panhandle vogue

We all know about the Mission. Stylish cyclists cruising up and down Valencia Street all day long. BUT--there are other 'hoods in SF where you can spot someone vogue-ing on two wheels. The Panhandle bike lane is one of those places. It's one of my favorite bike lanes in SF, not only because it's close to chez moi, but more importantly because every time I cruise through it, I witness typical SF moments. There is always a game of medicine ball happening on Saturdays. Strange, but true. If there weren't, it wouldn't be SF.

Catching a whiff of eucalyptus is also quite a pleasant experience.

So this afternoon I chased down this lady in black heading east on her smashing green cruiser, proving that the Mission isn't the only place to find SF cycle-style.


Anonymous said...

that's my stylist girl!!!! I am smiling all the way from NYC to SF!!! With love from Ma. xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the velo pics and inspiration, ladies. Looks like spring has sprung! Does the smell of eucalyptus bring back your UCSD days/ze, KT?

ahhh, the panhandle... Chris & I recently found my old abode at Central/Hayes on Google Earth. Love the internets.