Bike Camping and Touring

My bikey filmmaker friend Laura Lukitsch took the plunge into bike camping, as many of my other friends (like CTX from CYLRAB) have in the past year, and documented her experience like like any good filmmaker would. Check out her fun ABC's of bike camping:

Intro to Bike Camping from Laura J. Lukitsch on Vimeo.

One of the reasons I purchased my Surly Cross Check was so I could join my friends on some bike camping/touring trips in the near future. But Laura shows us that you don't need any special kind of bike - you can hop on the one you got, grab a map and go!

OR, maybe one day you can live the dream of an entire bike touring vacation. This gorgeous video of Oregon's Scenic Bikeways dishes out some juicy travel inspiration.

Makes me want to hop on Amtrak with Seabiscuit and go on a road trip! Shall we?

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Ramona Wheelright said...

awesome. let me know when you go (probably not until spring? ). I want to go too!