

OK, this girl is obviously very fashionable with her long flowy patterned skirt, gladiator sandals and long hair left down to blow in the breeze as she sails along Market Street.

But, take a closer look at her over-the-shoulder bag, and you will see the tell-tale sign that she is not only sexy but smart.



She's pretty.

Is it wrong to post a photo of a pretty girl on a bicycle just because I like how she looks? This one's wearing jeans and a t-shirt; so, I think I was taken with her scarf and trendy glasses. She's also riding in the rain.


Rouler en Masse

Most people I've spoken with have agreed that this particular Halloween Mass was one of the most fun that we've ridden. Maybe it was the crowds of people on the sidewalk watching. Or maybe it was all the encouragement from the locals as we rode through the Tenderloin.

Definitely one of the highlights was blasting through the Broadway tunnel. I don't know how to communicate the exhiliration that we all felt, whistling and howling our way through.

There was a little bit of a bottleneck as we came out the other side in North Beach. But seeing all the cyclists with the SF Bay in the background inspired me.

Here's a really hot multi-animal print outfit. Check out those boots!

Jean-Marc the Flaming Cowboy:

My friend Allie with Jesus not far behind:

This woman was fixing her hair right in front of the Hungry-i strip joint. Her outfit made this moment seem very ironic to me.

All in all, the ride reminded me that SFers really know how to bring people together and have a rambunctious time, especially when we're on our bikes. Critical Mass is one of the many uniquely-SF events that makes The City so beloved. And this is the last posting I can offer you from the Halloween Mass... until next year!


Rainy Day Vogue

I'm sure this post is the beginning of many documenting how the San Francisco cyclists handle our sometimes-wet winters. Maybe that's unfortunate, or maybe it provides a new angle on this, our art form, both in how we adapt to the weather and how we document those adaptations.

This woman appears unphased, if a bit unpleased, in sports coat, scarf, skirt, leggings or pants, and what looks like leg warmers or knee highs as she rides along milk crate on the back of her bike.


Halloween Mass, part 5 (music and fairies)

Cycling is just so Rock'n'Roll! Here's the Rock the Bike guy waiting just like the rest of us to blast off. With a bike that looks like that, no need for a costume. He can simply look cool in black leather. Maybe he should have busted out his mike while we were waiting!

I believe Duff and his devil dog bike are part of the RTB crew.

SF embraces music and bikes of all kinds, especially Liberace in a sparkly pink jacket and blue velvet pants.

Music and biking makes the fairies dance! You could see them fluttering about all over Justin Herman Plaza! A green fairy:

A red and blue punk fairy:

Maybe she's more punk than fairy, but fantastic nonetheless in that green wig and red crinoline!


Halloween Mass, part 4 (food theme)

I just can't get enough of this year's Halloween Mass! How 'bout you? Here are some food-related costumes for ya!

Honeybee is psyched for the ride!

Here's Ronald! I don't believe you can actually call McDonald's "food."

On a healthier note, have a banana!

Cycling tastes like chicken!

All that food will make you need one of these - but let's hope your dentist doesn't give you nightmares.


Halloween Mass, part 3 (political satire)

Halloween--only five days before our country's most important presidential election in our lifetimes! Just the winning combination needed to bring a motley cast of characters out with a dab of SF ironic patriotism.

Among the many incarnations, this was by far the best Sarah Palin I saw all weekend.

What's an election without good ol' Uncle Sam, or someone dressed to give him a run for his money.

If Obama can't save us, then maybe Captain Marvel will!

SF was not experiencing a shortage of patriotic superheroes. So strong he carried his bike single-handedly the entire ride while talking on his phone (well, maybe not).

Someone has to give equal representation to the other side! I didn't quite get the symbolism of it all, but here's a Mexican luchero with an Obama t-shirt (Si se puede!?) and yours truly as Satan Palin with a $150,000 power red blazer from Thrift Town.