Coffee Stroll

Sometimes, I just have to get off the bike and have some coffee. My last latté of 2009.

Coffee Stroll

Denim jacket- Jones New York (thrifted)
Turtleneck- cashmere, brand unknown (thrifted)
Skirt- Ballantyne of Scotland (vintage, thrifted)
Belt- Banana Republic
Boots- Via Spiga
Bag- Eastpack
Bike- Batavus

Happy New Year! Go get dressed and get pedaling!


Winter Holiday Bike Wardrobe Remix

Here's what cyclists worldwide are wearing for the holidays:

Pashley Dressed for the Holidays

Lovely Bicycle in Boston gets her Pashley dressed up before the first snow.


christmas greg

In north Califas Greg is out on a christmas stollen ride with velo fanini- blessed by papa john paul.



Our friend and fave, Meligrosa of Bikes and the City, cute as always and hungry for FOODZ.

Mariela y su bici

and our friend Mariela in Chile, pictured with her sparton mixte, reminds us that it's summer in the southern hemisphere!


bike @ beach


I am madly packing tonight before I'm off on my Excellent Brazilian Adventure tomorrow. [Yay!] Sorry the posts have been a little scarce, but I'm sure you know how it is to be traveling during the holidays. I'm almost done with my list of 24 things to do in 12 hours. I will be posting about my travels once or twice a week while away, reading Bicycle Diaries and sharing my thoughts with you about cycling in Latin America, and whomever I meet along the way.


In the meantime, I am leaving you with these images of cyclists at the beach, because for the next week I'll be lounging in the sun in Copacabana.


Ate logo!


Joyeux Noël

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Natal!
santa @ sunset
Best wishes for the holidays from Vélo Vogue!

papa smurf
And Papa Smurf is chiming in with a Ho Ho Ho!


Velo Vogue- the bike


Hi Everyone, Ramona Wheelright here, guest posting on Velo Vogue, the premier bike fashion site. A certified bicycle addict, I recently purged my rusting collection of old bikes. San Francisco has been hard on the old girls, giving them a layer of rust that they managed to avoid in the first 60 years of their lives. Featured here is the Colson Vogue, circa 1938, now available at the Bike Hut. Even though Velo Vogue is about fashion, this bike deserves an appearance, since it is a velo called vogue. Imagine the ladies that rode this liberator around town....


It's Raining Mormons... in Miami


I was in Miami for a few days this week, applying for an emergency visa so I can go on my long-anticipated trip to Brazil, which is almost entirely paid for, yet missing one very important stamp in my passport to make it a reality.

Because I couldn't find a bike to rent anywhere in the downtown area, I ended up walking the entire city, running all my errands on foot, from the Brazilian Consulate, to the American Airlines ticket counter at the AA Arena, to the visa expediting service who will deliver my passport to me when I change planes from SFO to Rio in Miami on the 28th.


Meanwhile, since my vacation started early, I decided to start reading the book I had planned to savor and review here on VV while I was away: Bicycle Diaries, by David Byrne. So far, I'm enjoying the read (sorry, Adrienne). It's as if I'm having a conversation over coffee with David Byrne himself, pontificating about all things urban, and about the effects of history on our modern cities. I must admit that I was expecting more bicycle than diary, but nonetheless, his points of view as an Everyman who chooses to see and live in cities by bicycle offers a refreshing take on a travel diary.

So I am hooked.

It seemed ironic that I started reading his book in Miami, since the first chapter consisted of a litany of descriptions about the most (in Byrne's opinion) un-people friendly cities in our country: Detroit, MI, Columbus, OH, Sweetwater, TX. What stayed with me from his writings as I walked all from one neighborhood to the next, one of the only pedestrians on the sidewalk, were two questions Byrne has posed in his first chapters: why has the "international style" of architecture (poured concrete and identical windows) become so popular around the globe, and why is cycling considered to be a poorman's form of transportation in many developed nations?


