Crazed Woman with Flare Tries to Stop Critical Mass

SFist just posted this report with the video that shows a crazed, clueless and pro-car woman dressed for a black and white party trying to stop the flow of thousands of cyclists during the 20th Anniversary Critical Mass Ride on Friday. And guess who is caught on video getting some face to face time with this angry lady? Our pal, the roving street photographer, Adrienne Johnson.

It still astounds me that there are drivers who get caught unaware in this monthly protest. People, this has been happening EVERY LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH FOR TWENTY (20!) YEARS! Do yourself a favor, wait until the protest is over before attempting to drive your motorized vehicle across town. Better yet, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Get yourself a bike and ride with us!


Lady Vélo said...

Whoa! That has to be one of the strangest things I've seen in a while. She must have been aware the CM happens there on a regular basis... did anyone ever find out who she is?!

Kristin Tieche said...

Knowing Adrienne, she most likely tried to have a rational dialogue with her (before giving up, because that lady is raving mad!), so hopefully she'll share her footage with us soon. There's always a few lunatics loose on a CM night!

MELI. said...

however...i see a halloween custom theme trending -ha!

Kristin Tieche said...

Meli, you are spot on!

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure how this is the strangest thing people have seen a while. I dont think it's that odd. Plus she is just reacting to frustration that everyone in the city feels. Not everyone can just avoid being in the city on a friday night and we had people trying to get to the hospital and were stuck in this nonsense. I would have no problem if laws of the road were being followed but this is ridiculous and needs to be stopped, ritual or not. I am right there with this girl. Took me 2 hours instead of 15 minutes to get out of the city. good job, think the theory was to have driver use less gas? Goal was a fail

Kristin Tieche said...

Sorry you feel that way, ANONYMOUS. OK, so next time a car cuts me off, or a taxi pulls into the bike lane, or I get doored by someone not paying attention, and EVERY TIME I leave my house on my bike and there is no bike lane to speak of on the road that I need to travel down, and there are potholes in the road, and people yell at me just because I am on a bike, instead of driving in a car, I think what I'll do is take out a flare gun and wave it in their faces.

Sorry, your opinion is pro-car biased. Time you walked in someone else's shoes.

If you had people with you who needed to get the the hospital, then why weren't they in an ambulance?

All the news stations, all the news papers covered the 20th Anniversary of Critical Mass. The entire Bay Area was aware of the event last Friday night. Even my mom in Marin County knew about it.

Finally, being car-free (or as you put it, using "less gas") is only one message of the Critical Mass Protest. The other messages are that 1) we belong here - we are traffic, 2) we need safe streets to ride on for everyone no matter what their age or gender, 3) we need to be more visible to drivers of all kinds of vehicles.

Including yours. It took me 2 hours to get home on Friday night as well, but guess what? I had a great time because I was supported in solidarity with thousands of other cyclists riding by my side and the smiles and happy cheers from tolerant, supportive motorists and pedestrians.

She Rides a Bike said...

So much running through my mind as I watch this very silly person. I just don't know where to begin. . . get the net, perhaps? Or move to (or go back to) the suburbs far, far away, where you never have to be inconvenienced by protests, celebrations, parades or anything that delays your trip to wherever? Should have left for that Young Republicans meeting a little earlier (sorry but I just couldn't resist). Does that poor soul even know she's in San Francisco?

As for ANONYMOUS's comment. I used to hear this all the time prior to the Derby Marathon in Louisville. What about emergency trips to the hospital? Why yes, they do happen and I've gotten out of the way, as have the other runners, so the ambulances can get through. On the average runners and cyclists seem to be good citizens who don't mind making way for emergency medical situations.