It's Friday!

Put on some dressy shoes...
Bike To Work Day Shoot 9

some bling...
Bike To Work Day Shoot 8

Yeah your butt looks good on that saddle...
Bike To Work Day Shoot 7

Can I get your number?
Bike To Work Day Shoot 12


smart girls cycle chic!

How about a story of how a bicycle provided secondary education for a generation of village girls in India?

Check out the clip from the film With My Own Two Wheels about how the bicycle once again changed people's lives for the better.


in training

Training for bike valet & 14K
When he matures, and can bike in the big leagues, he'll be ready to check his bike in at the Bike Valet. In the meantime, Go Giants!


hippity hoppity

Happy Easter! May your basket be filled with chocolate eggs.


Vogue Around The Globe - bursting into chic, part 3

Part Three of this week's Vogue Around The Globe special edition is dedicated to twosomes.

Chic things come in twos!
Italian Cycle Chic [Padova]
From Padova by Luca Violetto

The bike dude always gets the chic chick.
Ed and Isabelle
from Richmond, VA(?) by Jeremy Ledford

Easy riding.
Piulant en bici x BCN
from Barcelona by Bart Omeu

Like mother like daughter!
London Tweed run April 2011 (96)r
from London by Funny Cyclist

Two fab friends.
Elly and Meghan
from Portland by Patrick Barber

She's simply about to burst into chic!
bike tee
from America's Midwest by Simply Bike

Thanks to all the contributors for making the VV Flickr Photo Pool such a wealth of bike style from around the globe. You all continue to inspire! Ride on!


Vogue Around The Globe - bursting into chic part 2

We continue our trip around the globe with some ladies who know how to roll!

Showing off her personal style!
BMF London (27)r
from London by Funny Cyclist

Ain't Nothin' Like a Lady
Tweed Run 2011
from London by Lady Vélo

Txell goes to Belgium.
by Txell HG

All dressed up and nowhere to go.
wedding attire
Somewhere, USA by rowdydugan

Caped crusader!
from Salt Lake City(?) by knittinglemonade

These boots were made for riding.
from Holland by M5


Vogue Around The Globe - bursting into chic, part 1

I'm devoting the rest of the week to Vogue Around The Globe - photos that have been added to the VV Flickr Photo Pool from ciclo-fashionistas and photographers from around the planet. An increased interest in the Cycle Chic movement has ushered in so many good shots, so I want to share them all with you!

Part 1 is all about glitz and glam.

March 16, 2011
from SF by Vivanna Love

from Toronto by 'Xander

Urban Cyclist Project 32
from Sydney by Velovotee

Italian Cycle Chic [Padova]
from Padova by Luca Violetto

Quite possibly the first time in history anyone has ever said, "And my helmet went PERFECTLY with my dress!"
from Kansas City by Meetzorp

from LA by PURLIEU


new hire

I've been going on job interviews.

This is how I do it.

How you like me now?

So, do I get the job?



It was Man vs. the Machine at this month's SF Bike Party. The theme drew lots of silver sparklies with Robots and Cyborgs!

It's back to the future with silver platform boots and gloves!

And Volker gives his old cd's a new spin!

Plastomania frisbee cyber-gal!

Another excuse for Deep to go metallic from head to toe!

Deep keeps the robots doing the robot and happily dancing into the twilight.

Robo-cookie? Yes - we need that. Thanks, Melyssa!

Peace Love and Bike Party!

Oh, and did I mention The Machine? Check this Mission Local video for my cameo!


Fast Forward

You want to see the future of bicycling in the United States?

Future Chic

Here she is! The future is looking good!

Super-Picnic Man!

All he's missing is a mask and cape!
He's Super-Picnic Man! Conquering mountains in a single bound, delivering food to hungry hikers! Please join me in standing up an applauding this man for he is the hero of his picnic party's day.

And speaking of heroes, check out these other super-heroes and super-villains à vélo!


They're baaaaack

Los Gigantes, I mean. And along with the awesome team come the awesome FANS, who gather pre and post game to drop off their bikes at our very own Bike Valet at the ballpark, decked out in Giants regalia (yes, we are the reigning Kings of the Major Leagues).

F*ck Yeah!

The beard is here.

Our East Bay cousins roll in.

Baseball is all smiles and happiness.


Biking to the ballpark is the way to go. You'll even burn off the beer and hot dog you consume on the way home.

We love our team! Go GIANTS!

I met Rai-Sue after the game. She spotted me because of my bike.

The valet closes 30 minutes after the game, so make sure not to linger too long.