Can't stop the women and bikes!

Photo by Teresa Meier

Two recent articles on my favorite subject of late - women and biking.

First, from Chicago - for women, safety = happiness.

“If we make it safe, fun and easy for women, we make it safe, fun and easy for everyone.”

Next, from Oregon - women are lagging in biking and bike businesses.

Speaking from personal shopping experience, I believe most bike shops here in SF are owned by men. The one that was women-owned near my house recently shut its doors (sniff!). My friend Kristen, who rides every day, just visited a men-owned bike shop in Petaluma where she felt downright disrespected by the sales and service reps. What's with the bad attitude, guys?

Maybe it's kind of like when you go to the weight room at the gym. Women feel intimidated by the lack of women in the room to join the guys and pump iron. So weightlifting is seen as a men's activity, and yoga & pilates are for women.

So maybe if women see more of themselves in bike shops and on bike lanes, we women will feel safety in numbers. I think we need to create more organizations and groups that promote cycling for women, such as the Community Cycling Center in Portland, which has done wonders for the female cycling population in that town.

Your thoughts?


Levi's New Commuter Jean

Seriously - has the bicycle gone mainstream?

Here are a pair of jeans designed by America's major jeans label that are made specifically for the cyclist, with built in reflectors and U-lock carrying functionality.

Is this really happening... finally? Or do you actually think, like some people in cyberspace have argued, that cycling for transportation is simply a fad?


Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Meet Rookie!
Rookie Panda with Jaguar

And please congratulate him on his first bike ride - EVER! Rookie is the adorable chihuahua mix that I fostered and am in the process of adopting. He is a great passenger/co-pilot (not a back-seat driver at all) as he remained quiet the entire way from my house near Golden Gate Park to my office in SF's Financial District.
Rookie Panda

My friend Kay lent me her Basil pet carrier that she picked up at Warm Planet. It's sturdy, sizeable, safe and comfy enough to accommodate your furry friend. I like that the basket attaches to a rear rack so your dog can chill out and not be distracted by looking into your face. That way it's actually safer for you too.
Rookie Panda

We had a fun time on our morning commute. I think I'll bike to work with Rookie more often.
carrying Rookie Panda
Rookie Panda
Rookie is a bike rookie no more!


Bike Fashion 3.1 - You Look Good (in Phillip Lim)

Reason #11 I like to ride a bike? I get to show off what I'm wearing, demonstrated here in this stylish video shot in San Francisco, with models dressed head-to-toe in 3.1 Phillip Lim.


Rob Forbes' 17 Reasons and on Women and Biking

10 reasons to bike not enough? Here's a closer look at PUBLIC Bikes founder Rob Forbes in the online magazine Refinery29. Rob gives us his 17 reasons a person should ride a bike, including sensual pleasure and sex appeal!


Rob even chimes in on my favorite topic these days - women and biking:

I think the biggest trend is that more people, especially women, are reclaiming the bicycle for everyday transportation. The prominent role that women play in the industry may not always be immediately obvious. If you judged by the percentage of guys working in bike stores, managing bike companies, or attending bike shows it would appear that the biking industry is like the auto industry: Largely a man’s world. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that women are driving many of the major changes in the industry and advocacy, especially in the realm of how bikes fit into our communities with social purpose.


KT's Top Ten Reasons I Ride a Bike

Continuing the discussion on why more women don't bike in North America, I have decided to stop focusing on the negative (biking is too risky or too expensive, etc.) and present the top ten reasons that I ride a bicycle as my preferred means of transportation.

1) It's fun.


2) It's healthy.


3) It's efficient.

my great ass[et] panda

4) You can stop and smell the flowers.

purple with purple flowers

5) It's social.

Velo Vogue meets Curitiba

6) You can go almost anywhere door-to-door.

Giants Win 11 - 2!

7) It's economical.

Stitch Diva Goes Velo Vogue

8) It's good for the planet.

Townie in Sausalito

9) Hot Dudes...


and Hot Chicks.


10) It's the journey...


and the destination!


What are your top ten reasons for riding a bike?


A Win for Wolfpack is a Win for Bikes!

