Cycle Chic Films at Huckleberry Bicycles on December 21st

SF Film Screening Poster 8.5x11

Earlier this year, Vancouver Cycle Chic produced a series of short films to highlight the diversity, creativity, and humanity of two-wheeled transportation, and inspire others to consider giving it a try. Producer Chris Bruntlett is in town for an exclusive screening and party at Huckleberry Bicycles, and to talk briefly about how and why they were made. Please join us for a drink, a bite, and a chat.

Saturday, December 21st. Doors are at 5pm. Films start at 6pm.

Huckleberry Bicycles is located at 1073 Market Street, San Francisco

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See you there!


VV Profile: Chris Bruntlett of Vancouver Cycle Chic

Name: Chris Bruntlett

Occupation: Residential Designer

Raison d'être: Documenting the mainstreaming of bicycle culture through words, photos, and film

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Neighborhood: Commercial Drive

Favorite city to ride a bike in in the world: Montreal. On a BIXI. In the summertime. Je t'adore!

Helmet or no helmet: I feel fortunate enough to live in a city where I can get almost anywhere via traffic-calmed bikeway, designated cycle track, or separated seawall. So I feel perfectly safe riding without a helmet.

Type of bike: Linus Dutchi 3

Describe what you like best about your bike: The Dutch-style frame allows me to ride in an upright position, with a straight back, and very little weight on my forearms, wrists, and hands. It's an incredibly comfortable, practical, and enjoyable way to make my slow travels around town.

Describe your personal style: I ride in whatever I happen to be wearing that day: for work, it's typically a dress shirt and slacks. I'll throw on a wool coat in the winter, along with a flat cap, scarf, and gloves. My morning routine and wardrobe selection do not depend on the mode of transport I happen to be choosing that day; whether it be foot, bicycle, bus, train or automobile.

Favorite accessory when riding: I have a small, battery powered speaker that attaches to my iPhone and straps onto my handlebars for longer rides. You can't beat cruising the seawall with the kids in the summertime, music blasting, and the four of us singing along!

Favorite time and/or place to ride: The seawall in the early morning or late evening. At over 30 kilometres of car-free, waterfront goodness, it really is the gem of Vancouver. At that time of day, it's essentially deserted, with the mountains, ocean, and glass towers on display for us to soak up.

Tell me about riding around with your kids/family: We sold our car almost four years ago, and our family now makes the majority of our trips via walking, cycling, bus or train. We have evolved from a double-wide trailer, to a trail-a-bike, to a point now where both of the kids (ages four and seven) are able to ride on their own two wheels from one side of the city to the other. It has been amazing to watch the sense of joy, achievement, and independence as their skill levels increase, and they begin to learn the streets, neighbourhoods and landmarks of Vancouver like the backs of their hands! 

Tell me a funny story that happened to you when you were riding your bike: I have the funniest conversations while riding side-by-side with my children. Whether it's their innocent and unfiltered observations of the buildings and streets around them, or whatever strange idea happens to pop into their head that day, they never cease to amaze and entertain me. In the last couple of weeks, for example, my son has told me that "Cars are stupid", "Riding a bike makes his brain feel good", and people on the Skytrain should be called "Track pedestrians".

Tell me about how you got involved with Vancouver Cycle Chic and your message: Despite a reasonably safe and connected bike network, the culture in Vancouver is still quite militant: with high-viz vests, gore-tex, and helmets very visible on the streets. Even our local government and bike advocacy groups are guilty of dangerizing, politicizing, and overcomplicating the act of citizen cycling. I got involved with Vancouver Cycle Chic because very few people were presenting an alternate vision: that cycling is stylish, safe, simple, and incredibly fun.

Tell me about Cycle Chic Films and the speaking tour you've been doing: David and I decided to expand the photo blog into the world of film after seeing the "Cycling With" film series out of Dublin. After a couple of (failed) attempts, we managed to get our method, style, crew and equipment together in a suitable manner. We completed four short films in the summer, and will have two new ones ready before Christmas. Our intention was to highlight the diversity, creativity, and humanity of two-wheeled transport in Vancouver, and inspire others to consider giving it a try. I have also been presenting the films to city officials, advocacy groups, and film festivals across North America, and talking about promoting cycling more effectively. One of the films: ‘Heart and Soul’, was recently awarded ‘Best Bicycle Short Film’ at the New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Vélo Vogue tip of the day: Dress for the destination. Not the journey.

If you're in San Francisco on December 21st, come meet Chris at Huckleberry Bicycles, have a drink and check out some of his short films.

Photos courtesy of Chris Bruntlett.


Morgan's Magical History Tour

Professor Morgan Fitzgibbons, founder of SF's Wigg Party, took a group of us on a magical history tour today from the Mission to the Haight, the neighborhoods adjoined by the bike route that San Franciscans adoringly call The Wiggle.