So conditioned am I to photographing stylish cyclists, I thought for sure I would see some hot and ripped bodies cruising around Miami on two wheels. But no, the only cyclists I managed to capture were these Mormon Missionaries:




Later, after traipsing along broken sidewalks for hours along the harbor, I finally caught the tram to the bus to go back to my friend's gated community in Key Biscayne. I noticed a few other individuals waiting at the bus stop.


The lyrics to one of my favorite Talking Heads songs quickly came to mind: "Don't leave me stranded here, I can't get used to this lifestyle!"


My own bike wardrobe remix

SF Bike Expo fashion show

In the spirit of Bike Wardrobe Remix I figured I would showcase this look from the Bike Expo fashion show next seeing as half the items are from my wardrobe:)

Miss Kati is looking ever so sassy in:

re-purposed B. Spoke Tailor Knickers. They are created from thrift store wool pants and redesigned for cycling with an added gusset, side cell phone pocket and knee tabs. These are a great option for someone on a tight budget AND you can have them custom made for you!

She is wearing a super visible yellow Rickshaw bag
A silver sparkle Nutcase helmet (which I now own and love)
The cowboy boots, Nooworks butterfly bicycle man T-shirt , and scarf are from my closet.

She is riding a really beautiful Klara bike available at My Dutch Bikes.

photo by Richard Masoner/Cyclelicio.us

sf cycle moment: looks that stop traffic



A couple gems from the Halloween Critical Mass!


Bike Wardrobe Remix- Street Fashion by You

spring i miss you

Vélo Vogue isn't just runway bike fashion, it's also a forum for what YOU wear while cycling. Everyday we ride our bikes and we look good.  Here's what a couple of winter wardrobe remixers are wearing, what they are riding, and where they are going.  Post your bike wardrobe remix to our flckr group and you might end up on the pages of Vélo Vogue!

First Impressions

La Petit Gamine

Beret: I can't remember
Leather jacket: Wilson's Leather
Denim jacket: The Gap
Shirt: Norma Kamali for Walmart
Corduroy gauchos: Anthropologie
Boots: Nine West
Purse: An accessories store that no longer exists

I wanted to look nice to meet the owners of a bunch of bikes I pass everyday in town. I took this picture after talking to them in front of my house.

Getting ready for January Tweed Ride


Vintage wool cap

Vintage wool tweed coat
Thinsulate fingerless gloves with mitten pullovers
Old Navy Jeans
Aldo black leather shoes

1952 Raleigh Sports Bicycle - on my way to work



Loli delivering Valentines last winter

The bike is a 1961 lady's Raleigh.  

Outfit details:
Headband from Forever 21
Red jacket given to me secondhand, dunno the brand
Dress is Bodyline (www.bodyline.co.jp)
Over-the-knee socks from American Apparel
Shoes from Payless


new boots, new bike, new color

new bike new boots
It's the Latte, a pretty folding bike with phat tires and phenders that I won at the SF Bike Coalition's Winterfest Auction!

KHS Latte Single Speed Folding Bike (Fun!)
Raincoat: Soia & Kyo
Patent Leather Boots: Paolo
Leggings: Loehmann's
Black mini-dress: Loehmann's

Here, I was about to meet the bike blog gals at Rye in the Tenderloin for une Bicyclette Jaune.

Ou deux. Ou trois...

new boots on bike
Quatre Bicyclettes Jaunes plus tard, The Latte carries me home.


woh oh here she comes she's a man eater

SF Bike Expo fashion show

SF Bike Expo fashion show

Meli is stopping traffic as usual in a smoking hot yet comfortable to ride in ensemble featuring:
5733 Bike Girl T-shirt in gold
Nau Shroud of Purrin Skirt with a side slit and zipper which make for an easier and more modest mount and dismount.
Nau wool hooded jacket
Nau merino wool scarf
Super cute deco dot tights available at Sock Dreams
Fluevog ankle boots
Flashy gold glitter Nutcase helmet
Po Campo handle bar bag
Gorgeous Sycip cruiser bike

Photos by Richard Masoner/Cyclelicio.us


Sweet Form and Function

SF Bike Expo Fashion Show

Hanan is turning heads and staying dry and warm at the same time.
She is wearing a Nau Urbane jacket which is wind and water proof but the subtle details make it totally fashionable!
B. Spoke Tailor wool knickers.
Sheila Moon incredibly soft hooded under layer.
Super cute pink Crumpler bag
Nutcase helmet
Fluevog ankle boots
pink and white fixie from Mission Bicycle Company

Photo by Richard Masoner/Cyclelicio.us


Badassés Forever

The who's who of SF bike blog girls all went for drinks at Rye last night to try an expensive girly cocktail called "La Bicyclette Jaune" [which is off-the-menu by the way]. They informed me of this awesome video montage that The King himself put together.

