Purple dress


Kristin Tieche said...

I saw this look at the concert I went to the other night - the pretty dress, gathered at the waist with a belt of a different color paired with flats. Especially with the leggings, it's very 80's and a look that works on and off your bicycle!

Charlotte said...

Funny story about people confusing "ballet slippers" with "ballet flats" (and this happens a lot because we specify when we're wearing pointe or flat shoes, further confusing the terminology...)

This girl showed up at my ballet class and she clearly hadn't been to ballet class since she was very small. She'd definitely paid a lot of money for a pair of white satin Vera Wang ballet flats, and thought they were the right shoes to wear (perhaps she just wanted to get to wear them again?). Real ballet slippers are much more flexible, so when one stands in élevé the shoes mold to one's foot. Not so Vera Wang ballet flats! Every time she'd go to half-pointe they'd fall off her heel and SLAP! down onto the floor, audibly calling attention to the poor girl's wardrobe malfunction. Each time she had to stop dancing and put the shoe back on her foot. We never saw her again, I think she was very traumatized even though no one said a word...

I always think of her when people call these flats "ballet slippers".