bike shops of the north pt. 1

The lovely Nicky of Sockeye Cycle Co. was my tour guide for the day I visited Haines.
Nicky of Sockeye Cycle Co.

When in Haines, make like a Sockeye and get on a bike!
sockeye cycle co.
sockeye cycle co. 2


glamour girls

Because I was too busy partying and getting ready for today's big Halloween ride and visit from the King, I decided to borrow pics of a couple of my favorite gals on two wheels.

Everybody loves Meli:
Should I stay or should I go?
It's Saturday night & I'm going home.
Sleeping sounded appealing for once.

And introducing Úna, the lovely and intelligent daughter of Adrienne:
Early Chic
Úna decided to go girly today : ) You can't see the gold flowers printed on her helmet.

From our VV Flickr Photo Pool.


CCC comes to SF!

Mikael Colville Anderson, a.k.a. Zakkalicious, a.k.a. the Mac Daddy of Cycle Chic, makes a visit to SF this Friday!

Friday, October 30, 2009 12:30pm
654 Mission Street,
San Francisco, CA 94105

Bike like the Danes
The 500,000 people who use bicycles each day in Copenhagen are not “cyclists,” nor are they “environmentalists.” They merely choose to ride because of safe, quick infrastructure. After 30 years of traffic and urban planning, the bicycle has become a democratic tool liberating Copenhagenites from cars and created the foundations for one of the world's most liveable cities. Speaker Mikael Colville-Andersen is Denmark's leading bicycle advocate, advising cities, towns and organizations about bicycle culture, infrastructure and urban planning with a unique focus on the anthropological aspects of getting more citizens to choose the bicycle.

So get your fabulous on and get your bootie down there!


you can bring a pitt to water

vancouver bike dude w dog 1
But you can't make him drink!

One of the final pics of my series of posts from Vancouver. I've got one or two more, but it looks like I'm due for another trip up north.


Dock Of The Bay

Some fish for crab, I hunt for chic! I think I got a pretty good catch. Certainly more sustainable!


le plat pays qui est le mien

kt sunset panda 3
The Great Highway - one of the few famed streets of San Francisco that has absolutely no hills (Mind you, there are hills on each end, but for 3.5 miles, it's flat all the way!)

le belge 3
Say hi to Boris, my friend from Belgium who was in town last week. On Sunday we took a spin through the Park, all the way out to the beach, just in time for a fantastic sunset.

For eight years I lived two blocks from this beach, and despite the rumors about there being no sunset in The Sunset, I beg to differ.

le belge 1
To debunk the myth, I've got Boris here as my witness.

kt sunset panda 2
Sunsets and old friends make me happy! :-)


Oakland Rider

It's Rider Nation in Oaktown!

sailor on strida 2

He's even got a skull and crossbones on his t-shirt.
sailor on strida 1

SF used to have a freeway next to its Embarcadero, too. Now I wonder if the 880 was torn down, and Oakland was given back its shoreline, if more pirates would appear.
sailor on strida 3


view from above

view from above, originally uploaded by ktieche.

Hat: Virgin Mary's Vancouver
Sweater: Mac & Jac
DKNY Soho Jeans


KT and da girlzzzzzz

fiona cloey kt 1, originally uploaded by ktieche.

Here I am in Lalaland with my two adorable and chic nieces Fiona (in front) and Cloey (on the left). We were taking a ride down to the local supermarket to pick up some food for dinner! They love riding their bikes in LA!


vancouver girls

Yes, I've neglected to point out that Vancouver girls on bikes are also quite chic...

nice pedi!
... all the way down to painted toenails.

bike|skate|date 1
In fact, they're so cute men must grab hold of them as they whiz by!

Pretty, pink and pinwheeled.

cute canuck
With friendly Northern smiles.

80s look on Granville
It's back to the 80s on Granville Street.

Looks like I've got some stiff competition up there, eh?


[Chantal Buard] Lydia's New Look

En rouge et blanc... like her bike!

[Lydia was VV's first personal profile! Great to see you here again!]

Photo and words by Chantal Buard.


party bike|party shoes

party bike party shoes
I still have dreams at night about riding around on a little bike like this one. In fact, I saw a couple for sale on Craig's List a couple weeks ago, and considered buying them and fixing them up! But since I don't need any extra projects at the moment, it will suffice to snap photos of other cyclists on what looks to me like a PHUN bike to ride around town!


penny farthing scooter

penny farthing scooter
This dapper chap is Jeremiah. I was on my way to the Tweed Ride when I ran into him, and assumed he was going to the same place. But no, he was on his way to grab a pint at the Irish Bank!