VeloLove right back at you, my man!


cosmo's dudes

Cosmoblue of the prestigious LA Cycle Chic blog is a top contributor to our Hot Dudes on Bikes photo pool.

And boy oh boy, am I ever grateful she found us!
LA is teeming with hot dudes!

These pics are from a recent Black Kids on Bikes Freedom Ride. They meet every Thursday for a group ride. Looks like a fun time!

Gold Ripper
Peace, Love and Bicycles, my friend!

Locali's "The Bicycle"
LA is on the street food thing! The Bicycle from Locali.

I like this one because it reminds me of my old 'hood - hip Silver Lake!

And what's hotter than a couple half naked hot dudes on bikes at the beach?!

Thanks for all your contributions, Cosmo! Vélo Vogue loves LA Cycle Chic!

Vélo Couture is Haute Couture

IT is not often that the Grand Palais, one of the historic monuments of Paris, is host to a giant Ferris wheel, a spinning swing, a shimmering mini Eiffel Tower and a parade of scantily clad models showing lingerie on a catwalk resembling the Champs-Élysées.

Read suite here.

Thanks to Erin for forwarding!

NYT Article by Jessica Michault


Get Your Knickers On!

Come celebrate the bicycle this holiday season with B. Spoke Tailor on Saturday December 19th at Mojo Cafe. We will be showcasing new products as seen at the BikeStyle fashion show, offering custom fittings for riding raincoats, knickers, skirts, vests, and jackets. Accessories make perfect holiday gifts! We make recycled merino wool arm warmers and under the helmet hats, tweed top tube covers and spats.

Dress in your most fashionable cycling attire and take part in the Vélo Vogue photo booth. We hope to see you for merry times and fabulous fashions!



DIY Fashion: Wardrobe Remix Meet Bike

december 9.
La Petit Franc

Introducing a new DIY bike fashion movement called bike wardrobe remix. BWR is a flickr based group modeled after the wardrobe remix movement, a group of over 14,000 independent fashionistas that share their wardrobes and awe the audience with their prized thrift store scores. Now with bike. Help us demonstrate that real style isn't dictated and doesn't have to cost much, if anything.

Here's how:
1.Take a head to toe shot of you and bike
2.Tell us what you're wearing
3.Tell us what you're riding and where

Share your bike wardrobe remix with the flickr group. We'll be posting our favorites each week in a fashion round up. Here's the first:

June 5 2007
Lily of the Valley wears:
Vintage everything.
The shoes are purple, not black.
This is on our balcony, with my bike.

happy with whitey
Hunn and bike Whitey:
orange flea market cap sprayed gold
transparent turqoise byblos frames
padded-shoulder jacket with african stamps print
graniph photographer-series tee
APC trousers
Adidas Carlo Gruber's with built in ankle warmers
BREE postman's knapsack in grassgreen.
2nd (or even more) hand Romet foldable bike

The Corral Raleigh Date 1
Cosmoblue wears:
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Keds Dune Wedges
Bag: Matt & Natt purchased at Mooshooes in NYC
Watch: Fossil
Sunglasses: See Eyewear
Bike: 1970 Raleigh Lady Sport
Worn to: BIke date with the Hubby to a movie and dinner

early exposure to sad British pop music
Andulce wears:
Dinner jacket: Basement (borrowed from a friend).
Tuxedo shirt: Broadsword (borrowed from another friend).
Junkie fit jeans: Kill City (present from the second friend).
Pointy patent leather shoes: Max Denegri (all mine).
Bow tie: Gentlement clothing store.
Eyewear: Jack .
Bike: Oxford (borrowed from my girl rommate).
Books: "The Lost Language of the Cranes" by David Leavitt, "The New New Journalism" by Robert Boynton, among others.
I've just realized I'm very poor but I have good friends!
Photo: Guillermo Aguilar

We look forward to seeing more of what YOU are wearing and your bike!

one less car on market street

This holiday season I am celebrating with many other SFers the awesome changes to our city streets, thanks to the amazing efforts from bike advocates and the cooperation of the powers-that-be!