Photo by Waltarrrr via Yfrog

From laist.com:

Perhaps its time to re-think leaving on a jetplane with a rolly suitcase and opt instead for some short pants, a fanny pack and your bicycle. Wolfpack wins! In my country there is problem. And that problem is transport. Re-live the whole exciting Carmageddon race drama on Twitter #flightvsbike.

Rachel Maddow picks Wolfpack!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


CARMAGEDDON: Wolfpack Hustle v. JetBlue

Photo: Wolfpack Hustle

In a world where cars dominate the roadways, and the air quality keeps you indoors, one group of brave cyclists challenges the status quo and American transportation industry to a duel against time.

When all you have are your lungs, your heartbeat and electrolytes, can you dominate urban sprawl, fossil fuel and a big flying hunk of steel?

CARMAGEDDON. Starring the Wolfpack Hustle versus JetBlue.



Click here for more information about the Wolfpack Hustle's challenge to JetBlue and when all hell will break loose in Los Angeles when the 405 closes this Saturday, also known as Carmageddon.


summer cycling: Vogue magazine

When the top fashion magazines are finally picking up the cycle chic story, you know it's finally gone from subculture to mainstream. Vogue Magazine writes about summer cycling and what to wear, featuring fashion blogger/avid cyclist Hanneli Mustaparta on her Pashley (yeowza!).

Whereas the first photo is obviously staged (I wish that model was actually riding her bike rather than walking aside it), the second photo montage looks genuine, with three influential ladies in the spotlight riding two wheels. Brava! Will this kind of marketing really influence more women to bike for transportation?


senior style

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty from Ari Cohen on Nowness.com.

Some fashion tips from some ladies who've been around the block.

"Too many people are so afraid, and they just want to do what everybody else does."

Maybe this post is a little more fashion than bicycle, but the message is the same:

Don't be afraid, ladies! Go out onto the streets with confidence! Blaze some trails!


Bike Wardrobe Remix: Lady Vélo

It's been a while since we've posted a Bike Wardrobe Remix, due to Ramona's thesis project keeping her swamped, so I thought I'd bring it back with these three great looks from Lady Vélo of London - another fabulous woman on a bike!

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot with Horst A. Friedrichs

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot with Horst A. Friedrichs

Bike Wardrobe Remix Details:

Tatty Devine for John Lewis
LadyVélo Name Necklace: Tatty Devine
50's Dress: LaFrock Boutique
Ring: Dorothy Perkins
Mary Jane Heels: Vivienne Westwood

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot with Horst A. Friedrichs

Necklace: Tatty Devine
Vest Top: Topshop
Bracelet: Camden Market
Ring: Tatty Devine
High Waisted Floral Shorts: TopShop
Sandals: TopShop

Kitsch Kitchen Pannier

Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Pink Breton Stripe Top: Warehouse
Brooch: Tatty Devine
Jeans: Diesel
Sandals: TopShop
Ring: Mawi


It's Friday!

Time to put a smile on your face and get funkay!

What music do you listen to when riding a bike? If you're at a loss, then maybe you should check out this awesome downloadable Funky French Vélo Mix from Filles Sourires.


Thanks to my pal Michael for sending along the link.

It's Friday. C'est la fête!


more on women and bikenomics

More fuel to the fiery discussion about women, bikes and economics! The debate keeps getting juicier and I love it. The more we talk about the issue, the greater the chances that the story will make it to the pages of the New York Times!

Oh wait - it has! Twice in the past week for example.

It's safety, stupid!
Women, Uneasy, Still Lag as Cyclists in New York City

And what would make women feel safer? One word - INFRASTRUCTURE!
The Bicycle Dividend

Look - I can write about bikes and fashion 'til I'm blue in the face, but until our state and city governments - FEDERAL, even - drop some serious spending on building a safe, convenient and friendly bicycle infrastructure, I don't believe North America will ever see the levels of women (and men) cycling for transportation as you do in Europe and Asia - to go to work and play, dressed in normal clothing, as if cycling is a normal way to go. Yes, there are pockets on this continent like in Portland, but I believe we need to keep our representatives accountable for keeping the dream alive all over this country.

Thank you, and please let me know what YOU think!



It occurred to me that if we didn't have the Declaration of Independence, we wouldn't have the free spirited City of San Francisco.

Let Freedom Ring and Ride On!

Happy Independence Day, y'all!