breezing the embarcadero

The lovely bay views beckon cyclists to San Francisco's Embarcadero most weekends.

Taking a moment to take it all in:

Couples bike and dress alike! (Nice shiny gold flats.)

In this man's case, I think the jersey is more of a fashion statement than a racing accessory, paired with his baggies and flip flops, long hair flowing in the breeze.

I love cycling in The City!


yo ho ho and a pedicab to go!

Shiver me timbers! This past weekend, the Festival of Sail hit San Francisco, and so a fleet of tall ships were docked in our harbor, which explains the increased number of pirates that could be seen and heard swarming the Embarcadero. Here's one with a pedicab complete with a mythical god-of-the-sea figurehead, and skull and crossbones flag to boot.

What with SF's historical legacy of the Barbary Coast, the pirates seemed to fit into the cultural landscape, and I can imagine these pirate pedicabs as much a permanent symbol as our cable cars.


(Muttera) Vogue from Davis

Went to Davis Ca today. Had some extra time waiting for my Amtrak train home. So took some photos at the station and at a near by street corner.

James Muttera
Walnut Creek Ca

skirts of all colors (and patterns)

I love cycling in skirts and dresses, the afternoon breeze giving your hemline a little lift.

A tweed pleated skirt (it's a pity that men don't wear more kilts):

A gorgeous colorful long plaid skirt:

Argyle ain't just for socks!


puppy love

Meet Stephanie and Anya.

The more I see cyclists out and about with their best friends, the more I'm convinced that I need to get that chihuahua I've been dreaming of! I believe it's time to have a tête-à-tête with my cat.

One alternative, with a lot less responsibility, is a stuffed animal.

The monkey's name is Lily. She provides companionship, and also serves as an "air bag."


Le Fat, C'est Chic!

This was the happiest parade of cyclists in the bitter cold of San Francisco's summer that I've ever witnessed. I stopped at an island to snap away at all the fancy bikes and cyclists at last Saturday's Tour de Fat, sponsored by the New Belgium Brewery.

I've posted a small sampling of the beauties I witnessed here, but you can also check out my Flickr photostream here.


night riders

Grace and her posse were cruising the Lower Haight last Friday when I ran into them after my final-final at Molotov's. She and her friends can be seen riding around most weekend nights, equipped with a party bike that not only glows in the dark, but plays tunes.

When we convened for a stop-and-chat in front of Mythic Pizza, I learned that her friends are associated with Rock the Bike, which reminded me that I had once seen these glowsticks for bikes on their website (and coveted them). Grace is the producer of the Bicycle Film Festival and had one of its postcards intertwined in her spokes. The film festival is on this weekend in San Francisco, and it looks like there are some cool films, so check it out!

Grace and her glowing friends represent that creative spirit that is synonymous with San Francisco bike culture, bringing awareness of the joy of cycling with style and inventiveness. Hurrah!

Frankie Say Relax

The Caltrain travels between San Francisco and San Jose (or Gilroy). The service used to accommodate bicycle commuting better than any I have ever seen. But recently, they bought a bunch of fancy new cars that can carry 16 bikes instead of 36. So, a lot of travelers get left on the platform to wait for the next train. I've posted a lot of photos of business people at Caltrain -- these bike punks need to travel to the City too. But there wasn't space for them.

I was taken with the groups' brightly colored bikes and this girl's cool vintage t-shirt, short shorts with leggings, and tennies.



This woman's look took me quite my surprise. Black tights with cream-colored old-fashioned heels, cut-off jeans and a black sweater. Her purse, which was quite tasteful, was strapped to her handle bars (not shown). Where could she possibly be going?



Another beautiful day in the Mission, and beautiful women with Che Guevara shoulder bags are too fast for my camera.

I was also impressed with her all-in-black skirt, sunglasses, and cowboy boots look. We are each our own kind of revolutionary.


Cycling to the Bernal Heights Farmers' Market

The day was a warm Saturday, and G and I decided to go to the farmers' market to get some local produce for the week. I like the one in Bernal Heights because it has a more authentic feel than the Ferry Building while also being less gritty than Civic Center. This woman in white capris, a lovely green halter top, and strappy sandals climbed Cortland with us.


christmas in july

When these bright colors cruised by me one late afternoon, it felt a bit like Santa Claus was coming to town.


(GDH) Guess who?

