easy spirit and drillium

I met carolyn at the March sunday streets and was drawn to her cool rig.  on closer inspection i found that not only is she a true bike person, as indicated by the iconoclast of her easy spirit sneakers and her bike's chain ring drillium, but that she is also a fashionista.  She knit both her amazing and stylish sweater, and her partner Keith's vest.   I think that this couple owns SF pedicab- bike people to the core!
keith owns sf pedicab 
close up of the drillium, or holes drilled out so that weight can be shed while strength and integrity maintained. 
easy spirit and drillium 


Bill E said...

Some would turn up their noses but I LOVE the hi-rise handlebars on the old school steel frame. The sweaters are just awesome. Great looking people.

blairsfmobile@dslextreme.com said...

Yeah -- i love the mix of low rider high bars with 1980 English MKM light weight frame for what was a racing bike. Now i've added the confort and fun. Would like to add some Mission grafic next on the frame. --Carolyn