You & I - for your viewing pleasure

I love stop motion animation.

I love that this stop motion animation film starts with a cute hipster couple taking a ride on a tandem bicycle.

I love that they end up in Paris and the guy's got the killer t-shirt to show for it.

I love the simple DIY nature of this film.


Sonia's Travels - Then We Take Berlin!

I love Sonia's bike travel videos. But when I watched this Berlin episode, this Leonard Cohen song kept going through my head... Maybe she'll add a new soundtrack. ;-)


Vélorution - PARIS!

On my hunt for Space Invaders in Paris, I stumbled upon this bike pile not far from Hôtel de Ville.

At close range, some stickers looked familiar...

with a French twist!

At last - I found the Parisian bikey people!

The location is l'Atelier de Réparation Participatif - Vélorution, a cooperative bike repair workshop much like SF's very own Bike Kitchen.
Vélo en panne? Pas de soucis! They got the tools you need.

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler! (Wait - wrong town! Hope you had a jolly Mardi Gras!)


Thank God for Hot Dudes on Bikes

Happy Friday, everyone!

Kristin Tieche - Paris


Van Nicholas Test Ride
Two from Lovely Bicycle! - Boston

Todo estilo
Claudio Olivares Medina - Bogotá

Crazy San Franciscans
Adrienne Johnson - San Francisco

Josef, riding Rowan's '57 Raleigh Superbe
Velocipedinarian - Somewhere in Yorkshire

SebastianCorrea - This doesn't look like Brooklyn to me...


I took this photo when I was on my bike...

but it has nothing to do with bikes...
and everything to do with spring.

reflecting on bicycles

a cross post from wheelright, celebrating the rare occurrence of puddles in san francisco this winter.



Paris vs. San Francisco

Inspired by the best-selling graphic book & blog Paris vs. New York...

I present Paris...
Paris Chic

vs. San Francisco.
chic in sf

As lines are blurred, it's getting harder to tell the difference.

A good sign!


Paris Roule!

Voici ma photo à la Tour Eiffel!

Paris is so hip, even its carousel horses ride bikes.


And if you don't want to pay the 3 euros for a ride on the carousel, you can hop on the stationary penny farthing or unicycle for free...

comme moi.



do not judge a man on a bike by his clothes

On my latest trip to France, I saw more people cycling in athletic-wear or comfort clothing than I did in the fashionable apparel that we typically imagine most Frenchies wear. It could be the winter season, when perhaps fashion-minded people in France decide to take public transportation. Who really knows, and really, who am I to judge?


Take this senior gentleman on a tricycle, for instance. Unique and amazing in his own right. How can I judge a man on a bike by his choice of clothes? Should it not be enough to applaud his efforts and live by his example?

Bravo for your bravery, sir. Ride on into the sunset!