wall of mirrors (self-portrait)

For all of you curious ones (or those with nothing better to do), here's a pic I took of myself on Bike-to-Work Day. I rode 1.5 hours in 100 degree weather from SF to Marin and then enjoyed a Corona with lime on the ferryboat back home.

Not a bad commute, eh?


Charlotte said...

Cute bike!
And yes, I'll take one of those beers please.

Kristin Tieche said...

Yes, I quite like my black Motobecane. It's European, but French... of course! It is now equipped with a rack and big basket. Next come new handlebars and fenders.

Anonymous said...

Hey Babe..It's good to finally see you.

Unknown said...


You are one hot tamale. See you soon at Zeitgeist?

; )

- brian

Kristin Tieche said...

B - Of course! Not only do I love my bike, I love my beer!