DIY Fashion: Wardrobe Remix Meet Bike

december 9.
La Petit Franc

Introducing a new DIY bike fashion movement called bike wardrobe remix. BWR is a flickr based group modeled after the wardrobe remix movement, a group of over 14,000 independent fashionistas that share their wardrobes and awe the audience with their prized thrift store scores. Now with bike. Help us demonstrate that real style isn't dictated and doesn't have to cost much, if anything.

Here's how:
1.Take a head to toe shot of you and bike
2.Tell us what you're wearing
3.Tell us what you're riding and where

Share your bike wardrobe remix with the flickr group. We'll be posting our favorites each week in a fashion round up. Here's the first:

June 5 2007
Lily of the Valley wears:
Vintage everything.
The shoes are purple, not black.
This is on our balcony, with my bike.

happy with whitey
Hunn and bike Whitey:
orange flea market cap sprayed gold
transparent turqoise byblos frames
padded-shoulder jacket with african stamps print
graniph photographer-series tee
APC trousers
Adidas Carlo Gruber's with built in ankle warmers
BREE postman's knapsack in grassgreen.
2nd (or even more) hand Romet foldable bike

The Corral Raleigh Date 1
Cosmoblue wears:
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Keds Dune Wedges
Bag: Matt & Natt purchased at Mooshooes in NYC
Watch: Fossil
Sunglasses: See Eyewear
Bike: 1970 Raleigh Lady Sport
Worn to: BIke date with the Hubby to a movie and dinner

early exposure to sad British pop music
Andulce wears:
Dinner jacket: Basement (borrowed from a friend).
Tuxedo shirt: Broadsword (borrowed from another friend).
Junkie fit jeans: Kill City (present from the second friend).
Pointy patent leather shoes: Max Denegri (all mine).
Bow tie: Gentlement clothing store.
Eyewear: Jack .
Bike: Oxford (borrowed from my girl rommate).
Books: "The Lost Language of the Cranes" by David Leavitt, "The New New Journalism" by Robert Boynton, among others.
I've just realized I'm very poor but I have good friends!
Photo: Guillermo Aguilar

We look forward to seeing more of what YOU are wearing and your bike!


Charlotte said...

Love it! What a great idea.

Kristin Tieche said...

Merci, Ramona!

Great work, and great to have you here with us at VV!!!

lisamarie said...

Loving this idea! I think it's so important to show people who are on the fence about riding that you can do it daily without sacrificing your style.

Christa said...

Good idea. Loving this last photo. Cool dude.

Dottie said...

I'll echo Charlotte - What a great idea. Moseying over now.

andulce said...

Thank you very much!
I didn't have the photo taken in order to be part of the group but now I'm very happy it is here.
This is a great idea!

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks, Andulce!

Keep sending us your glam shots and you might see yourself here again! Thanks for stopping by!