young at heart

How does it feel to be young?


Carefree. Spontaneous. Flirtatious. Ambitious. Gutsy. Invincible.

We take risks because we can afford to make mistakes.

We throw caution to the wind because we have nothing to lose.

We follow every whim because we have the time.

In every interaction, there is so much possibility.


Trocadero in Milwaukee

Heading out for a good brew in Milwaukee, I noticed this great sign at the pub. And I also noticed there were many new bike lanes! Happy biking!!!

And of course in beer city, you can pedal and drink all at the same time...


I'm just happy to be here

I am thankful that I was born in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Thanksgiving Day Portrait

I am thankful that our Novembers are so crisp and clear.
Thanksgiving Day Portrait

I am thankful that my parents live just across the Golden Gate Bridge, giving me an excuse to regularly ride over one of the world's most iconic landmarks.

I am thankful that I grew up riding these roads with these views.
Townie in Sausalito

I am thankful that I grew up at the foot of this mountain.
Mt. Tam

I am thankful that the nature that surrounds my city is pristine.
November Shadows

I am thankful for my feet that carry me where I want to go.
Thanksgiving Panda

I am thankful for my hands that steer me in the right direction.
Thanksgiving Panda

I am thankful for the wind that carries the air that fills my lungs.
Thanksgiving Panda

I am thankful for my heartbeat that lets me experience life.
Thanksgiving Panda


Give Thanks to the Bike Goddesses of SF

Thanks to my bike, I have made friends with some incredibly inspiring women!

Ramona & Lisa Marie

sunday outfit

Kristen in Black and Orange

Ade on Brompton

CTX badassé

Sasha in Oranje

Gwen in Nooworks Window



how a woman feels on a bike

It's about is freedom. It's about independence.

I can go where I want when I want how fast or slow I want. I'm not held back by restrictions of wealth. I'm not held back by restrictions of status. I'm not held back by restrictions of time.

I get to my location within the millisecond of when I predicted I would be there. I can park directly in front of the bar, restaurant or otherwise carpeted venue without paying a valet. Without belting in. Without stepping on any dirty gas pedal. Without making any payments to anyone.

On the way there, I will feel the vivacity of being ALIVE. I will fill my lungs with air. I will feel the blood pumping through my veins. I will feel my heartbeat pounding in my chest.

Underneath my saddle, I feel a connection to the earth. In yoga class, my teacher always tells me to feel the earth rising to touch the soles of my feet. On my bike, when I'm riding, I actually feel that energy rising into my sit bones. My feet are pedaling, and with each rotation, the Earth rises into my calves, my thighs, my pelvis. I know where I am.

I am on the streets of San Francisco.

I overhear drunken conversations of passersby. Whose house will you end up at tonight? Where will you go for your next drink? How hard will it be to go to the office tomorrow? Did someone see you out of your element?

Yeah, it was me. I actually was close enough to the curb that I saw that stolen glance, that secret kiss... You didn't think I could see or hear you, but I was close enough that I witnessed it all.

Sometimes I wonder how much Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, John Fluevog and (RIP) Alexander McQueen would treasure this type of connection that I feel with the PEOPLE when I am riding my bike on the street. Isn't that person walking home drunk and fabulous with a disposable income who they are trying to reach? Would it benefit them to rid themselves of their towncars/limos/tinted windows and experience life in its purest and most vibrant form?

Every time I sit in my saddle and live this life experience (my daily transportation from point A to point B) my bike reminds me of why it feels good to be alive.


two best friends are better than one

Meet Kay Hoskins and her cute puppies!

I've always wanted to get a chihuahua, and so I'm doubly envious of Kay!

Riding away with man's best friend times two on the back of another tried and true friend, her bike (although imho, cats are awesome friends, too - but maybe not so much on the back of a bike).


