13 Reasons - can you think of some more?

Yeah, YOU!


I've been meaning to write a version of this article of my own here on Vélo Vogue. Business Insider presents its 13 Reasons You Should Start Biking To Work. which includes the obvious such as, "it's cheaper," and the not-so-obvious such as, "it's good for our economy."

I'm going to put my thinking cap on and come up with at least 13 more reasons, some obvious such as, "it's fun," and some not-so-obvious such as, "a great way to meet single men."

How about you? Would you like to contribute your 13 reasons?


Sean McCarthy said...

Feeling energized enough to play with kids after the ride home from work instead of wanting to collapse on the couch in front of the tv.

Yokota Fritz said...

What are 13 ways to write "BECAUSE IT'S FUN!"?

Kristin Tieche said...

Yokota - in different languages? I dunno, why don't you paraphrase?