I had just left the Rupa and the April Fishes' April Fool's Day concert at The Independent when I ran into this pretty girl returning home.

Even my measly phone decently captured her pretty smile and classic style. I told her how great she looked and she commented on my fishnets, probably feeling like she had to return the compliment.

On stage with Rupa and the fishes, to my surprise, was Mona Caron, the gifted muralist who has transformed so many of San Francisco's public spaces, including the wall behind the Safeway on Market into the iconic Duboce Bikeway Mural.

Thanks to Mona, Rupa (and the Fishes too) and this pretty girl on her bike for continuing to pump SF with their fabulously creative energies!


Charlotte said...

Oh, she's lovely!

Dottie said...

Pretty! That's the perfect skirt length for cycling, I've found.