joli gentilhomme

This well-dressed man was riding home from work on Tuesday at sunset in Sausalito, wearing a tweed suit and black beret. All he needed was a baguette and a bottle of red wine and I might have followed him home!



When it gets cold, you have a choice. You can dork-out in athletic gear or vogue-out on your own.

Vive Vogue, Red.

springtime skin

I was impressed by her cute retro-platinum hairdo, string of pearls and skinny jeans tucked into brown leather boots, when I noticed her fancy tattoo popping out of her chiffon blouse.

I complimented her on her style and was pleased to see how happy she was to know how fabulous she looked as she cruised through the Panhandle on a Monday evening in Spring!

pink punk

Pink and black - a look that never seems to get old, no matter what decade. Spotted at 9th and Folsom.


le mellow johnny

Lance Armstrong of Tour de France fame is opening a commuter bike shop and café in Austin, Texas called Mellow Johnny with the vision in mind of making that city more bike friendly, much like Portland.

I love this quote from Lance: "There are times I ride in Austin, and I'm afraid of cars. Imagine what the beginner cyclist must feel like?"

Lance wants his shop to the be the "coolest bike shop in the world." Imagine this corner peppered with stylish cyclists sitting in the outdoor terrace, sipping espressos and San Pellegrino.


Musician Fashion

Musicians Sonja Cotton and Shake your Peace transported their equipment home yesterday afternoon looking bright and stunning.


Red Basket

Her basket was wrapped with red tinsel matching her beret. Worn with a black fur coat and boots, the effect impressed.


singular style

I saw this girl coming out of Burger Joint in the Lower Haight this evening, hopping on her unicycle. San Francisco clearly has its own sense of style, and this girl's ride, in addition to her eclectic wardrobe choices, right down to her day-glo blue sneakers, is a perfect example.

She even did a trick for me.


vélo rouge|vélo vogue

In SF, café culture is often linked to bike culture. And both are linked to haute couture.

So I give you the fabulous Meg Lynch, owner of the Richmond District's bicycle-themed and green business certified café, The Vélo Rouge, riding up to work in a long slimming khaki skirt and black linen blouse on her signature red cruiser.

VV editor struts her stuff.

KT dressed VV-appropriate last night.

Jen Rides a Bike.

A source says, "Jennifer (Aniston) said she wanted to start bike riding because it's such good exercise. So Courteney (Cox) sent her the new, ultra-chic Chanel bicycle."
The designer cycle has eight speeds and features a quilted leather seat and saddlebag emblazoned with the famous Chanel logo.


Dapper Couple

This dapper couple was on the BART train late Saturday night.

crazy pattern

I chased this woman down along the Embarcadero on Saturday afternoon. Once I caught up with her, we had to chase down her boyfriend who was about a block ahead. I loved the crazy pattern on her dress and the matching, totally gorgeous black and blue "milano" frame and wheels. drool!

She said she'd borrowed the bike.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

We were inspired by the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog as soon as we learned of it. I used to bike to work in pumps and a little skirt to my office job in San Francisco as early 1996. My point was that you don't need to wear special clothes to ride a bike. Our friends in Copenhagen emphasize that you can even look incredibly hot. Then, KT became their foreign correspondent:

and we started to realize that our admiration could expand to the highest form of flattery: imitation. And so we begin!