Bike Wardrobe Remix: New faces, new bikes

This week we are proud to introduce you to some new participants in the BWR.  We can't wait to see more of what these lovely cyclists are wearing on their trusty cycles.   We want you too,  submit your BWR photos to our flickr group.

Lulu Letty and Millicent
The Adventures of Millicent
Old quilted shooting jacket: Ralph Lauren
Vintage tweed vest: from mil
Ruffle shirt: J.Crew
High waist jeans: Urban Outfitters
Penny loafers: Lulus
Vintage bicycle: Millicent, aka Millie 


Kara Fina 
Kara Fina
Top- built by Wendy
Jeans- Bdg
Flats- vintage Ferragamo
Bike- Peugeot Mixte

Juleskills and her  New "old" schwinn
Outfit - 4/28/10
Cycle chic is on! The commute home. After a sangria with friends. I pulled off of York Ave onto a little cul de sac of sorts.
 Helmet: Behr
Jacket: Gap 2000 or 2001
Sweater: JCPenney! I <3 Ronson brand
Jeans: J Brand
Sneaks: Adidas, baby

wardrobe remix 121
I just realized that it was exactly two years ago today -- April 24, 2008 -- that I wore this shirt the last time. No major change since then.

shirt: Louis London, belonged to my mother, remixed
pants: Zara
flats: Unica, remixed
cardigan: Hammerschmid, remixed
bag: Lamarthe, a gift from my brother 

Trina and her Raleigh (she's the matching half to BWR favorite Poetas) 
The Patrina to my Dave
Anthropologie Cardigan Sweater
Ann Taylor Flowered T-Shirt
Gap Jean Skirt
Tights from Sock Dreams
Sock It To Me Argyle Socks
Berkemann Wood and Leather Clogs
Small Miniature Dachshund Pin
1980 Raleigh Roadster Bicycle

Caltexican (and KT too) has blogger credentials, but she's new to the BWR! 
kt + mel + giants!
shirt: black
skirt: american apparel
shoes: vans 

bike:  Raleigh Mixte 
going to see the Giants game. 

Through Cat Eyed Frames
What I Look Like Wednesday
what I wore wednesday
green dress
blue bike 

Eva // evoluer
vintage chanel cycling outfit
top & culottes : Chanel
shoes : Paco Gil
Scarf: vintage
bike: Surly w/ 3speed Nexus hub 

Meli's not new, but we can't resist her charms
me and my hot ladies
shirt, hat skirt under shirt, teal tights / unknown
jacket/ marc jacobs
flats/ campers

bikes the frenchie and the smurfette

A French mixte first purchased in SF in the 70s and an Italian road bought in SF in 2005.
Both steel. Both loved.
ok i love frenchie more. we all know that.

Thank  you Bike Wardrobe Remixers, new and old alike.  We can't to see more of your happy faces! 


Sunday Best for Sunday Streets

The ladies were lookin' good at the most recent Sunday Streets in Bayview.

It's blue on blue for Caz of London Cycle Chic and Shelly of Riding Pretty.
Caz + Shelly

Pushing the chic envelope forward while pushing her son's bike. And blonde is always chic.
Sunday Street Chic

Spring has brought skirts and dresses and bare legs, as well the new line of PUBLIC Bikes, the Orange Mixte seen here.
Sunday Best for Sunday Streets

No need for helmets or hats when you're leisurely cruising in the sunshine. Just let your hair go free and ride on!
Sunday Street Chic


Rock and Ride: NPR's Urban Cyclist Music Playlist

Check out these beats that NPR picked for urban bikers!

As of today's writing, my ever-evolving list would include the following (a classic|eclectic mix):

1. Wide Eyes/Local Natives
2. Black Dog/Led Zeppelin
2. Ring My Bell/Anita Ward
3. How Do You Like Me Now?/The Heavy
4. Handshakes/Metric
5. Many Moons/Janelle Monáe

quicker than a ray of light!

Now I wonder what the calitexican was listening to the afternoon I caught her rockin' the Panhandle?

