What To Wear - Darius Pearson

Vélo Vogue and Mind The Gap have teamed up to bring you some simple bike commuter tips. First up, What To Wear for men, featuring Darius Pearson, manager at Chrome SF who commutes by bike to work daily. He tells us what he typically wears when he bikes to work or play.

Let us know what YOU wear to work! Especially the guys this time!


Unknown said...

I'm not a guy but here is what I typically wear, pretty minimalist:

JCrew's t-shirts, usually shaped w/ 3/4 sleeves, usually solids;
light weight wool cardigans; JCrew city fit or cafe cut pants; ballet flats or a favorite pair of Fluevogs purchased 2 years ago in SF. It's very comfortable for biking to work and I always feels neatly and nicely dressed for work.

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks! We'll be doing a What To Wear for Her pretty soon! ;-)