DFF: Setting the stage

A couple weeks ago, the Disposable Film Festival presented their Bike-in Movie Screening event. Velo Vogue was there to capture portraits of the many gorgeous attendees. This post, however, provides some background shots to set the stage.

As we set up, the light faded on the nearby buildings.

Deep can be counted on to provide his Trikeasaurus for party purposes. The event organizers used carshare cars to transport their equipment.

The movie screen and lawn chairs were ready for the sun to set and the screening to begin....


lush life

Hot man emerges from trees on his bmx.

Lilia once asked if it was wrong to post a pic of a cyclist just because she was pretty. Now I must pose a similar question.

But I already know the answer.


Bicycling Makes You Happy

He looks a bit like Christian Slater.

I should title this post, "Bicycling Usually Makes You Happy". My son does not like his new bike. He misses his push bike (which is broken).

Declan does not look like Christian Slater.


green citizens

This is how green citizens roll! For a cleaner environment, ride a bike!


Sacto Vogue

I spent the past weekend in our state capital, Sacramento, CA. Not only did I see beautiful people like this pretty blond in black, and this bmx-er with dog, but I saw bike lanes on both sides of one-way streets (imagine that on Fell or Oak or Folsom!), cute little bike racks installed on parking meters in the downtown area, and folks of all backgrounds riding around to all types of destinations - to bars, to markets, to parks, etc.

People--SF has a lot to learn from this agrarian Central Valley city!


Deep is the Word

I've modified the following song lyrics because they seem to fit the profile:

Deep is the word, is the word that you heard
It's got groove, it's got meaning

Deep is the time, is the place, is the motion
Deep is the way we are feeling

Name: Amandeep 'Deep Jawa
Favorite color: Blue
Software Engineer, iTunes/Apple
Hometown: Fayetteville NC
SF neighborhood: The Mission
Favorite time or place to ride:
All over our fair city, any time
Type of bike: Trikeasaurus for party purposes, tandem for dates & friends, hybrid-ish for day to day
Like most about your bike:
making lots of people happy with Trikeasaurus
The artist(s) most frequently played on your iPod at the moment:
Green Day (at the moment) EELS, Jacksons (Michael, or The Jackson 5)
Describe your personal style:
Intergalactic Indian Cowboy (I love anything shiny)
Describe your experience cycling in SF:
Love love love (& the occasional annoying car driver)


KT goes to the ball

I was nominated for a couple Emmy awards (yes, those Emmys) in our regional chapter of the Academy. So I hopped on my limo and went to the ball.

My ride is betta than yo's.

Cinderella arrives at the Palace.

And Prince Charming (a.k.a. The Sultan) magically appears.

Some beautiful and poised colleagues of mine won golden statuettes.

But we can't all be winners.

The not-so-lucky took home a consolation prize. It was an honor to just be nominated, as they say.

So I did not go home empty handed, and my roses still smell sweet.


DFF = Disposable Film Forever!!!

The Disposable Film Festival Bike-In Movie Screening/Party was a blast! We most definitely support this outdoor event becoming a regular thing. Whaddya say, guys?

And if you missed it this time, you missed the chance to get your bike portrait taken by us, the Vélo Vogue editors. But first, someone at SF Station snapped this artsy photo of my bike tucked away in the SFBC's valet bike parking.

The Disposable Film Festival:

And before the masses arrived, Lilia and I had fun taking portraits of each other. Here's mine of her with her fancy flaming Nutcase helmet.

The night wouldn't have been the same without Deep providing the most excellent retro tunage on his mobile sound system. And the night really wouldn't have been the same without that shiny silver jacket he's got on.

And who could resist this beauty in a yellow cape? The cape is an original SF design, but the smile is all hers. Simply gorgeous.

I made sure I didn't piss this goodfella off, because I thought maybe he had a baseball bat underneath that trenchcoat.

