Vogue Around The Globe - bursting into chic, part 3

Part Three of this week's Vogue Around The Globe special edition is dedicated to twosomes.

Chic things come in twos!
Italian Cycle Chic [Padova]
From Padova by Luca Violetto

The bike dude always gets the chic chick.
Ed and Isabelle
from Richmond, VA(?) by Jeremy Ledford

Easy riding.
Piulant en bici x BCN
from Barcelona by Bart Omeu

Like mother like daughter!
London Tweed run April 2011 (96)r
from London by Funny Cyclist

Two fab friends.
Elly and Meghan
from Portland by Patrick Barber

She's simply about to burst into chic!
bike tee
from America's Midwest by Simply Bike

Thanks to all the contributors for making the VV Flickr Photo Pool such a wealth of bike style from around the globe. You all continue to inspire! Ride on!

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