A Giant Parade!

On November 1, 2010, the San Francisco Giants became the World Champions for the first time in history! It was one of the greatest times I can remember being here in The City, and I also experienced the most intense connection to my birthplace that I ever remember.

Two days later, SF exploded into a sea of Orange and Black as 1.5 million fans descended upon the downtown area to welcome our champs home. It was an amazing outpour of support and love for our team! I am blessed to have shared that beautiful moment with such amazing friends, so now, I share my memories with you!

The film is 13 minutes long, so I recommend viewing it with a cold beer and a good sense of humor.

Music: Wide Eyes, Local Natives.


MELI. said...

I just watched the whole thing!
saved it for when I had some late nite work +needed a HAPPY break
OMG KT this is fantastic. WHat was so awesome asides the week as it was already, was anywhere you looked was YEAAHHHH --- then someone will automatically be like YEAAAHHHHH back
awesomeness. we need to grow beards

love your films chica

Kristin Tieche said...

Awwwww!!!! SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!!! I still get a big fat smile across my face every time I relive this moment. I'm still so blissed out...