'Nuff Said

another orange cargo bike

orange cargo bike mission & 18th
The answer is yes. Cargo bikes in SF are orange. [More proof.] This bike seems to be permanently planted at 18th & Mission. I've never seen anyone riding it, so here's a friend of mine striking a pose with this lovely orange hauler!


shiny happy nutcase

shiny happy nutcase
A man with some helmet style! One of the first dudes I've seen wearing a Nutcase helmet. For a while, I thought Patricia and I had a hold on that market!
[Sorry for yesterday's silence, will give ya 2 for 1 today!]


the his and hers of cycle chic

A couple cyclists in this bunch caught my eye one morning commute (as a matter of fact, hats off to all of them)!
market street fashion

His: Dark denim jeans, plaid cotton shirt, fire engine red socks, polished brown leather dress shoes (and cutie in a hat in front of him).
cute boy red socks

But really, it's all about the socks.
red socks nice shoes

Hers: Flowing, layered skirt in shades of violet with cool helmet and black pumps.
great flowy skirt

That's the way we do it!
flowy skirt cool pumps


[Cosmoblue] The Corral Raleigh Date

TheCorralRaleighDate2, originally uploaded by Cosmoblue.

This sharp cyclist was sent to us by Cosmoblue of LA Cycle Chic fame via our Hot Dudes on Bikes Flickr Photo Group. Thanks, Cosmo! Keep the LA dudes rolling in!


What Is Chic?

What is chic? I think it is when you do what you do without changing who you are.

You can wear Prada or Gucci or Armani, but that isn't what does it. It is knowing you are in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. This family, without a doubt, is cycle chic!

fishnets a-go-go

kt fishnets 2
Next to my helmet, my fishnets receive more compliments than any other article of clothing in my wardrobe.

And they get around, too.


she makes it look so easy

pretty smile 2
When I tell out of towners that I bike all over town, this is the image that usually comes to mind. I'm sure you've all heard it before ("You bike SF? What about all the HILLS?")

Piece of cake! ;-)


VV Profile: Susan King

Occupation: Sunday Streets Coordinator
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Bike: Specialized Crossroads
What I like about my bike: the stickers! and the plastic basket with flowers :)
Cycling in SF: I go almost everywhere on my bike, it is my favorite mode of transit. Most of my biking is to work and other destinations in my life, though my favorite recreational ride is to the beach, which I try to do at least once a month.
Time and place to ride: everyday, though I especially enjoy evening rides on those rare warm San Francisco nights.
Color: Green! Period Green (also my birthstone)
Bike Fashion accessory: I prefer skirts with bike shorts under them when it is warm enough for skirts.
Artist most commonly played on iPod: well, I don't have an iPod, but one of my fave bike tunes is Bike with no Handle bars by the Flobots. My fave rocking biking song is Sweet Child of Mine by Guns & Roses.
Personal Style: "Slightly disheveled", I've incorporated this into an overall look that I am comfortable with. Usual attire: Jeans (new fave style, peg leg, slim, med-low rise Levis), pearl button cowboy shirt, pointy boots or sneakers (depends on mood and where I need to be), blazer or hoodie (or both). Also, skirt with aforementioned bike shorts, blouse, sneakers and socks if I can get away with it (Sun Sreets days, for instance), Mary Janes if not.
Velo Vogue tip of the day: Everything is better with Bacon! Oh, you mean fashion tip? Really, don't ask me for fashion advice, if given, do the opposite - you'll be fine.


[Christy Bockheim Meuzelaar]: Wedding on 2 Wheels

Un mariage en vélo! Congrats to Christy and hubby and good luck on the many paths you will explore together! Thanks for sharing these images and commentary with us!

I've been a fan of your blog for a while, and wanted to share some photos with your readers of our bicycle-themed wedding over the weekend.

Photo by Melissa Howard

Photo by Melissa Howard

Photo by Melissa Howard

Our invitations and programs featured a tandem bike drawn by my sister, our cupcake stand was shaped like a bicycle, and after the ceremony we rode off on a tandem bike!

Photo by Sharri Steen

Photo by Adrienne Bockheim

Photo by Sharri Steen

It was a big hit - even my nieces wanted to try it out!


riding coattails

With a coattails like these, I'd say this woman is forging her own fashion path to supermodeldom. [BTW - she's got the boots I've been coveting for about a year.]

coattails boots tights
Oh, and here's the rest of her fantabulous riding outfit!