The thing about taking people's pictures with their bicycles is that it makes them smile. And laugh!

Or they give you their best James Dean (yowza). I call this one, "Handsome Man With Love Seat."

Stay tuned for Lilia's take on the evening! More to come!


All The Single Ladies

The boys got their chance, the other day. Now let's bring on the women! I like anyone with an obvious sense of style. It does not have to be my style, just obviously their own. This woman looks like someone I want to talk to- open and happy. That is universal style.

Now this woman is owning it! Everything in this picture says "I am happy being me!". How could you not want to grab your bike after seeing her flying through the City?

That's really all style is- making your outside look like your inside and showing it to the world.

Ride on with style, San Francisco : )


New suit vest and a loaner bike [Portlandize]

New suit vest and a loaner bike, originally uploaded by poetas.

Here's this week's winner of Vélo Vogue's Bike to Work Challenge!

Søren is in at Clever Cycles getting a tune-up on the rear hub, so they loaned me a Batavus Old Dutch until it's done. Also, I got a new 3-piece suit, this is the vest from it.

Visit Portlandize.

Boys Will Be Boys

Took a trip to Crissy Field to enjoy the sun.

So did Jeff, here. He just looked happy and comfortable with the world.
Happy + Comfortable=Chic

Of course, if you can keep your hat on down hill... born cool.
Aaaahhhh, good weather certainly does bring out nice looking boys. And we all know, we all look better on a bike : )


accordionista a go-go!

Renée de la Prade, the accordionista extraordinaire (a.k.a. the sexy Squeeze Box Goddess), is seen here crossing market with her accordion on her back, and other live show props. Way to go Renée! Not just a musical impresario, but also a vélo-impresario!


Guest Photos: The Carterettes

The winner of this week's Challenge is Meredith from Ft. Bragg, CA, sent along with the following commentary from Mom:

I thought you'd appreciate the pic of Meredith's shirt: Peace, Love and Orcas (from Bellingham, WA), procured by her motorcycling Grandpa Terry.

And a couple more pics of the rest of la familia:

A family that rides together stays healthy and happy together! Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful pics, Jen!


Get your Bicycle Art this month

Earlier this year, I did a series of Vélo-Vogue-inspired monoprints. Two of them are now on display at CityArt Gallery. If you've walked down Valencia this month, you may have seen them in the window at 828 Valencia (x 19th Street). I like this one because it conveys the moody, foggy San Francisco air that many of us ride through in the summer time.

These prints are on display until the end of the month. For more information about my work, see my yahoogroup. You can view photos of my art and sign up for (very infrequent) announcements about my art showing activities.



The owner of this beautiful animal leaned out of the window of Crepe Express and told me that her dad hand-painted it for her.

She wanted to know if I was envious.

Duh! What do you think?!? ;-)
What a beauty!


Our very own lovely and talented Adrienne Johnson

Adrienne met us last weekend for a glass of wine at the art gallery.

She wore a pink suit jacket with jeans, perfect for Friday night in the Mission, and rode her new dutch bike.

KT didn't have her bike but celebrates well under any condition. (I am represented spiritually by the strawberry cheesecake that KT displays; so, in that sense, this is a photo of us all.)

On the next block, we noticed that Dog Eared Books decorates their storefront with vintage bikes.


Bikes Are The New Black

After Bike to Work Day, comes Bike Away From Work night! With the end of the day came the SFBC festivities at Rickshaw Stop.

Along with beer, pizza, music and fun, there was a bikey fashion show for those who wish to be totally fabulous on their rides (if you are going to put a SFBC "put something exciting between your legs" sticker on your ride, you should step up and look goooooooood!)

First off, I want the shoes. Second, those jeans look great on the behind. Third, this back pack by Nan Eastep catches my eye every time!

Last, but not least, coming in with spats and made to order red riding suit, Gary Fisher! Who else could pull this off?

A few more shots of the evening here. and here
Ride on beautiful people!