And you (yes, all of you)! What would be on your urban cycling playlist?


KT goes to the Symphony!

Follow me and I'll show you how to get free parking right in front of Davies Symphony Hall.
DVF Bootie Panda

Voilà! You have arrived! Find an available meter (there are plenty) and go grab those orchestra seats! (My other DVF dress makes for perfect matinée attire.)
KT @ Symphony

My friend Tanya from high school was my date.
KT &amp; Tanya go to Symphony

We experienced a live scoring of Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush. Probably our favorite scene was the Dinner Table Ballet. True comic genius!

A creative sense of humor coupled with the discovery that - behind the tramp persona and fake moustache - Charlie Chaplin was a hottie got me thinking...

I wonder if he rode a bike!


Bike Wardrobe Remix: Bucolic + Bike

BWR was most impressed with the scenery in this week's submissions, not to mention the beautiful people, their smart wardrobes, and their beloved bikes! Enjoy. And don't forget to post your Bike Wardrobe Remix shot to our Flickr group.

Meowsk and her bike, Etienne, Salt Lake City

Lavender Streams

Kimchi Blue Purple Sage Swiss Dot Blouse
Circular Silver Diamond Necklace Gifted from Andrew
Garage Saled Violet Glass Stone Ring
Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans
Steve Madden Purple Flats


Kasmeneo is Pretty in Pink, Frankfurt

2010-04-19 pink-grey with bike

The sky is silent. What a relief!
cap - C&A
coat - not sure, maybe Baur, dyed by me=
t-shirt - Topatoco
pants - Bon Prix
shoes - Puma


Poetas is a BWR favorite, Portland


Glen Eske vintage Donegal Tweed cap
Argyle Sweater by The Gap
Sigur Rós T-shirt
Jeans by Banana Republic
Black Leather Boots by Aldo
1953 Raleigh Sports bicycle


Lisa Marie and her Rivendell Saluki at the beach, San Francisco


The top is for sleeping in. from anthropologie sale rack.
the skirt is from anthropologie too, bday present.
the frye boots i wear with everything.


Velouria looks vintage in this cell phone camera shot, Boston

Pashley, Charles River, Spring

In green, at the Charles River on her Pashley Princess
This girl has got bikes.


who's zoomin' who?

Totally diggin' this chica's paparazzi tee outside Mojo Bicycle Café this past Sunday.
cool t-shirt @ mojo

Here's a half-profile of Caz, while we sipped our cappuccinos and took in some sunshine and the hoppin' bike culture on Mojo's famous parklet built upon a former parking spot on Divisadero!
candid caz
I had the pleasure and honor of riding to Sunday Streets with the lovely Caz of London Cycle Chic and the illustrious Shelly of Riding Pretty. To be continued...


come out and play!

Apart from being a super-sunny gorgeous 75 degrees Fahrenheit afternoon, Sunday Streets in Bayview this past weekend was made for cyclists! It was hard for me to believe that I had never been on the Third Street bike lane before, and now, I will most certainly return.

Most of all I was happy to see so many children enjoying the car-free Third Street.

Look at how cool this kid on the chopper is... he's even got a girl on the back seat. Word. (Though I betcha it's his sister.)
kids bikes fun

And this pretty young thing perched gracefully on her mini dirt bike, taking a bite from her apple - swoon-worthy!
eating an apple

Happiness is as simple as this single white balloon. Car-free streets. Togetherness. Safety. Enjoyment.
ballon pink dog
And let's not forget the springtime sunshine. I wish Sunday Streets were every weekend.



Salvador Saudade

This is Salvador
Like me, David Byrne has visited Salvador de Bahia in Northeastern Brazil. He has [Bravo!] ridden a bike around that town. Although he didn't devote a whole chapter about his Salvador adventures in Bicycle Diaries, to me, the one about Istanbul most references what Salvador is all about. The opening lines for Istanbul could have been written about Salvador:

"Ride a bike in Istanbul? Are you nuts? Yes... and no. The traffic here is pretty chaotic and there are a number of hills... As in many other places I'm almost the only one on a bike. Again, I suspect status might be a big reason for this - bike riding, in many countries, implies poverty."

