Hot Dudes on Bikes: Bike Biodiversity (part deux)

The Bike makes the Man. It's the evolution of our species, and many would argue, the key to our survival.

Homo sapiens
come in all shapes and sizes. And thus should our tools of mobility.

It's Bike Biodiversity (2/2).

Elias Nkeleku by bicycle portraits - South Africa

by 'Xander @416cyclestyle - Toronto, ON, Canada

Nao Tomii and His Bicycle, Lexington MA
by Lovely Bicycle! - Lexington, MA, USA

Federico Sánchez

Carnaval de Ñuñoa 19 Noviembre 2011
by Claudio Olivares Medina - Santiago, Chile


by Cameron Adams - Atlanta, GA, USA

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0096

Copenhagen Bikehaven by Mellbin 2011 - 0015
by Franz-Michael S. Mellbin - Copenhagen, Denmark

Tweed Run NovC 2011 (8)

Tweed Run Novb 2011 (6)
by Funny Cyclist - London, England

eLpolacoLoco 2011
by analojik - Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

by Adrienne Johnson SF - San Francisco, CA, USA

Ride on, humankind!


Bicycle Kitty said...


Courtnee said...

A well-dressed man on a bike is practically irresistible. That's probably why there are so many more men on bikes than women. Right about now they're figuring out that it's hard to flirt with women in cars. Infrastructure improvements are soon to follow; it's imperative to the species.

Kristin Tieche said...

@kitty & courtnee - couldn't have said it better myself... prrrrrrrr...

JK said...

Analojik says hello and thanks! so nice to see my photo here :)))

Cameron Adams said...

Pleased again to have been chosen for this feature.
@Courtnee - Be sure to hook up with Indra or Kyle re: the next Seersucker Social.

She Rides a Bike said...

A very handsome bunch. Bikes make everyone just a little sexier.