My co-blogger GDH on another of my blogs snapped this photo of me on date night. I wore my burning-man red furry coat (that influenced my nephew Forest once to ask if I am a chicken), vintage dress, knee-high trouser socks, black flat boots and my nearly-retirable red helmet. I rode my funkiest bike, a rental I bought used 11 years ago.


Instructables: How to Ride Your Bike in Style

I loved this step-by-step guide to how to ride your bike in style from Instructables.
(Photo from their site.)

pataphysical fashionista

This is Eric.
I ran into him on Gate Five Road in Sausalito on Bastille Day. On his business card, he describes himself as a pataphysicist. In his case, I believe the clothes make the man (or does the man make the clothes?). At his suggestion, I snapped this photo of him in front of an outhouse.

His bejeweled friend Joui is also quite fashionable on her bicycle in her blue vest, grey blazer, knickers and boots, but even she admitted that Eric really takes the cake on the catwalk.

They were both riding off to an event at the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce. Eric and Joui are living pataphors for Vélo Vogue.


junkyard jewel

Meet Eliza.

She posed for Lilia and me at Ace's Junkyard this past Saturday and informed us about a Bicycle Dance Party she'll be performing in this coming Sunday at the same location.

I would like to point out that Eliza not only pulled off incredible stunts on an incredible bicycle adorned with a vertebrae and other skeletal parts, but she also pulled off an incredible look with some yellow cutoff fishnet stockings and legwarmers that she made out of recycled shirtsleeves. Creative with her bike, and creative with her style!

Also don't forget about the Tour de Fat this coming Saturday July 19th!

photo by Lilia


Vélo Vogue Is Bringing Sexy Back

How short can short be? I can barely perceive the point where the t-shirt ends and the shorts begin. And who can guess how many inches of heel are on those brown leather boots?

If you've got the legs, flaunt 'em, girlfriend! Yowza!



This guy has that French café intellectual look with the glasses and tweed cap, and I love the pant leg tucked into the knee high trouser sock. All that's missing, really, is a chainguard. He knows, as do we, that riding a bicycle is the most intelligent (and stylish) choice for transportation! I found it ironic that he's paused here smack dab in front of a Honda dealership that is promoting "Green" cars! He could very well be an advertisement unto himself for a more sustainable lifestyle!

Impeccable, mon ami!


Allons-Enfants de la Patrie!

In honor of Bastille Day, I offer you a few choice vélo pics from Paris last time I was there.

Stylishly pausing for un appel in front of Notre Dame:

I wondered if this was Bertrand Delanoë's vélo:

Vélo joli et typique:



I went to San Diego for July 4th weekend and stumbled across a small group of protesters at the local mall (a necessary destination, it seems, when visiting southern California).

I don't know how much good it does to protest in California, since we're a blue state, but I applaud their initiative at bringing light to an outrageous situation. I particularly love that this gentleman decorated his bicycle. He took up traveling this way when he retired, and carfreedom is such an obvious solution to dependence on foreign oils and the wars (with their dire human and financial impacts) that result. From a strictly VV-prespective, he also looks cute in his red beret and collar shirt.



These warm boots get a lot of flack. I read somewhere someone calling them excellent "birth control." Likewise, I also read that "Ugg" is Aussie slang for "ugly." And more than that, I thought they were out. This woman provides a compelling argument to the contrary.

I also like the way she wears her purse like a backpack. Clearly, the woman knows how to combine elegance with utility.


(GDH) Bicycle Music Festival

I spotted this guy at the Bicycle Music Festival. If you're going to look the part, make sure the bike matches.

This is Eco from the The Ginger Ninjas (a band that get around the country by bicycle.) The Extracycle makes bringing the dog along a lot easier.

Collared shirt, sensible shorts and a nice leather shoulder bag. Presentable and practical.

Flops, nice shirt, matching trousers and a tall bike. What more can I say?

I saw this couple in the park when the father was putting the helmet on his daughter. The seat rigged into the basket makes for good dual purpose use. He rode that bike, his partner was just holding it for him.

She: Strappy shoes, red dress.
He: Comfortable shoes, shorts.
It was only after I took the photo that I noticed they had matching bike frames.

You shouldn't let a helmet get in the way of fashion. This guy was relaxing in the park in his weekend ensemble. But he didn't forget to bring along his hat for when he was done riding.

P.S. Lilia has more photos of this event forthcoming.



This girl looked great in her blue patterned dress, opalescent helmet, and silver shoes.