Hottie on Hot Wheels - This Is How Toronto Does It.

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Extremely sorry for the lack of posting lately. I have been overloaded with work. Even though I would like to be superwoman, I fear I am not [yet]. In the meantime, this hottie on hot-wheels from my recent trip to Toronto should hold your attention for quite some time.




Two Female Cyclists from Sweden Out to Save the World

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

This invisible helmet has crossed my path a few times over the last couple months. Am I for it or against it? I normally don't wear a helmet because I believe that safety truly comes in numbers and not what you choose to put on your head. I also believe that North American cyclists deserve a safer bike infrastructure, more than we need a new and improved head device. Seriously speaking, the onus should be on lawmakers and planners to build better bikeways for everyone, from child to senior citizen, in every neighborhood.

I do, however, appreciate the Swedish attitude: "Cars are so yesterday. Bikes are the future."

What do you think of the invisible helmet?


In Praise of Pussy

Since I am at work and missing today's protest at the Russian Embassy in SF, consider this as my virtual Free Pussy Riot Protest, featuring some of my bike gal pals, looking a bit anti-establishmentarian. Ya with me?


Mikaela says "Free the Pussies!"


We ride in solidarity with punk chycks taking a stand against the status quo - with Melyssa and Mikaela.

Wherever you live, wherever you go, I firmly believe we are entitled to our freedom of expression.

Whether in the United States, or in Russia.

Ride on Riot Grrls... in solidarity!

For this 40 second act of political protest, the three members of the Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in prison.

For more information about the verdict, check out this report from the Guardian.

And if you go out on the streets to protest this injustice, be careful out there.


Caroline & Michael


Name: Caroline

Type of bike: Nishiki with a mirror on the handlebars.


Why is your bike indisposable? It is indisposable because it was purchased from craigslist for $125 and was love at first sight.


Name: Michael

Type of bike: The bike is from Mission Bicycle.

Why is your bike indisposable? Of his four bikes, this is the only disposable one.


music on the move


SF musicians got the moves.


A symphony of cyclists in the streets!


i can haz vélo

The cat in a hat rides in the back.

And omg - the use of old cd's - Me-OW!

Shared by my pal Gibson Pearl via boingboing.




Name: James (posing on the Metrofiets)

What's your bike and why is it indisposable to you? He rides a panasonic with gold D's that is indisposably smooth



Name: Anthony (posing on the Metrofiets)

Type of bike: Rides a Bianchi Pista

Why is your bike indisposable to you? The eyelets on his front fork are indisposable because they allowed him to outfit his track bike as an urban vehicle



Name: Alex (posing on the Metrofiets)

Type of bike: Rides a cruiser in the Sunset

Why is your bike indisposable to you? My cruiser's comfy saddle is indisposable