VV Profile: Robin Carlson - More Cowbell, PUH-LEASE!

stop & smell the
photo by Booker T. Kyle

Name: Robin
Occupation: Artworld Elitist
Hometown: Southern Humboldt
Current neighborhood: Sunset
Favorite city to ride a bike in in the world: Any Mediterranean island city, San Francisco, Rome
Helmet or no helmet: Helmet!!!
Type of bike: SS Surly Cross-Check, DeRosa Planet, Waterford (touring), Specialized FSR XC

Describe what you like best about your bike: I love them all for different reasons. My DeRosa is beautiful and super fast. My Waterford is like a Cadillac- I could practically take a nap on it.

Describe your urban cycling experience: When I worked at the Legion of Honor I never went straight home from the museum. I rode Land's End and GGP or the Headlands every day on my cross bike, and was always grateful that my commute was one of the best rides in the city.

Lately, I've been exploring different corners of the local bike scene. I played polo for the first time last week and raced cyclocross for the first time the week before before that. I started modeling for Pedal Panties over the summer, and recently did one of the Pedal Savvy fashion shows. I'm sure that my velo-fetish didn't need to be encouraged but finding new ways to geek out has been making me really happy.

Favorite time and/or place to ride: AT&T Park for Giants games is always at the top of the list. I go on road rides in West Marin whenever I can. I love rolling around the city on random weekdays exploring the neighborhoods and finding cool shit. Nothing beats a sunset on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge, but sunsets in the Mediterranean come close.

photo by Robin Carlson

Tell us a funny story that happened to you on your bike: Eddy Merckx kissed me on the cheek. (Admittedly, it's not funny, and I wasn't actually on a bike, but it's still worth sharing).

Describe your personal style: I have an extensive collection of miniskirts, including a skort for riding, and I wear tons of jewelry. I usually carry 2 or 3 hoodies at any given time. My bikes are an extension of my style. My 1-speed is black and has pinstripe bartape that matches my favorite hoody. If I'm not in Sidis, I'm wearing high-heeled black boots.

photo by Booker T. Kyle

Favorite color(s): Black

The Real Pride in SF
photo by Robin Carlson

AND how 'bout those Giants??? Damn Dude! I was on Polk when they won, and rode through the city ringing my orange cowbell. Of the five cops standing at the 3rd street bridge, one thanked me for stopping at the red light & yielding for a car and another shouted "More Cowbell!"

Cowbell aside, I'm still not quite sure how to sum up this season (like it wasn't enough that Jon Miller was inducted into the hall of fame). I am still basking in the afterglow and enjoying the shortest off-season in SF Giants history.

Vélo Vogue tip of the day: Fortune favors the well prepared.


Vogue Around The Globe

From Holland by M5(aka 640i)

From Malmo, Sweden by Chic Photos

novembre_ 936
From Barcelona by Bart Omeu

NYC Bicycle Commuter, 5th Ave. @ 58th St.
From New York by bicyclesonly

Valentine: Cycling in Paris
Photo of Valentine from Paris by way of Simply Bike - Oh la la!

Yellow Mixte Remix
From the Midwest by Simply Bike

From Atlanta by Cameron Adams

Geri Raven with vntage Peugeot on the York-Selby cycle track.
From the UK by Borntoolate1960

Gazelle Champion Mondial Fixed
And from some amazing beach somewhere in the world by lexitos!


A Giant Parade!

On November 1, 2010, the San Francisco Giants became the World Champions for the first time in history! It was one of the greatest times I can remember being here in The City, and I also experienced the most intense connection to my birthplace that I ever remember.

Two days later, SF exploded into a sea of Orange and Black as 1.5 million fans descended upon the downtown area to welcome our champs home. It was an amazing outpour of support and love for our team! I am blessed to have shared that beautiful moment with such amazing friends, so now, I share my memories with you!

The film is 13 minutes long, so I recommend viewing it with a cold beer and a good sense of humor.

Music: Wide Eyes, Local Natives.


coming & going

The Bike Expo is always held at the Cow Palace, and we super-models had to be there from dawn to dusk.

