Game 5 Good Wishes

Let's send our Gigantes into Game 5 with some homegrown love from SF!

KT & Mike say Let Timmy Smoke!
KT and Mike Let Timmy Smoke

I caught Adam Pastana of Rock The Bike on the way home from a game lo-fiving Giants Fans in the Panhandle! Rock it!
Adam Rocks the Lo Fives in Panhandle

This is the second time I've caught this hip dude decked out in Orange & Black - A TRUE FAN! We love it!
Repeat Impressor Giants Fan

And hey - it can't be denied that Giants fans are sexy. Like this smokin' hot Orange & Black chica in her high heeled boots!
Hot Giant Chick post 1st WS Win!

This is how my team makes me feel!
F*ck Yeah Panda

Giants Fever hits the street!
Giants Fever hits the streets
DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'! Knock 'em dead in TX! Smoke 'em, Timmy!


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