VV couple: Brian and Susan

I know Brian from the carfree movement. Then he hooked up with this totally awesome chick, Susan. Brian is a Press Secretary for a large environmental non-profit. Susan teaches chaplains at a large hospital. I've heard Brian say that her job is to love people on the worst day of their lives (when loved ones are in the hospital, for example). They live in Oakland, carfree by choice. Here they are leaving the WOBO party:

As you can see, they are both rather dapper, coming from work. Susan is in a snazzy professional purple skirt, heels and carrying a briefcase. Brian sports a button-down shirt even on a Friday. I know they spend all the money they save not owning a car on fabulous vacations, tho, not clothes. You'd never know.


Kristin Tieche said...

B - classic pic!

S - is that a purple bike? Cute!

Mom said...

Yes, I am thinking Susan should get her own individual profile.