I Am Spongeworthy

Some of you already have read about my chronic pain in the ass - a.k.a. coccyx pain, a.k.a. tailbone pain. So I have made a lifestyle change. Instead of a hulky saddle with a nose that makes me look like I have something slightly unfeminine under my skirt, I have made the transition to the Spongy Wonder - a noseless bike seat option, with two spongy pads that your two sit bones fit neatly onto.


 I have had my eye on this seat for a while, mostly out of curiosity, but with all the bike commuting and desk sitting that I do, I decided to take the plunge and go all the way with the sponge.


If you're a little curious about what it's like on the other side, you can check out Spongy Wonder's website. There is an instructional video that teaches you everything you wanted to know about the Spongy Wonder, but were afraid to ask.


And I will keep you posted on how this softer, gentler form of protection feels between my legs, against my privates and under ma derrière.


Anonymous said...

I tried a noseless saddle about 8 years ago, and nearly killed myself. I just couldn't steer without using my body weight and inner thighs.

Finally found saddle happiness with a Brooks B-67. It is ridiculously hard to find a saddle wide enough to support the sit bones and prevent a female from weightbearing on the coccyx or ligaments anchoring on the coccyx.

There's a market worth millions of $$ if anyone has the resources to pursue it...

Kristin Tieche said...

Steering has been a little different, but I've gotten used to it already. I like my Spongy Wonder! Will research the Brooks B-67. I got bent out of shape the last time I put a Brooks on my bike and it got stolen within 1 week. Wiping my butt and flushing a Benjamin down the toilet would have felt more satisfying.