How refreshing to cruise down several blocks on Market Street without having to fight for space with cars, and hello! Our first separated bike lane!!!

What a way to roll in the holiday season!


VV Profile: judy b.

judy b

Occupation: Literary artist
Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - If you've heard of it, you must be a Pretenders fan.
SF neighborhood: The Fillmore
Type of bike: cyclocross with slick tires
Describe what you like best about your bike: I love the bell that rings of its own accord.
Describe your cycling experience in SF: I find that I can get away with really bad biking behavior when I'm wearing a skirt. I once made a very sudden and dangerous lane change crossing Market at Guerrero and not one horn blared!
Favorite time or place to ride: Riding into a still, dark night, catching a sudden whiff of jasmine: I love that.
Favorite color: Blue, green, or brown, depending on the day.
Favorite fashion accessory to wear while riding: A silk scarf.
Artist most commonly played on iPod at the moment: I use my iPod to relax, so I listen to Nawang Khechog's Music as Medicine a lot.
Describe your personal style: I buy pieces I love, whether they are "in" or "out" and then I wear them forever. I am attracted to funky, dorky shoes.
Vélo Vogue tip of the day: Skirts are super fun to ride in - and not even because they get you a free pass in traffic. If you're nervous, wear bike shorts, leggings, or tights underneath.


Sporty Chic


SF Bike Expo fashion show

Lindsey AKA Ryan is pulling all the punches in her sexy yet sporty pin-up bike diva outfit!

Vintage Adidas jersey available at Pushbike
super cute super functional Fabric Horse utility belt
Chuey Brand cap
Denim leggings available at Sock Dreams
Fixie provided by Mission Bicycle Company

Photos by Richard Masoner


Gwen meet blog- Hi nice to meet you!

Greetings fellow cyclists and fashion enthusiasts! My name is Gwendolyn Lee and I am honored to be a new guest writer here on Vélo Vogue. I recently organized the BikeStyle fashion show for Momentum magazine at the SF Bike Expo and prior to that I coordinated the Bike to Work Day fashion show for the SFBC. That being said I have done my research on bike specific fashions this year and I would love to share my secrets with you. I will be showcasing designers that transform a dull daily commute into a lively hip happening scene. I hope you find it helpful for sourcing the perfect gift this season for the stylish cyclist in your life. Especially if that someone is you!

Long live fashion with a function!



Cold On Grant St.

Grey day. Grey buildings. Grey outfit! Just put your hand in your pocket when the wind gets too chilly and you are ready to be one with the urban jungle!

dreams on wheels

Like this cyclist, I keep noticing this ad on the back of Muni buses. So I thought it was time to investigate. Looks like a trip to City Hall in the next week is in order!

dream on wheels

Dreams on Wheels is currently riding towards San Francisco City Hall’s South Light Court.

Open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., except for 26 and 27 November.

The exhibit will coincide with the United Nations International Climate Conference set for 3-14 December in Copenhagen.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) in conjunction with the Embassy of Denmark , Washington, D.C. will bring the acclaimed exhibit Dreams on Wheels to San Francisco City Hall beginning November 19. Developed by curator Thomas Ermacora in collaboration with Danish architect and urban design consultant Jan Gehl, Dreams on Wheels showcases Danish cycling culture and Denmark’s commitment to sustainability via urban design that promotes active transportation.

The Dreams on Wheels exhibit has made an international journey, most recently stopping in London and Portland, Oregon. The exhibit merges urban cycling culture, design intelligence and environmental consciousness and features case studies on how cycling has affected Danish culture. It also considers the history and social development of biking as a viable transportation alternative.