There was nothing more special than biking through an unfrequented and remote SF neighborhood in the morning light...
KT joy sunrise
photo by meligrosa

... except for the ride back, escorted by sweet tunes and a group of new like-minded bikey friends!
photo by Smilejunkiez


VELO is like a Heat Wave!

Record breaking high temperatures in mid-November for SF!

Get out and enjoy the breeze you create!


A Moment in the Mission

18th Street.

Urban dude.

XL t-shirt, jeans with new kicks.

Pretty hipster girls.

Leggings and flats.

Thrift Town dresses.

Vintage Bikes.

Zero Emissions Vehicles.


Soeur Jumelle du Rouge et Noir

It's the long lost twin of my Rouge et Noir!

Not quite a Mixte, but it was the red and black on this Frenchie that stopped me in my tracks, as if I was looking into the mirror.
Its owner and I briefly discussed which twin was older or younger. I do believe my Mixte is from 1979, but I could be wrong. We couldn't figure out if the Mixte came first or this more feminine frame.


The Return of the Ring

Now that the Giants have brought San Francisco The Ring, KT returns to the bike lane in technicolor, though if I crash, it'll be Orange and Black pouring out of my veins.

I am eternally grateful to los Gigantes for the BEST SEASON EVER.
Without further adieu, Ding Ding!


The Tribes Unite

(this article is cross posted at Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!)

Saturday was the San Francisco Bike Expo. A one day show of all things bicycle. While its primary goal is commercial, you can buy just about anything you never knew you needed for a bicycle, the big attraction for me is always the people. If it is self propelled and on two wheels you can find the person who brought it there at the Expo.

It is natural for us to form into groups of those who are like minded. To be the odd man out can be tiring on a daily basis, so having social groups that look like us is to be expected. Just as we prefer to ride with people who match our cadence, we look to groups that compliment our personal choices of expression- BMX, cyclocross, fixed, utility, vintage.... Most of the time, we delude ourselves into believing that each of these groups is nothing like ourselves, but then something like the Expo comes around and allows us all to mingle and gawk and admire one another and simply enjoy life on two wheels.


There was, of course the fashion contingency at the Pedal Savvy show. Many of my friends were featured in it (Meli above, KT below)


The men were represented, as well.

I Sneer At You From My Bamboo Bike

While the bike appropriate fashion paraded its way along the cycle track, the cyclocross was in full swing. I can not tell you how much I want to try this (never mind that I do not have the equipment for it and I am NOT buying anymore bicycles after the purchase of one in Portland that will arrive very soon for your consideration).

Lift Those Knees

I love that cyclocross is as popular with woman as with men in most of the places people participate in it. I love that it isn't just about going fast and that those who compete have to utilize all of their physical abilities. I love that the men frequently dress in drag when they compete!


Winding through the whole thing were the Scraper Bike guys.


This group makes staying out of trouble and using the talents that the good Lord gave them fun and educational. Every kid in the program has to have a GPA of 3.00 or higher to be in the group. They design and build their own bicycles and ride together as a group to show the world what a little wrenching, some spray paint and a few people who believe in you can do.

Scraper Guys

I wish I could show you the dirt jumping competition. My camera died by the time we got to the outdoor area, which is a shame because some of the jumps that we saw were worth documenting (not to mention the pump track my friends at SF Urban Riders built so the kids could get good and dirty). Seeing people get bikes 50 feet in the air while spinning them around and then landing and doing it again was astounding.

Of course, the point to this post is this, the fashion show crew was in the audience cheering on the dirt jumpers who were talking to the scraper guys who were cheering on the cyclocross racers who went and checked out all of the cargo options... For one day, we were all just people on bicycles and there was no difference. We didn't bitch about the road conditions or getting cut off by cars or how no one has lights on their bikes. We were just a bunch of people enjoying all that bicycles have to offer us if we just open ourselves to the possibilities.