cosmo's dudes

Cosmoblue of the prestigious LA Cycle Chic blog is a top contributor to our Hot Dudes on Bikes photo pool.

And boy oh boy, am I ever grateful she found us!
LA is teeming with hot dudes!

These pics are from a recent Black Kids on Bikes Freedom Ride. They meet every Thursday for a group ride. Looks like a fun time!

Gold Ripper
Peace, Love and Bicycles, my friend!

Locali's "The Bicycle"
LA is on the street food thing! The Bicycle from Locali.

I like this one because it reminds me of my old 'hood - hip Silver Lake!

And what's hotter than a couple half naked hot dudes on bikes at the beach?!

Thanks for all your contributions, Cosmo! Vélo Vogue loves LA Cycle Chic!

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