Ride on, my sweet little friend!

In early May of 2011, this little friend came into my life.

I named him Rookie, and he became one of my best friends.

He came with me to work and to play.

We hung out on the sofa at home and watched movies together. zzzzzzzzzz

He gave me unconditional love and affection. And in return I loved him back.

As Rookie's companion and guardian, I tried to give him a safe home, and a healthy, happy life with lots of loving friends.

On December 27, 2013, Rookie made his journey over what is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Bridge.

The night after he passed on, I woke up with the lyrics to this song, Warm Love by Van Morrison running through my head. It felt like Rookie was singing these words to me to remind me that love is everywhere, surrounding us all the time. We just have to take the time to see it, hear it, feel it, TRUST IT, and give love back. Once you open yourself to love, you will find it everywhere, unconditionally.

I miss Rookie so much, my little baby doggie. See you in the afterlife, my dear, warm, sweet, cuddly friend.


MELI. said...

long live rookie!
he loved u so much for giving him the best doggie life <3 so glad to have met and enjoyed rookie's sweet presence xxom

Ramona Wheelright said...

rookie was the sweetest cutest little friend. may his sweet soul run and snuggle and have doggie treats forever.

Anonymous said...

I'll always think of Rookie in his bike basket. Thanks to Rookie's example, my rescue pug-mix also gets to ride.

Ride on, Rookie.