Morgan's community activism is centered around the idea that we all must be resilient in building more sustainable communities, much like his predecessors, the Diggers, about whose legacy we learned on his tour today.


Even those of us who ride The Wiggle every day learned a thing or two about the history of this famous zig-zag that makes mountains into molehills.

Morgan with iPad

We also learned about some of the plans for improvement on The Wiggle, potentially including a roundabout at this very intersection at Scott & Page.


It's people like Morgan who preserve San Francisco's integrity, connecting the high-tech city of today to its roots in creative community activism of the 60s and 70s.


So thanks for getting us all together again for an enlightening and empowering day, Morgan! Ride on!


wise words from a good samaritan

For all you newbies to securing your bike, some words of advice:


Not all cyclists know how to properly secure their bikes, even if you're keeping it in your garage. Your bike is especially unsafe when left overnight on the street. Protect your property, folks. Most stolen bike stories do not have happy endings.


Vancouver Bike People


I just visited my other favorite city in North America, Vancouver, B.C., where I met the dudes behind Vancouver Cycle Chic and worked on my short film, The Spinster.

David Phu, founder of Vancouver Cycle Chic and composer of The Spinster's original score

Dave Phu of Van Cycle Chic

Chris Bruntlett, Vancouver Cycle Chic editor with his beautiful daughter

IMG_9919 Thanks for the bike tour + brews, guys!


Chris also writes about bike culture for HUSH, and recently expressed that he prefers not to be called the "C" word, so from now on, you're The Bike Man from The Great White North to me!

So here's a few pics of some two-wheeled Canadians I caught while riding around!










Such a great city for *ahem* cycling! ;-)



Except they have one funky law...


But you can still roll the dice and have a good time (the fine is $29 CAD).





unlike amsterdam, there aren't many places in the gritty city of san francisco where you can leave a bike parked outside overnight, night after night, without a reasonable expectation that it will be exploited by thieving vermin.  the parker, however, is theft proof, we hope.  who would steal a little girl's bike locked to the railing on her front stoop?   no one ever better touch the parker.



Benny Gold Bites the Bullitt

works for jerks

The cool people at Benny Gold are now the denizens of a bad ass, Danish designed, Bullitt cargo bike replete with beautiful hand painted signs and cargo box.  Gorgeous and functional, this bike/street sign is a welcome addition to the 16th Street-scape.


third time's a charm!

A series of selfies at Crab Park with the Vancouver Cycle Chic guys Chris and Dave.







More sights from the bike lanes of Vancouver to come!


after a long labor, a new bridge is born!

The new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge has arrived!

More good news! The bike lane on the new span of the bridge opens today at noon.

And what shall we christen this new addition to our family of Bay Area transit options?

Check out this cool timelapse of the first car commuters this morning.

Can't wait to see the Go Pro videos from eager Bay Area cyclists start to roll in this afternoon! Until then, here's a sneak peek!


Bay Area Bike Share is HERE!

Check out these cool events and celebrate bike share finally coming to the Bay!

• San Francisco launch event takes place 10:30 AM at the 4th & King Caltrain bike share station.

• San Jose launch event takes place at 10 AM at San Jose City Hall near the bike kiosks on 4th Street.

• Mountain View launch event is in front of City Hall at 10 AM.

• Palo Alto event launch event is at the bike share station at University/Emerson at 10 AM.

San Jose peeps can reserve one of 50 bikes to test ride. Follow @sj_bikeshare and start sharing!


absolut makeover

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

DIVIS_Makeover 7

If you weren't en route to the playa, and were still slummin' in SF this weekend, you may have wondered what the heck was going down on Divisadero.

DIVIS_Makeover 8

Haighteration gave this write-up about the Absolut Vodka commissioned street art project.

DIVIS_Makeover 6

So is Western Addition the next Williamsburg?

DIVIS_Makeover 1

What do you think?

DIVIS_Makeover 3

Does it qualify as neighborhood beautification? Or yet another sign of gentrification? What about the art itself? Does it inspire or repulse you?

DIVIS_Makeover 4

Another example of how corporations have "bought" San Francisco? I have mixed feelings. And apparently, just like Black Rock City, it's temporary. Store owners and residents will be able to decide if the art/eyesore is here to stay.


a leisurely literary bike tour with judy b.!

judy b. - a true renaissance woman - writer, actor, singer, cyclist, baker, producer and TOUR GUIDE.


Her literary bike tour of San Francisco criss-crosses the city to some of the places where her short stories in her book, Stories For Airports, happen.


Now is your chance to join her tour THIS SUNDAY. The tour starts at Huckleberry Bicycles on Market Street.


Let me tell you, as someone who rides bikes with judy b. and has read her book, the two together all at once, it's like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.



She'll take you to places where you can see your future...


Reminisce about family vacations...


And see the world, or at least San Francisco, in ways you never imagined.


Get Lit! This Sunday from 1 - 4 pm.