absolut makeover

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

DIVIS_Makeover 7

If you weren't en route to the playa, and were still slummin' in SF this weekend, you may have wondered what the heck was going down on Divisadero.

DIVIS_Makeover 8

Haighteration gave this write-up about the Absolut Vodka commissioned street art project.

DIVIS_Makeover 6

So is Western Addition the next Williamsburg?

DIVIS_Makeover 1

What do you think?

DIVIS_Makeover 3

Does it qualify as neighborhood beautification? Or yet another sign of gentrification? What about the art itself? Does it inspire or repulse you?

DIVIS_Makeover 4

Another example of how corporations have "bought" San Francisco? I have mixed feelings. And apparently, just like Black Rock City, it's temporary. Store owners and residents will be able to decide if the art/eyesore is here to stay.

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