This city seemed to lack the bike lanes of Rio, and the very active bike communities of São Paulo and Curitiba. Traffic was in gridlock much of the time, and like most cities in Brazil, at night motorists do not stop at stoplights for fear of carjacking.

The brave souls I did see riding their bikes were always men who rode not alongside and with the car traffic, but often head on into the traffic, and not on the sides of the roads, but intermingled across and through the lanes. No blinky lights. No reflective clothing. No helmets. The men who were out there cycling - day or night - seemed to have nothing to lose.

In Salvador, I witnessed the aftermath of a horrible car accident with a cyclist. I also witnessed a hit-and-run with a little boy's dog.

To be quite honest, Salvador is fast developing in a bad way, high-rises spreading like fungus, and bumper-to-bumper traffic clogging most arteries. The streets at night replete with criminals and prostitutes. I really didn't want to die in this city.
Salvador Dogs

And yet. I. Must. Bike. So we took to the Ciclovia.

Carlos is no longer my BF, but I do have him to thank for our loaner bikes during our stay in Salvador. [Obrigada.]
C on Ciclovia
The day we biked to the beach is still a wonderful memory - maravilhosa.

I give the city of Salvador muito credit for building a separated bike lane right along the beach. (But why am I the only one using it?)
kt ciclovia

Beach + Bikes = KT is a happy girl!
vacation is niiiiiiiice
kt ciclovia

We found an oasis in this sugar cane juice stand. (A common and welcome sight along the sun-drenched Ciclovia.)
Caldo de cana

Bike @ Beach.
Bike @ Beach

This cute dog guarded our bikes while we took in the sea and sunshine.
praia perro

Back to the Ciclovia. You'd like to see a few more shots, yes? Oi ciclistas!
Salvador Ciclovia

Exclusively for cyclists. Way better than battling those automobiles!
Salvador Ciclovia

And this one: Your leisure with safety. (OK, so biking isn't just a leisure activity folks! Your mode of transport and your life with safety!)
Salvador Ciclovia

Tchau Ciclovia. Tchau Salvador. Tenho saudades de você.
Sunset Ciclovia
But I'm happy to be home.


Bike Wardrobe Remix: Wear it on Wheels

bwr loves this shot by Julz
Out and about shoes 
Shoes - Shinny aubergine leather, with red leather and fabric appliqué flowers, by Grosby


San Francisco Milliner
milliners make hats!
Tricia of House of Nines design wears
Coat- vintage
Boots- La Canadienne
Pants: H&M
Hat: Her own leather riding cap
Bike: Manta Ray!


A completely Gratuitous Self Portrait by J. Benlin Lee
A Completely Gratuitous Self-Portrait for Bike Wardrobe Remix
/ Nitto cycling cap
/ Red Dockers polo
/ Black Zara trousers
/ 2009 Raleigh, fixed

bwr loves LO:Ci (and her blog
Setting off_Sunday cycling
with yummy picnic in the basket.

bike wardrobe remix:
dress: People Tree
shoes: rocket dog pumps
pashmina silk & cotton: gift
cotton tights
handmade fair trade small satchel red bag
bike: Pashley Sovereign Princess

Mr. Cupcake
wardrobe colorful
bike also


Oranges and Apples Unknackered
10.4.10: brown and green
From Saturday, worn for my first proper bike ride of the year. I was expecting to be much more knackered than I was, I'm obviously not quite as unfit as I thought!

This one's 100% thrifted:
shirt - surf themed vintage shop in williamsburg
cords and shoes - charity shops

Adrienne Johnson between rainy days
It Was Sunny That Day
Shrug- Sheila Moon
Tee- Target
Belt- Fossil / Hip Bag- Five & Diamond
Skirt- Brooks Brothers
Shoes- Emma Hope's Shoes
Bike- The Bat


Spencer and Libo
Going out for a quick ride with Libo.
Me: Sperry, New Standard, Pendleton.
Libo: stick.
bike: fixed in pdx.


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